America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 12

The Girl Who Does Not Want to Dance

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 09, 2007 on The CW

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  • final four

    Dionne was getting on my nerves this episode because she acted like she didnt wasn to do the dance which was fine. but never say you dont want to do something because you thought it was stupid. I'm sure the other girls didnt want to do it either but they understood it was a challange and just sucked it up and did it anyway. Natasha... WTF! During her challenge, why was she wispering??? I didnt get that at all. She sucked so bad during her photo shoot that it was almost too painful to watch. I thought Renee rock her shoot and Jaselene did well too. It was time for Dionne to go.
  • Natasha started off this episode by weirding out her roommates (once again) while talking to her husband. With the cell phone resting on her bed, she for some reason kept rubbing her face—or more precisely, her nose—all over it.

    i think the episode is really good.i like this show a is very intresting to see ho the girls admit to the advice from the jury.i think jaslene is the best of all and this episode proovs right from belgium and here is also a belgium next top sister has taken part of it.i want to be a model to but i think i'm not skinny enough for day maybe i will have the courage do participate also but that is not for today,that is for later.this episode is well written and i like it a lot.
  • Natasha loses her bubbles and takes terrible pictures after getting a nasty cold. But it's Dionne who loses it during judging, telling the panel Jaslene has the most potential. And she has to go home.

    I thought for sure Nata was out. The pictures were awful. But the surprise came for me when the girls go out for drinks and decide "she's got to go." Someone commented that Renee was up to her old tricks, playing the other girls to eliminate her strongest competition. But I actually think the negativity started with Dionne. Dionne, who's been struggling, getting the same "mean face" comments--but not working harder and not getting better. After all, when the judges told Natasha her face had as much expression as a plate, she went out and curled up with the fashion rags and practiced. What did Dionne do? Complain about Natasha. Yeah, maybe Renee had an agenda, but Dionne was the one who kept saying "there's something wrong with that girl, something phony." IMHO it was just working her nerves watching Natasha working hard, crawling out of the cellar and passing her. I don't think Renee and Jaslene were jealous--but Dionne was. I mean what has the girl done? She's friendly, never spiteful, doesn't gossip, listens to her critiques with a smile, and then goes out and improves. (I guess that would hack me off too.) Even more annoying I'm sure was the classy way she listened to the awful evals the girls gave her--then turned right around and said: "Wow, I really don't understand where ya'll are coming from but I like all of you and have only tried to be your friend." Mature. Way too mature for Dionne who showed her word-that-rhymes-with-class when she got eliminated. She looked totally stunned when Tyra held out Natasha's picture--and was too bitter to even look at Natasha when she tried to offer a hug. Dionne was one of my faves, but she was paying more attention to dissing the other girl than playing her game. (What WAS all that I refuse to dance stuff?) Home girl blew it--she got what she deserved.
  • The girls meet with an aborigine tribe, where they tell their stories through a dance and they do a photo shot. The girls begin to gang up on Natasha.

    While doing things with the aborigines does not necessarily relate to modeling, it made an interesting themed episode. I liked how the girls told their stories and got all dressed up. It was cool how they had the paint representing certain things in their life. I just wish they could have spiced it up by telling more detailed stories or doing more dancing. The reward for winning wasn’t that exciting since they had done jewelry before. I liked how they all went out, and I felt really bad for Natasha being stuck at home. It was very interesting to see them all talk about Natasha. The photo shot was not that exciting of an idea, but it was still interesting to see how they all did. I feel like Renee was the only one who had a good photo, which is surprising that none of them would be doing that great at this stage of the game. Natasha may have been sick but I still could not believe how bad she did. At the judging I loved how they asked who the best and worst model was. I think the judges were too hard on Dionne for not saying she was the best. It seemed like the judges were only including the other girls in the question, and I feel like Renee and Natasha only answered that way because Jaslene did. I also feel that the judges should have picked up on the fact that the girls don’t get along with Natasha because her culture is different. I can not believe all the girls picked on Natasha; it defiantly made it very exciting. Even though the judges seemed to make several mistakes, I felt like they did the right thing when they eliminated Dionne.
  • Renee plays dirty.

