America's Next Top Model

Season 2 Episode 10

The Girl Who Cheated

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2004 on The CW
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Episode Summary

The girls not only learn to dress with "Italian Style", but to undress in the same manner. And when the models finally get a chance to blow off some steam with their Vespa challenge partners, one girl takes things too far and makes a decision she'll come to regret.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Shandi's win and Shandi's punishment.

    Oh my goodness. I was glad that Shandi won that challenge and I'm glad that she chose Yoanna. However, the cheating part on her boyfriend Eric. It was so painful to hear her boyfriend yell at her and for Shandi to cry so tearfully. Oh god, I was shocked and felt sorry for Shandi after she had sex with a male model. She is lonely and I do say shame on Shandi. It hurt her on the reward and the girls do their best to comfort her. Tyra at least helped her. Then her boyfriend wanted to continue. Her boyfriend may have been angry at her, but he took her back or not.moreless
  • Shandi messes up

    Shandi in the hot tub was not a good look on her part because she has a boyfriend. I really didnt feel bad for her because it was a bad decision that she made. But after hearing her boyfriend no the phone and how upset he was, I felt really bad for him. She really hurt him badly. Shandi just doesnt look like a model to me. Tyra inspires the girls so much that i love it when she sits and has her one on one personal chats with the girls. April is so beautiful that i was really sad to see her leave.moreless
  • One of the girls cheats on their boyfriends and gets distracted from the competition.

    This episode was basically about Shandi cheating on her boyfriend. Although it got a little repetitive I thought it was really interesting. I was shocked that she would do something like that to her boyfriend. I felt bad for her and I wanted to see how it played out. The whole party was interesting, and it was funny to see how all the girls acted when they finally had males around. Afterwards we saw a lot of Shandi mopping around, which is where it got repetitive. I did think it was interesting to see her calling her boyfriend though. I was also surprised to see Shandi win the competition where they had to pick out clothes. I didn't think she did that well, but neither did any of the other girls, Afterwards Shandi and Yoanna had a nice meal while Mercedes and April sat at a side table. Seeing this play out was interesting. After that they had to do a photo shoot where they posed naked with one of the other girls. It was interesting to see the girls do something like this and I felt like they did really well. In the judging they had to make shirts out of plan t-shirts which I thought was really cool and I felt like they all did a great job. In the end I had no idea which girl was leaving. They all had a lot of strengths and some weaknesses. In the end I was disappointed to see April leave.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (7)

    • April: (about she and Mercedes vs. Shandi and Yoanna) We might not be as high-fashion as them, but when I think of the boys back home, who they'd like to see naked on top of each other? I have a feeling it might be us.

    • Stephen: (about April's shirt/dress) I think you're showing too much skin.
      Nigel: I like the underwear, though.
      Stephen: You would, Nigel.

    • April: (crying after being eliminated) I don't understand! I always win everything!

    • April: (about the male models) They're very good looking. And the great thing about Italian could shop with them, but you can sleep with them, too!

    • Mercedes: (about posing nude with April) Modeling is art, but I wasn't ready for this type of art. Especially with April!

    • April: DING! Hold on a minute Shandi, you've got a boyfriend!

    • April: These girls, myself included, have been like monkeys in a cage, and you drop big bananas inside, of course they're going to tear the peels off.

  • NOTES (2)

    • In interviews after this cycle was over, both Shandi and her boyfriend at the time said they've never seen the episode and will never watch it because they don't want to relive such a difficult period of their lives.

    • The photographs taken in this episode were not shown at all on the UPN website. This is because the shots were completely nude and the public objected.


    • Nigel: Very Helmut Newton-esque.

      Nigel compares Yoanna and Shandi's photo to the work of Helmut Newton, a German-Australian fashion photographer noted for his nude studies of women.