America's Next Top Model

Season 1 Episode 3

The Girl Who Gets Rushed To The Emergency Room

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 03, 2003 on The CW

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  • good

    That evening after everyone had finished their shoots for the day Tyra took them out to dinner. The next morning Adrianne woke up and was so sick. She felt hot, shaky, and was throwing up. While at the emergency room, doctors found she had food poisoning. The judges were impressed when Adrianne walked into judging that night wrapped in a blanket looking pale. I think adrianne is shaping out to be great and really wants this, she looks like she'll be in the final. They got their make overs also in this episode and most of them were really good, but I can't believe Ebony got all her hair shaved off!
  • maekover and snake time.

    the girls get maekovers and evryone but adrienne and elyse complain and cry, and be wayy to overdramatic. but the prize does go to ebony for her hair shaving freak out. now that was funny. they also do a shoot with snakes which comes out real cool, again showing how really annoying some of the girls are. i mean its just a snake gawd. adrianne gets sick the next day, but she comes into judging anyway. even as sick as she was, she did a lot better than the other girls at the challenge, which is kinda sad. this really puts into prespective on how much adrianne wanted to win and how annoying and whiny some of the girls can be.
  • The girls get makeovers and they learn about putting makeup on. Then their makeup skills are put to the test.

    This episode was so much better than the last. It was so fun to see their makeovers. I was so surprised that so many people hated them, and I thought most of them made them look a lot better. I thought the whole scene where Ebony complained about her hair was so funny. I also liked how Jay Manuel showed them how to do their makeup, and then they were quizzed on it. I could not believe that Nichole did not participate in the reward. I guess she didn’t want to be their enough. It was great how the trainer came. It was so interesting to see which girls had the driver to win and which ones didn’t. The photo shoot was also a lot better. It was great how it related to makeup, which was the main theme of the episode and I loved how they added the snakes. It was really great how Adrienne made it to the judging session. It really made me admire her attitude. I also liked the challenge before judging; it brought a new element to putting on makeup. I have really liked how they include those challenges in this season. I was a little disappointed that Nichole got eliminated, because she is so pretty, but I guess she brought it on herself. This episode was able to include a lot of interesting challenges and a felt like we got a chance to know more of the girls.
  • Jay Manuel's first appearance, Model's receive makeovers and one model has to choose between her boyfriend while another model is rushsed the the emergency room, will this knock them out of the competition?

    The episode is entertaining when the girls receive their makeovers. Most of the girls are crying about their looks, while Elyse and Adrianne don't have a problem with transforming their looks. Robin does not want her hair a lighter colour and Nicole is upset with having her extensions take off. Back at the loft Ebony the drama queen freaks out about her hair cut and Gisells is annoyed that Tyra was not sure what to do with her hair.

    When Elyse chooses Nicole to take part in her challenge win, she refuses saying her stomach hurts, which Adrianne suspects is an exuse to stay at home and talk to her boyfriend. Nicole spends the evening yelling at her boyfriend while Elyse, Robin and Adrianne enjoy being at the Indian Consulate.

    The morning of panel Adrianne wakes up very sick, barely able to stand where she is rushed the emergency room. The judges and models wonder if she'll make it back on time, but Elyse suspects Adrianne will be there no matter what. Adrianne, wrapped in a blanket, arrives for panel and stays on. This really shows Nicole doesn't really care, Adrianne wants this more than anything and Ebony, Robin and Giselle are nother more than whiny children
  • First appearance of Mr. Jay. Wow.

    First appearance of Mr. Jay. Wow. I really love Top Model and I pray that they'll make more episodes for this and I can't wait till I see brand new faces. Well it is a good show by the way and thank God for having this show peace out to y'all.