America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 5

The Girl Who Changes Her Attitude

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

Renee says she realizes she's been a bitch and wants to win the competition but doesn't want to do it with a bithcy attitude so she has a nice moment and for some reason she decided to draw Jael a picture. Jael liked the picture and said it was fabulous. Diana says Renee is very manipulative and she doesn't buy anything she says. Felicia says that Renee has mood swings and you never know what you're going to get with her.

Competition: Girls had to battle each other on their poses. Benny Ninja picked 2 girls for each pose and they had to face off. Benny was impressed with Jael and said her facial poses were a natural.

Then the girls had to pose while going through a maze of lasers. If they touch a lazer, a buzzer sounds and they have to start over. If they make it, they get a key to a box with the prize. The official winner will be the girl who does the best with the most poise and grace. The prize is a $40,000 diamond bracelet. Renee is all excited and says "I have to win this because me and my husband are so broke right now!"

During the competition, Benny is very impressed with Whitney because she made eye contact with him the whole time and her poses were perfect. Renee ended up being the worst and is the only one who didn't get a key. She's upset because she feels she failed her family. The girl who won the diamond prize is Whitney.

Renee starts whining again and says "I feel like my spirit has been broken since I've been here". She calls her husband crying and asks if he can come pick her up because she misses her family. She says she "shouldn't be here with all these stupid girls". All the girls are talking about her and giggling as they can see her crying from where they're sitting. They want to use the phone and rudely interrupt her conversation to tell her they want to use it and ask if she's ok. She waves her hand and tells them to go away and shrugs them off. She then cries harder and says she can't sand the girls.

The Shoot: Crime Scene Victims.
The girls have all killed each other and the pictures will be of them dead. They need to pose dead while showing life in the pictures. They all did well. Jay made a comment about Renee's looking like a supermodel and being perfect. Jay tells Jael she did OK but would've done better if she didn't think about her friend dying because of the overwhelming emotion it brings.

Order of call outs:
Dione. (Trya tells her she needs to show progression and change her look. She still doesn't dress like a model.)

Felicia goes home.