America's Next Top Model

Season 9 Episode 6

The Girl Who Gets A Mango

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2007 on The CW

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  • Competition for a photoshoot.

    I am no girl, but doesn't mean I can't watch this amazing show. I never really watch this show, this is my ONLY episode I have ever seen. No seriously. In America's Next Top Model "The Girl Who Gets A Mango", the girls get ready for a photoshoot. And this I don't know guy comes in, and all the girls are like "Oooh hes cute" and stuff. The guy talks about their task, and one person can meet Mary J. Blidge. I don't know this show, well. Ha ha. Well thanks for reading of my review of this episode. Peace out!
  • I liked how they focused on being a spokesperson and it was neat how they dressed up as recyclable items

    It was cool how they focused the episode on being a spokeperson. They don't do this every season and I liked how it was an origonal idea. However, I wasn't a huge fan of them trying to sell the items from the kitchen because they were basically just flirting with him. I liked how they made the commercial. It was interesting to see what they came up with in a half hour and how they did. I didn't really like how they picked the challenge winner. They should have picked the person who did the best. The photo shoot was really good. I liked how they thought of several different items that are recycled and it was cool to see how the girls portrayed them. It was interesting how Jay didn't let the girls know how they were doing until the end of the shoot. I was kind of suprised that they were going to send Ambreal home. I was shocked that Ebony told them she wanted to go home. That provided an interesting twist to the episode. I am really getting into this show and I hope Heather makes it far.
  • And Ebony leaves

    I love how they have a theme this season, all about being ealthy and living in a healthy enviornment and all. The photoshoot was really cool except some would have been alot harder then others. Ebony was saying throught the show how she didn't want to be there and that she was homesick so, you kind of knew that she was going to go home. And when she gave up her spot on the show, I thought it was great. At least she was going to give her spot to someone who still actually wanted it and deserved it more then she did. I thought it was very nice of her and I didn't expect it.
  • The girls must pull off a photoshoot that signifys to recycle products.

    Pretty good episode. I had a feeling Ebony was going to leave from the very first scene because it usually centers around the person who leaves. Their challenge was to be a spokesperson for a charity, with a special guest. This week's photoshoot involved showing off things that you can recycle like newspapers and car parts. Heather finally showed the judges that she isn't just a profile model! I want her to win. The bottom two was Ambreal and Ebony, but when Ebony was chosen to stay, she told Tyra she did not want to stay any longer so Ambreal got a free pass. Then, they showed Ebony's casting tape and how much she wanted to be in the competition. I felt bad for her. I agree with what Tyra said, Ebony did not like being told what to do, modeling had nothing to do with why she left. Good episode.
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