America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 5

The Girl Who Changes Her Attitude

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2007 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Call out order:


      Felicia and Dionne were in the bottom two. Felicia was sent home because the judges did not think she was improving but actually getting worse as the weeks went on.

    • Renee drew Jael a picture. In this picture Jael was wearing a straight jacket, but it wasn't tied. Renee did this as a peace offering. Jael loved it.

    • The title refers Renee, who stated she was going to change her attitude towards the girls.

    • This week's photo shoot theme is "Killed by a Model".

      Renee - poisoned
      Jaslene - pushed off rooftop
      Brittany - electrocuted
      Diana - organs stolen
      Sarah - pushed down stairs
      Jael - strangled
      Felicia - decapitated
      Whitney - stabbed
      Natasha - drowned
      Dionne - shot in the head

    • This weeks challenge was to make it through a laser maze while vogueing. Whitney was the winner and received a 40,000 bracelet. Renee was the only girl that didn't make it through the maze.

  • Quotes

    • Felicia (after being eliminated): I'm glad that they did cry cause I'm like, 'If these bitches don't cry if I get eliminated, I'm gonna be pissed!' (laughs) But they did, so it's cool.

    • Renee: I feel like a lot of the girls in the house don't understand me, like they're just looking for ways to be offended by me. I don't know why; I feel like they just don't like me.

    • (after Brittany does a shoot on a wet, grimy bathroom floor)
      Jay Manuel: Someone get this girl a towel and a tetanus shot.

    • Jay Manuel: I already told them you were really good.
      Renee: Oh! They already hate me enough as it is!
      Jay Manuel: Oh, they do? Why? What happened?
      Renee: I'm a bitch.

  • Notes

    • Tyra Banks and the show came under fire by the president of New York City's National Organization for Women chapter for this week's photo shoot. Sonia Ossorio told the New York Daily News, "Violence against women is such a reality in our society that I certainly don't need the entertainment industry making light of it and making entertainment out of it. It's supremely ironic, when it's a show geared toward women about women, and about glamour."

    • Jael was voted Covergirl of the Week.

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