America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 12

The Girl Who Does Not Want to Dance

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 09, 2007 on The CW

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  • Natasha loses her bubbles and takes terrible pictures after getting a nasty cold. But it's Dionne who loses it during judging, telling the panel Jaslene has the most potential. And she has to go home.

    I thought for sure Nata was out. The pictures were awful. But the surprise came for me when the girls go out for drinks and decide "she's got to go." Someone commented that Renee was up to her old tricks, playing the other girls to eliminate her strongest competition. But I actually think the negativity started with Dionne. Dionne, who's been struggling, getting the same "mean face" comments--but not working harder and not getting better. After all, when the judges told Natasha her face had as much expression as a plate, she went out and curled up with the fashion rags and practiced. What did Dionne do? Complain about Natasha. Yeah, maybe Renee had an agenda, but Dionne was the one who kept saying "there's something wrong with that girl, something phony." IMHO it was just working her nerves watching Natasha working hard, crawling out of the cellar and passing her. I don't think Renee and Jaslene were jealous--but Dionne was. I mean what has the girl done? She's friendly, never spiteful, doesn't gossip, listens to her critiques with a smile, and then goes out and improves. (I guess that would hack me off too.) Even more annoying I'm sure was the classy way she listened to the awful evals the girls gave her--then turned right around and said: "Wow, I really don't understand where ya'll are coming from but I like all of you and have only tried to be your friend." Mature. Way too mature for Dionne who showed her word-that-rhymes-with-class when she got eliminated. She looked totally stunned when Tyra held out Natasha's picture--and was too bitter to even look at Natasha when she tried to offer a hug. Dionne was one of my faves, but she was paying more attention to dissing the other girl than playing her game. (What WAS all that I refuse to dance stuff?) Home girl blew it--she got what she deserved.