America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 12

The Girl Who Does Not Want to Dance

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 09, 2007 on The CW

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  • Renee plays dirty.

    okay yall we gettin down to the wire , final four. okay so the girls learn about Dancein. uh Jaslene , baby you supposed to dance thats why you learnin about dancein. Dionne " i dont even dance with my boy friend. she thought she had a choice she has lost her damn mind. so Renee wins the challenge since Dionne was borin , Jaslene was clueless and nobody knew what the hell Natasha was talkin bout , lol. so then they go on a night out, without Natasha. and well, Renee; you guys gotta do good to get rid of you know who. Jaslene ; not gonna happen , i keep seeing improvement. man Jaslene , Dionne , Renee is playin you she playin you to get rid of her only competetion. so the girls have a photo shoot and Dionne , baby YES u dancein. so at judgein all the girls said Natasha had the least poetential to be the next ANTM winner. its down to the bottom two and its Natasha and Dionne and Dionne goes home. I thought it was about damn time she left. so the winner for this one is claerly Renee cause she playin mind games. the loser or losers are Jaslene and Dionne because Renee is playin them , she playin them just like that. the lesson for this one is never , ever trust your competetion , Natasha was doin this and she almost got X'ed because of it.