America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 5

The Girl Who Changes Her Attitude

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2007 on The CW

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  • Lazer/Death

    Renee drawing the picture for Joel was a little funny. If she would have drawn that for me I would have been like wtf is that??? Renee is still super phony to me and i dont buy it. That whY she didn't win the first challange with her simple self. It sucked that she did so well on her final photo shoot. She had the best photo, her attitude just sucks. Actually ALL the girls did well on there photo shoot. The two girls in the final were both beautiful girls but I was happy with their final decision. I think Dion can fix her look with time.
  • renee tries to change her attitude

    well the challenge was pretty fun
    the girls had fun but renee didnt do soo well
    i guess shes trying to change her attitude
    even though im a fan of her i dont think she will
    the photoshoot was disgusting but good
    renee and natasha did soo good
    it sucks felicia got sent home though
  • Renee tries to change her attitude towards the other girls but it doesn't last for long. Vogue'ing stages a come back and all the models get killed.

    The girls go to the challenge and they battle by vogueing. The instructor praises Whitney the most. Then they’re taken to the real challenge where they’re put into a situation like the movie “Entrapment”. They have to get through a maze of beams with out setting off an alarm in two minutes while vogueing. If they get to the end then they get a key to a box where they could win an expensive charm bracelet. Renee is the only one whom does not get a key. The instructor guy gets to pick the winner and whom he picks – their key will open the box. He picks Whitney.

    The girls go back to the house and Renee forgets about being nice and hogs the phone. She begs her husband to come pick her up because no one likes her… blah, blah, blah…
    At the final photo shoot the models have to take pictures as if they’ve been murdered. Renee does great. Mr Jay goes back to the other girls bragging about it. Jaslene, hers I didn’t like that much, I don’t understand all the hype around her. Brittany did great – again. Diana did really well, I hope she continues to improve. Sarah, I just don’t like her and don’t think she’s a model at all. Jael was really weak this week. Felicia didn’t do well at all – she was one of the only ones that Mr Jay was having trouble getting the shots from that he wanted. Whitney did okay but that was about it. Natasha – she needs to go home. Dionne is another one that I think needs to go home.

    The girls go to judging and Renee gets called first for best picture. In the end it’s down to Dionne and Felicia and they send Felicia home. I’m ready for Tyra to do a Trump move and send a couple of people home at one time. Oh well, until next week…
  • Benny Ninja instructs the girls in a posing lesson, which leads to the models being tested in a challenge where they must duck, dive, and pose through a laser maze. Afterwards, the girls participate in a photo shoot showcasing a deathly crime scene.

    Good episode. I think Felcia should of stayed and Dionne should of went home. Dionne's pictures are boring to me and I don't really see a model in her and she needs to be told the poses. Felcia was cool and fun even though the judges said her last picture was weak I thought it was good and think she could improve. Natasha is getting better and I really like her! I don't know why everyone hates Renee. I think is is great and not a b***h. Her pictures keep getting better and better! Jaslene is still a little b***hy and acting like she is the best but she seems a little better.
  • For the first time in a long time, and episode where everyone seemed like they belonged there.

    I get a little mad sometimes watching the show and seeing a bunch of stupid girls that can't model at all but are now going to somehow become the next supermodel. This episode was different though. Everyone did well at their photo shoot so the cut at the end must have been really hard.

    Wow, Brittney is so freakin' photogenic! It's pretty surprising because she doesn't look like a model in person. She'll get cut around week 9 or 10 for personality I bet.

    Renee is such a mean girl! And kind of stupid, too! She is rude to everyone and then complains about them hating her. They don't hate her because she's good, they hate her beacuse she's so mean.

    I thought Dionne should have been cut instead of Felicia. Hopefull she'll go next week. Felicia was getting a little full of herself though, but not in a mean way!
  • Reneeeeeeeeeee finally wins and everyone else DIES!!!

