America's Next Top Model

Season 9 Episode 6

The Girl Who Gets A Mango

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

At the start of this week's ANTM, it seemed as though we'd waving bye-bye to Ebony. She's been rubbing the judges the wrong way nearly every week so far, so it wouldn't have been the biggest shocker to see her go. As Heather discussed her problem with always giving the camera a profile shot, a surprise guest came to the door. The girls were ecstatic to find it was Tyson Beckford, and he was there to teach the group how to be good spokespersons. They were each asked to grab an item in the house and try to sell it. Most of them seemed to go with the idea that sex sells, and tried to sound as seductive as possible. Little did they know that sex would definitely not sell in the challenge that awaited them. When the girls arrived at the location of this week's challenge, they learned their task would be to come up with a 30-second PSA for the Keep a Child Alive charity. Despite stumbling on their lines and even the name of the charity, in my opinion, Lisa, Chantal and Bianca came up with the most creative concept with their "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil" PSA. However, the charity's representative went with Heather, Ambreal, and Jenah's approach. As a result, Heather's name was randomly picked out of a hat to be the one group member to win the grand prize; a makeup photo shoot with Mary J. Blige. Watching the girls getting jealous of Lisa's prize last week, I was honestly afraid for Heather upon returning to the house, but they pretty much left her alone. Next, the models were off to their photo shoot with Mr. Jay. They posed as recyclable goods. Ebony seemed to lose the strength she had in last week's shoot, while Jenah was praised for consistently following Jay's advice. It seems like week after week, Jay has to remind the girls how to pose or show some facial expression. I'm starting to think it's because of these bizarre concept shoots. In past seasons the girls posed as mermaids, the seven deadly sins, and model stereotypes. This season, they've been assigned some truly difficult tasks. How the hell does someone take on the appearance of recycled oil? Nice idea on paper, bad execution! When it came time for elimination, I loved Nigel rocking Miss J's Little Orphan Annie wig. Ambreal got some harsh criticism from the judges. In fact, many of them were told they had bad pictures this week, which leads me to believe it really was just a bad idea for a photo shoot. As the judges deliberated once again, my thinking was that Ebony and Ambreal would be in the bottom two. Both of them had been warned repeatedly about their problems in past shoots, and neither of them seemed to improve this week. Just as Tyra was about to send Ambreal packing, proving our editing theory false, in a shocking twist Ebony stepped forward and quit the competition. Sneaky sneaky! So long, Ebony! As another week comes to a close, I'm still waiting for some excitement this season. Now that we've learned we can figure out who's going home in the first minute of each episode, I really want them to step up the drama a bit. Sure, Ebony quitting was a huge surprise, but again, she was the first model shown at the start of the episode. I mean, even Bianca has been calmer. She hasn't picked a fight in weeks! Don't get me wrong, I still love this show, but something's gotta give. I was definitely thrilled that Ambreal was saved from being sent home, but I fear for her future.
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