America's Next Top Model

Season 1 Episode 5

The Girl Who Everyone Thinks Is Killing Herself

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 17, 2003 on The CW

Episode Recap

Out in the Open
It's night, and all the remaining girls show up at Jay Manuel's house to cook him, Tyra, and a couple of others dinner. When the food was served, the issue of Elyse's eating habits if brought up again. Privately, Adrianne thinks that Elyse has an eating disorder. When the girls return to the loft, a TyraMail tells them to get ready at 10:30am for publicity training. Later on, Adrianne makes another observation: That Giselle likes fishing for compliments. The next morning, the girls are told that they will be interviewed by Cindy Berger, Tyra's publicist. Elyse wasn't happy with the whole setup, and became more annoyed with Robin because of her attitude towards her because of her alleged eating disorder. In a confessional, Elyse blows up calling Robin an 'idiot' and a 'bitch'. When Giselle is interviewed, she tells Cindy about her infatuation with Michael Jackson. Shannon's turn reveals she's never smoked, drinked, or had sex while Adrianne is the opposite, doing drugs at the age of 13.

She's Killing Herself, There's No Other Way to Put It
When it was Elyse's turn to be interviewed, she quickly talked about the girl's assumptions that she's anorexic. Outside of the interview area, the other girls are also talking about the possibility that Elyse could be anorexic. Robin said that Elyse doesn't eat much without hesititation while Adrianne and Giselle claim they heard Elyse vomiting. Adrianne is very worried about Elyse and later says in a confessional that Elyse is killing herself. Over the phone, Elyse confides to her mother about the anorexic rumors in tears. Elyse says that she is no longer interested in the competition and just wants to get out. Giselle later talks to Elyse about the anorexic rumor but Elyse denies it.

Let's Bond
Another TyraMail arrives, and it tells the girls to dress comfortably for a night in. Tyra soon arrives and invites everyone into the Tokyo room for a little bonding session. Giselle confesses that she doesn't believe her family believes in her while Kesse admits she hasn't told anyone in her family that she's even competiting. At the end of the meeting, all the girls gather for a group hug.

It's early the next morning and the girls are all gathered in Central Park for a publicity challenge. Steve Santagati is a member of the press, and he interviews each of the girl's separately in a horsedrawn carriage. At the end of the challenge, Steve told the girls they all did well. He felt that Adrianne was 'very real' while Giselle didn't let him get away with anything. The winner of the competition is Elyse because of her candidness. Her prize is a visit from a loved one. When told she could pick one other person, she picks Adrianne because Adrianne is obviously very wanting of a visit from her mother. In the morning, TyraMail informs the girls to get ready for a photo shoot at 8:15am. In the morning, the girls trainer Jon Silverman showed up again to take the girls out for a swim. Many of the girls didn't want their hair getting wet, but Elyse was excited to take a dip.

Jump, Jump, Jumping
Everyone later arrived at Pier 59 Studios for their next photo shoot, an ad for Reebok Sneakers. Tyra tells the girls that the theme is movement and that they would be posing with NFLer Clinton Portis. The girls would be wearing torn and sexy football jerseys with football player inspired makeup. Giselle was very nervous taking her photo, Shannon was stiff, and the photographer commented that Kesse looked better on photograph than in person. Robin on the other hand was more occupied with the presence of Clinton.

In the middle of the photo shoot, Adrianne's mother Christine and Elyse's boyfriend Marty arrives. Elyse doesn't want Marty to watch her during her shoot, but he watches anyway. The photographer comments that Elyse was his favorite, without a doubt. When it's Adrianne's turn, her mother is amazed that she gave birth to such a beautiful human being. Back at the loft, Adrianne becomes annoyed with Robin when she stays in her room reading the bible instead of getting acquainted with the new guests.

The Worst Photo
It's time for another elimination, and the girls all line up in front of the judges. Guest judge Steve Santagati asks all of the girls a basic question: "Why should you win this competition?" Robin says she wants to have a positive influence on people while Adrianne wants to add some spice to the industry. The second question was harder: "Who should get eliminated tonight?" Robin annoyingly says it's up to God and Giselle claims she doesn't want anyone to go. Next, the judges show the best photo of each girl. Janice absolutely adores Elyse's photo and Kimora thinks Adrianne's photo is an example of 'artistic expression'. When it was Giselle's turn for evaluation, the judges adored her photo as well, but Tyra called her out on fishing for compliments. Kesse was a girl who's photo didn't flow well with the judges, and Janice thought it was the 'worst photo I've ever seen'.

Bye, Bye Love
The deliberation started with the judges getting into a hot discussion over Robin. Janice and Steve felt that Robin could never make it because she was heavy. Tyra disagrees, saying their opinions cause women to have eating disorders. Beau admires how far Kesse has come. Steve is not happy with Giselle's lack of confidence because it doesn't come out in her photographs. Finally, the judges come to a decision and the girls line up once more to find out their fate. When it's only Giselle and Elyse left standing, Tyra tells Giselle that her photo was the best in terms of movement. But because she continuously fishes for compliments, Tyra hands the last photo to Elyse.
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