    The girls get their "mysterious" Tyra Mail yet again about the upcoming challenge. It cleverly uses the lyrics of Madonna's "Vogue" (not) to clue the girls in. One girl gets it...but I forget who. So anyways, they meet up with Benny Fighter Ninja (may not be real name) and he taught them about vogueing and how it started in Harlem. Harlem? This whole time I thought it started in gay French discotheques!!! Where did I get that from??? But any who, he schools them on the ancient art of vogueing. While some girls excel (all of them, basically), someone flounders. Was it the Eternally Bleeding Reneeeee? Or was it the Mild & Tasteless Jaslene??? Help me out here, people, I forgot. Benny waxes disgustingly poetic about Whitney (who's finally getting all of her props) and ignores everyone else. How nice and considerate of him! The girls then join Mr. Fighter Ninja at some cheesy Star Trek looking hovel in some unmentioned locale (the streets of Skid Row). The girls have to pose while simultaneously moving through a maze of dangerous, radioactive lasers (NOT). More like cheesy $2 effects that some geeky neighbor can hook up. Also, they have to be able to get the key at the end. If they hit these "lasers" they will be forced at gunpoint to start over. So Dionne goes first and admits that she doesn't know what the hell she's doing. She dives into the splits very early on and ended up burning herself on one of the lasers. No matter, she was able to start over and she eventually got to one of the keys. One after one, the girls embarrass themselves even more, well, except Felecia who used her dance background to slink snakily through the maze. She wasted her damn time anyway because Mr. Ninja Man kept his eyes locked on Whitney (who did a mediocre job at best) and sort of persecuted E.B. Reneeeee for being the only one not being able to complete the impossible task. She takes the failure hard. Brittany wins the cha--oh, wait, silly me. WHITNEY wins the challenge and she gets treated to some cheap Econo-Sav cubic zirconia. Reneeeee, who initially tried to mend her ties with the ones she's bled on, goes Back to Stank on everyone. She gets all greedy with the phone and cries her mushy brains out to her husband (who could rather care less. He probably has a whore stashed somewhere). Well, at the next photo shoot, they have to play as dead victims (every model's dream!). Unfortunately, they didn't have any of the real ways models die. You know, coke overdose, anorexia, abusive boyfriend. But I guess getting shot in the head and drowned is just as good. Everyone performs amazingly in the photo shoot (especially Reneeeeee, who I thought would be the worst) and Natasha continues her streak of being inverted in photos. Even though the death of Jael's BF is still in the back of her head, she pulls out some good photos. At panel, the Gypsy Wrap Banks and her Mighty Forehead tells the girls that one of them will be going back to their dust-bucket homes. They wax on and on and on and on about everyone, but they hit a snag with Felecia and Dionne (the African American girls!) and the judges (the producers) make a tough decision on who to exile......................they choose Felecia! I was torn between the two (I love the both), but Dionne showed more promise and Felecia was just another "broke down Tyra Banks".

    C'mon all ye children. Gather round and hear the tale of how Natasha's meal ticket bought her at the age of week.
  • when the girls relize that a huge prize is at stake they start playin the game harder then any other season.

    okay yall now this is it week5 lets go. Okay so the girls go in they limo and they stoped by this uh i dont know what the hell it was, some dude dressed up like a police offiecer and could you just see the headline - 8 skinney models and 2 fat ones arrested for being too sexy , psych- so the officer teaches them to pose and Felicias head is gettin a little big from doin so good and later they take the models to this place with a vault where tyra keeps her best posein secrets and they have to cross some lasers and im just thinkin they all skinny as hell even the plus sized models made it, now Renee not beging able to make it was a surprise , come on you a skinny little white girl model , you should be able to pose your way out any situation. So Whitney wins the challenge and Renee starts to cry after being nice for like the first oh 5 minutes of the episode , she was playin the game now that you losein you gonna go and cry , **** please. So they take a Photo shoot as if one of the other girls killed them and ive never seen such a fierce competetion. I aint know who was goin home and Renee steps up and has fantastic photo shoot and Jay goes to tell the girls and she gets pissed Jay asks why and this what the **** said " Im a **** " , well duh. So Natasha keeps getting better and better and that **** likes getting turned up side down. So Renee admits that Jaslene is her biggest competetion and later at the evaluations Jaslene says " Renee was so jelous of my looks she pushed me off a building ". hm theres a competetion going on there those two might just stand last. and Tyra tells Dionne she dressed likes it the first season and it shouldnt be hard to ignore since i dont care and just found out who she was. and Felicia is sent home , apperently there was only room for one Tyra and the real Tyra got made and sent the other one home LOL. Okay so week 5 my winner is Renee because it seems like she's finally steped up and showed what she can do. my loser is Felicia because she wasnt playin the game enough , come on woman it be Americas next top model , you could at least try , all she did was lye down and hope for a good picture , dont be cocky and thats what she was doin , so she got sent home. The tip for this episode is learn how to move come on you a skinny ass model at least try and pick yo ass off the floor -cough- Renee , LOL.
  • The girls learn about making good poses and they do a photo shot where they have to act dead.

    The episode was very exciting, interesting, and it flowed together nicely. It was neat how most of the episode focused on doing good poses. The challenge was really exciting because there was such a big prize on the line. It was also interesting to see if the girls focused more on making it through or making good poses. The whole laser thing was a very creative idea, which made it really enjoyable to watch. The photo shoot was also one of the best ones I have seen. It was fun to see them dress up as being dead. It was a really challenging photo shoot because they had to be dead yet show expression on their face. The elimination was also interesting to watch. It was a hard decision to make since everyone has been doing good, but I feel like they did a good job selecting someone who has not been standing out that much.
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