America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 4

The Girl Who Cries All the Time

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 2007 on The CW

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  • Stop Crying!!!

    I think that the two plus size models that are on the show this season look amazing. I wouldn't even consider them to be plus size at at. It's make overtime again!!! They always make for the better episodes. Sara's cut was cute and the color was fabulus.Jaselene's hair was cute but it wasn't anything drastic. Felisha hair was really cute and the color fit her a lot better. I didnt really like the red on brittany, or the stlye on Cassandra's. Poor Joel had to sit and endore eight hours of hair styling to turn aroung and have it taken out. I felt really bad for her because the sudden death of her friend but she still kept it together and was able to produce a fabulus photo at the end. Renee was making me sick the whole episode talking about everyone behind their back. Somebody just send her home. I think the judges made a good decision sending Cassandra home. She was beautiful but she just couldn't get with it during her last photo shoot.
  • Okay, the crying is starting to get annoying. Jael had good reasons to cry but Brittany, girl just get over it all, get over yourself.

    Bring on the makeovers. Okay, why is it that the girls who have long hair normally get it cut off and the girls with shorter hair get hair extensions? And what's the deal with turning most of the blondes brunette's? Poor Jael, they were giving her hair extensions and she sat in the chair for 8 hours with them pulling and digging at her head only for Mr Jay to come up as say that it's just not working out and told them to take it all out.
    The photo shoot found the models made up like candy. It was just strange. It reminded me a bit of last seasons big hair thing with the moving things in it. I just didn't feel hardly any of the pictures worked much less did it look high fashion to me.
    Nastasha had translating problems again and she did this weird upside down shot. And the plus size models, I felt for them. They were actually told to suck it in. How awful.
    At judging Cassandra was told that her beauty was not coming through in her photos and was sent home.
  • The models get makeovers, compete in a makeup challenge, and do a sweets photo shot. Another girl is eliminated.

    Although this was a pretty good episode, I feel that it would have been better if they had not tried to fit so much into an hour. I felt like there were several places where it would have worked better if they showed us more of what was going on. The makeover was one of the best parts of the episode. It was great to see some of the girls get completely different looks that will help them to become better models. Some of the girls did not get very big changes but they didn’t need it as much. However, the makeup challenge did not go as well as the makeovers. I think it would have worked better if we saw more of the girl’s faces and heard more about what the judges felt. I also did not like the photo shoot. I thought the challenge was kind of weird and I didn’t really like how all the girls were basically dressing the same way. It was also hard to tell if they were using good expressions, because things like candy just sit there. One of the main problems with it was that they weren’t the right size and they didn’t really make sense in the picture. The one good thing about the shoot was that it was interesting to see how the girls reacted to having to get naked. I didn’t think it was a bad shoot but the ones in the last two weeks have been more interesting. Even though I did not think some parts of the episode were done well I really liked the talk before the elimination. I thought they did a good job summarizing how each model has been doing in the competition. I also liked how they pointed out problems with some of their wardrobes. I was not particularly happy or sad when Cassandra was eliminated. I thought there were some girls that were worse than her and I never got the chance to get to know her.
    In this episode we got to know a few of the girls better and we got a chance to see what has been going on inside the house. We really got to know about how Brittany has been acting and what Jaele has been going through. Even though it is good to learn more about certain people I feel like there are some people that we don’t know very well. If the show did not try to fit so much into one hour we would have more time to get to know the people.
  • The girls get thier makeovers

    this episode was soo good
    i loved all the makeovers
    and i feel really sorry for jael
    she is soo strong to keep continuing in the competition
    when something like this happened to me i didnt really do anything becuz it was sooo hard
    i think renee should really change her attitude
    she is getting annoying
  • this episode can be explained in one word and it was so 'Deelishis.

    okay yall this is episode 3 and this is my favorite episode its the makeovers and right now im thinkin some of these girls desperetly need the make-over. they walk in and im thinkin here comes the drama , here comes the water work , like in every past season of ANTM so this season , no body was cryin and then came Jael but she had a good reason i know my ass would'nt like sitin there for 8 hours just for them to take it out. Anyways later they take part in a challenge and they runnin around in a forest and Cassandra started freakin out because she was late , now i dont think Britnney deserved to win because she was runnin around lookin like Bozo the clown with her hair all missed up just didnt look nice to me she just looked like a clown. So in the girls next photo photo shot they pose as sweets so its a pretty cool photo shoot , but how do you really pose like a Sweet , i just dont get it. Okay so elimination is real heated between Cassandra and Diana and everyone starting to cry and Diana gets her picture and Cassandra goes home. Okay so the winner of this episode is clearly Jael because she endured torchure on this episode " those people with weaves diffenatly know that she endured pain " and then her friend died , but she still came up , ontop and the loser is probly Britnney lookin like a sraight up Clown in this episode. The tip of this episode is don't ever distract yo self from the game this is Americas next top model so try and be Americas next top model not a friend that is what cassandra was doin and thats why she got sent home.
  • This episode covered quite a bit in a little time. From the makeovers to the loss of a loved one. This episode was not my favorite and here is why....

