America's Next Top Model

Season 1 Episode 3

The Girl Who Gets Rushed To The Emergency Room

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 03, 2003 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Makeovers
      Nicole: Hair weave tracks removed and hair straightened
      Ebony: Single tuft of hair buzzed off
      Giselle: Layers and highlights
      Kesse: Tyra Banks inspired light brown extensions
      Robin: Hair weave removed and given light brown hair weave
      Elyse: Pixie haircut dyed coal-black
      Shannon: Bleached platnium blonde with extentions
      Adrianne: Given chestnut brown hair weave tracks and bangs added

    • Nicole was eliminated due to the fact that she lacked dedication. She even went as far as to refuse a reward because she wanted to go back to the loft and call her boyfriend. Ultimately, her boyfriend, Cory, is probably what drove the final nail into Nicole's coffin. He took away her drive and her will to succeed in the competition.

  • Quotes

    • Elyse: I completely didn't understand Robyn's assertion that her haircut made her look like a prostitute. But then again, I'm not really familiar with prostitute trends.

    • (as Robbyne is about to have her hair changed)
      Jay Manuel: Don't look so sad. Models are canvases...they're a canvas. And they're also chameleons.
      Robin: And I don't really have a choice.
      Jay Manuel: (smiling broadly) No, you don't.

    • Jay Manuel: The make-up artist is your last front to the world, so you never want to piss them off, because they'll mess you up.

    • John Ward, Photographer: I think if I was going to book a girl today based on where they are right now, I would probably pick Adrianne. She's very beautiful, she has a good time, I think she'd be fun to work with.

    • Jay Manuel (Referring to Robin): If you didn't want to be in the game, you might as well go home and just be Miss Soymilk or whatever.

    • Robin: I look like an albino prostitute.

    • Ebony: It is very upsetting to an African American woman to walk into a salon and have the person do her hair incorrectly! It is very inappropriate!

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  • Allusions

    • The Hamburglar
      Adrienne compares her beauty shot makeup to The Hamburglar, who is a character from old McDonald's commercials. He would try to steal Ronald McDonald's hamburgers while saying nothing more than, "Robble, robble, robble."