America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 4

The Girl Who Cries All the Time

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

The episode opens with the models hanging out and talking; Diana and Whitney discuss being plus-sized models in a competition with a bunch of skinny girls. Cassandra is comforting Jaslene, who's feeling a little down and missing her family. Jael is being her wacky self stringing tinsel in her hair. Then the Tyra Mail comes that they've all been waiting for...makeovers! They cut to a shot of Brittany telling Jael that they can do whatever they want to her hair and she's not going to be upset. (Doesn't Brittany watch the show?! Doesn't she know she's just cursed herself by saying that out loud?!)

So the next morning the girls are taken to a salon. Tyra comes out in pajamas and curlers saying she didn't want to even bother with makeovers this season because the girls always cry and whine about changing their hair. This, of course, is just a great setup to prepare the girls for what's in store.

So things get underway and so far so good, no one's crying or otherwise coming off as an ungrateful little brat. (Admit it...every cycle there's a gorgeous model getting a free makeover by a professional stylist to the stars who starts crying about cutting off a few inches of her hair and you want to smack her!) Brittany does a little twitching and grumbling, but she manages to make it through. Unfortunately for Jael, she endures 8 hours of hair braiding and sewing only to be told by Jay Manuel that he and Tyra donn't think the look is working for her. It all has to come out again. Ouch! She cries a little bit (and who can blame her, weaves hurt) but overall takes it like a trooper.

Back at the house Brittany is crying (constantly) over her hair weave. She says she's in pain but the girls are getting annoyed. Whitney, normally the sweet girl, tells Brittany to knock it off. But then a good reason to cry surfaces...Jael gets a message that her best friend has died from an overdose. She's understandably distraught but feels that the competition will be a good distraction. The other girls do their best to comfort her.

The next day before their challenge Brittany's not feeling well. Renee and Jael, doing a great impression of an angel and devil on Brittany's shoulders, offer their advice; Renee says to stay in the limo and get some rest, Jael says to suck it up and do her best. Brittany decides to listen to Jael, which turns out to be a good move...she wins the makeup challenge (even though she pukes on her way to the finish line). Her reward is a spread in Seventeen Magazine which she shares with Sarah and Jael.

Brittany's emotional outbursts (and more than likely the fact that she won the challenge) really start to irritate Renee, who will share her frustrations with anyone in the house who will listen. Brittany overhears Renee's comments and lets her know she's aware of what's being said. Renee is offended that her right to gossip has been questioned and tells Brittany she acts like she's still in high school. Then to prove just how much more mature she is, before she leaves Renee flips her off.

The next Tyra Mail says, "Sundae is not just a day of rest." You guessed it--the girls will be posing with ice cream, confections, and nothing else. Cassandra's up first and struggles a little bit, as does Diana, Whitney and Felicia. Jael manages to work through her grief and does a great job. Natasha, Dionne and Brittany are also standouts.

At panel, Jael tearfully tells the judges about her personal tragedy, but assures them she wants to be there. Tyra tells her at times like these it's ok not to be a model and just be a human being. Jael's picture turns out great, and she dedicates it to the memory of her friend.

Overall, the pictures aren't the issue this evening (with the exception of Cassandra's picture, which is met with deafening silence from the judges). It's how the girls are dressed that makes them cringe. Tyra tells Dionne her outfit is "beyond mall".

After deliberations, it's Cassandra and Diana in the bottom two; Cassandra for not being able to convey her beauty onto film and Diana for not standing out. In the end it's Cassandra who goes home. The other girls are devastated. In her short time there Cassandra has become the spiritual center of the house. A good sport to the end, Cassandra conveys her her appreciation for the opportunity to be there and wishes the other girls luck.