    The past makeover episodes were a bit cheesy because of the annoyance factor with the girls crying. I do have to say though, I missed the drama. I know it must really tick off the staff and Tyra that the girls end up crying every season but that is part of the fun.
  • The girls get makeovers and the figurative claws come out! Renee's (menstrual) cycle takes over and Brittany continues to ROCK IT! Jael discovers heartbreaking news and

    The girls start off the episode with a "cryptic" clue as to what they are going to do later on. As always, it's the makeover episode and you know what that means! Tyra-tastic antics and Miss J.'s off the wall hilarity! The girls get some pretty amazing makeovers (I'm partial to Natasha myself), but some don't work (Diana looks a hot mess). Poor Jael sits in that chair for 8 HOURS and then she gets those tracks ripped right back out. She still looks amazing, though. Brittany moans over her installations, but sucks it up (to some extent). Miss J. decides to join the fun and gets him a makeover (he gets rid of them naps!) and Jay re-enacts that whole scene in Cycle 5 when Cassandra decides that she doesn't want her hair shorter. There's nothing better than to drag down a good episode with a reference to one of the stalest cycles in memory. When Jael gets to the house, she finds out that her best friend OD'd and dies. My, what an exciting episode we're having! No, I'm kidding about that remark. Everyone then gave her a huge group hug. Around this time, people were getting sick and tired of Brittany. The Eternally Bleeding Renee called her fake (where did that one come from?) and tried to talk sh!t. Renee, though beautiful, needs to take her negligent a$$ home!!! Look, if you clearly don't like her unabashed whining, leave the room!!! That means you, fat-a$$ Whitney! Don't you dare throw up those crusty deuces at me!!! The next day, at the challenge, the girls had three seconds to use Cover Girl cosmetics to enhance their faces. There had to be a good mix of blush, eyeshadow and lipstick/gloss. The girls during the voiceovers give "amazingly" well-read details about the Cover Girl accessories. Who are they kidding? Don't try to tell me that they said that off the head! Cassandra (cycle 8) took too damn long to apply some hideous eye-shadow. To make things stupider, she happily skipped through the botanicals, possibly thinking that she had some teeny ounce of iota of making it. She didn't, of course. Brittany won (naturally) and invited Jael and pale-as-snow and thin-as-twigs Sara to the Seventeen shoot. Atoosa wasn't there (thank God) and the girls took some nice photos. At the photo shoot, they had to pose as candy and creams and delicious pastries. Though she wasn't keen on getting nude at first, Brittany the Prude bared it all and looked STRIKING! Jael, Jaslene, the reticent Felicia, Dionne, Sara, Natasha (finally!) and Renee work it! Whitney looks like Betty Boop, Diana looked disgusting and Cassandra looked like a crab, which prompts the last two to be in the final two. Cassandra, though compassionate and the house's team spirit, is not progressing quick enough for Tyra('s forehead). So, the Lame Diana moves on for another week and the house loses its Foxy Seattle Queen (she did get an afro put in)...and it sucks.
  • The women looks great! They have a lot of potentials. However, I am very disappointed with the judges. I felt like they are too mean and not honest.

    The women are great. They have a lot of potentials to try anything. I felt like they tried hard to be natural in front of the camera. I am very disappointed with judges. I felt like they were too mean and not honest. The only two I felt connected with the judges are Ms. Icon Twiggy and Mr. Nigel Barker. They were honest and knew how to give positive remarks on the models. While I'm starting not to appreciate Ms. Tyra Banks, I used to respect her but lately, I feel so fake from her. I definitely do not appreciate Miss J. Alexander's remarks. They are so rude and unprofessional.
  • The girls get their hair cut, do their own makeup, and pose in the buff with Ice Cream.

    On this episode, the girls get their hair cut, and basically Tyra & Jay A. kinda makes fun of the previous girls experience with cutting their hair with their crazy antics. Brittany looks kinda odd with her new hair to me in the pic, and she's having problems afterward with it, but outside of the picture she looks good. She also seems to be having some digestive problems, but she does complain a lot and then ends up doing a great job at the photoshoot. I don't know what's going on there. Jael set in the chair getting her hair done for 8 hours when Jay and Tyra decided to change her hairstyle and it made her cry first of all because of the time spent on the previous style but it was also painful to get it done like that. To top that off, a close friend of Jael died because of an overdose, but gets through it. The first challenge was doing their own makeup. Somebody was disqualifed because they were late. And its a surprise who wins. And Renee keeps hating, hating, hating and can't seem to stand it to see somebody else win and of course some drama starts up. In the next challenge, the girls have to be NUDE taking pics with an ice cream and candy theme. Brittany isn't completely comfortable with being nude but again does a great job. Natasha is really improving according to Jay. From my view, all the girls did an okay job @ least. At the judging, Renee is once again upset at the praise that Brittany is getting. Tune in see who believes their a little too chubby, whose a little too jealous, and who really can't seem to bring in the photos also tune in to see who wins the challenges and who goes home.
  • Makeovers and the makeup challenge. I love the drama in the house and I found my girl to hate!

    Makeovers were pretty good this season. It will be interesting to see how people deal with it. No one got too upset but I think they tried to get rid of that by having Tyra make fun of it in the beginning.

    I am not a fan of the makeup challenges. If they really wanted to do a makeup challenge they would give the girls some time and not make them run. Then again, the challenges don't always make sense.

    How horrible for Jael to go through all that with her hair. Then she has to deal with a friend dying back home. Poor girl. I'm glad Brittany picked her for the photo shoot when she won the challenge. What a lovely picture and a lovely person. I hope she goes a long way!

    Natasha, what a strange gal. But she is an optimist when it comes to herself! Too conceited, she needs to be humbled.

    Okay, really. Who does Renee think she is? She has a complaint about everything! Any time someone does well she all of a sudden doesn't like them! She really bugs me.

    Brittany is a little obnoxious but she takes amazing photos. But Renee is certainly not the one to be calling her out, she's even worse!!!

    Cassandra and Diana were in the bottom two and Diana got to stay. Cassandra just didn't get how to take a photo! She probably needed more time but I agreed with the cut.

    The rest of the girls blended into the pack this week.

    Okay, as of this week I'm gonna guess put the winner as either Sarah, Jaslene, or Jael. I would say Brittany because she takes such great pictures but I think she'll crack before the end and they'll eliminate her on personality.
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