    okay yall we gettin down to the wire , final four. okay so the girls learn about Dancein. uh Jaslene , baby you supposed to dance thats why you learnin about dancein. Dionne " i dont even dance with my boy friend. she thought she had a choice she has lost her damn mind. so Renee wins the challenge since Dionne was borin , Jaslene was clueless and nobody knew what the hell Natasha was talkin bout , lol. so then they go on a night out, without Natasha. and well, Renee; you guys gotta do good to get rid of you know who. Jaslene ; not gonna happen , i keep seeing improvement. man Jaslene , Dionne , Renee is playin you she playin you to get rid of her only competetion. so the girls have a photo shoot and Dionne , baby YES u dancein. so at judgein all the girls said Natasha had the least poetential to be the next ANTM winner. its down to the bottom two and its Natasha and Dionne and Dionne goes home. I thought it was about damn time she left. so the winner for this one is claerly Renee cause she playin mind games. the loser or losers are Jaslene and Dionne because Renee is playin them , she playin them just like that. the lesson for this one is never , ever trust your competetion , Natasha was doin this and she almost got X'ed because of it.
  • Bye, bye Dionne!

    Jaslene is extremly cocky and it's getting really annoying. But I guess that's reality tv for ya. For the eliminations, I felt really bad for Natasha and I don't even really like her so much. I felt bad that everyone was ganging up on her so much. I was pretty sure that it would be Dionne going home and I'm not to upset.
  • I am so sick of Jaslene!!!

    I am so sick of Jaslene!! She just pisses me off!!!!! Get a life girl. I will be so angry if she wins. I will bang my head on something hard. She doesn't not deserve to win because she thinks she is all that which she is not!! I so hope Natasha wins and then Renee in second. I kinda knew Dionne was going to go. Pretty obvious. I don't know why all the girls have to b***h about Natahsa. Maybe they are just jealous.
  • The girls try to gang up on Natasha, and it does not work.

    The girls are taught about self expression, and they learn how to do certain movements, and use make up to help them in their task. I was very intrigued by this mainly because it was something different for the Top Model ladies to do. I just have to ask this question. Why is it every season at least one girl gets sick? I don’t think there has been a single season where at least one girl does not end up sick some kind of way. While I am rooting for Jasalene, I have to agree with the judges. Her face usually looks the same, strong, and beautiful, but her expression does not really change. I have to admit I also found Natasha annoying at first, but she has grown on me, and with the exception of her having a weak photo shoot due to her having a horrible cold, she has been a strong contender. When the girls tried to gang up on Natasha hoping to get her voted off it did not work, and Dionne is sent home. She was pretty bitter about it too, because when Natasha tried to hug her Dionne had this look that said “don’t touch me, don’t touch me!!!” Angry woman returned. It’s going to be interesting to see who wins in the next episode.
  • 3 against 1!!!

    As far as the going ons in the house, all the girls think that Natasha is hiding something and that she's very fake, and while on an outing between Renee, Jaslene, and Dionne, they basically decide that its time for Natasha to go home. Personally, I love Natasha. I just think her culture is still thick within her and therefore she doesn't mesh well with what some people might be use to, and I'm sure a lot of us has heard of the mail-order brides, and the old man marrying another young girl from another country thing probably spooks the other girls. But personally if Natasha is happy about, although she was a little weird with the phone, then I have no problem with her. She's a tough competitor and she's knows what's going on around her and doesn't let it get to her like I've seen some past girls, and she is a beautiful girl. As far as the challenges and photo shoots go, Natasha does a horrible job because of her illness and Dionne does an okay job while the other girls are safe. Dionne goes home because her photo shoots overall are weak, while Natasha overall is strong. Natasha tries to hug Dionne in the end, but she doesn't return the affection due to what Natasha said to the judges earlier and in the end what the judges had to say about the girls reaction towards Natasha. But this was one of the best episodes of the season.
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