America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 7

The Girl Who Gets Thrown in the Pool

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2007 on The CW

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  • In Too Deep

    OMG...When 50 sent threw Jael into the pool i was crackin up. Okay first of all you dont harrass 50 cent. He is like a billionare. Secondly he told you like a million times to get out of his face and leave him alone, why do you keep messing with him. Natasha is just as retarted by jumping into the pool right after her like a dummy so both of them ended up looking like fools. Not sure how effective to conversation with Tyra will have on all the girls but it was good that they got it all out. Sarah went home.
  • The Girls use new nicknames to introduce themselves at a celebrity filled party. While one model get eliminated because her pictures are not up to par.

    The Girls each Create their own nicknames, some more interesting that others. My favourite is Whoolayhay(Dionne) because it's so original, unlike Brit...
    They have to use them at a party with celebrities, and one Jael learns not to annoy 50 Cent, because if there's a pool nearby you will fly(with a Russian soon following). The girls all meet Benny Medina, he isn't impressed when Jael and Natasha show up, soaking wet. Later the girls have a shoot designed to show four sides of their personality. Jay tells Natasha that "That last frame,Sexy, looked like there could have been dog poop on the side walk and you were smelling it". But in the end Sarah was eliminated because "her pictures looked to posed"
    (she was pretty but I agree with the "Posed" thing.
  • In what promises to be the most dramatic episode of America's Next Top Model to date, Twiggy gives the girls a history lesson on how she got her nickname and asks each model to give herself a nickname of her own.

    Good episode! I am glad that Tyra said that Jael and Natasha are starting to be really models! They are my 2 favorites and I hope they get to the finale 2. I loved Natasha's pictures this week! They were so awesome. Jael's were cool to and I think it is ok she didn't do a soft side for the photo.
  • The girls came up with nicknames and tested them out at a party. They did a photo shoot where they had to show four different emotions.

    This week’s episode was interesting but not one of my favorites. I really liked how they came up with nicknames. It was funny how some of them came up with such weird things. I really liked how they only had a limited amount of time to come up with something and they had to think quickly. I thought it was entertaining to see them mingle with celebrities. It was also really funny to see Jael get pushed in the pool by 50 cent. I also loved how Nicole Riche got involved and started trouble between Jael and Renee. Watching them fight was pretty interesting during the episode. I did not really like this week’s challenge. It just seemed too simple and boring, although Natasha and Jael seemed to mess it up. That was so funny how they came into the room all wet. I think the challenge should have been based more on what their name was. This week’s photo shoot was not that exciting but I really liked it. It showed how well they could make certain expressions which is a very important skill for modeling. I felt like the judges made a good choice when they got rid of Sarah.
  • Sarah Vonderhaar is eliminated from the competition after a series of challenges and photo shoots.

    In this episode of America's Next Top Model the contestants make up nicknames after a lesson from Twiggy and Melrose Bickerstaff from cycle 7. Twiggy revealed the reason why she has the nickname Twiggy. Melrose also told the girls that her real name isn't Melrose. Twiggy then told the girls that they had to make up nicknames and then they were intvited to a party for Smart Water. At the party there were many celebrities including Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, 50 Cent, Tia and Tamera Mawry, and many more. At the party the girls were interviewed by Benny Medina. 50 Cent pushed Jael into the pool because he got irritated by her and Natasha jumped in after her. Benny Medina was not pleased with Natasha and Jael. Medina liked Dionne the best and her reward was a Payless photoshoot that will appear in Seventeen Magazine. She was also able to bring 2 friends and she chooses Whitney and Jaslene. The photoshoot this week is 4 personalities. Jael is told by the judges that she did the best even though her makeup was extreme. The judges eliminated Sarah because they believed that she posed too much. Great drama this week between Jael and Renee.
  • The girls Madonna-fy themselves in order to impress The Funky Cold Medina...let the attention-whoring begin!!!

    So I miss the first five minutes of this show, but I come in right at the time when they meet up with Twiggy. Some girl says how it's so exciting to be within 10 feet of Twiggy, so obviously they've missed every elimination panel. Anyways, Twiggy tells them her life story about how she was born with a very generic Brit name and she changed (or got her name changed) it to Twiggy and it all went up from there. So she brings out Melrose (a fave from Cycle 7) and Mel explains how a shortened name can be better. Her real name is Melissa Rose and she cut out the -issa because she was too fierce for it. Now the girls must come up with a new name that makes up for the fact that they have loser names. Whitney goes for Whitelle, Reneeeee goes for Naim(e), Natasha with Nata, the-oh-so-thin-and-very-emaciated Sara goes with Moe (WTF?), Jaslene and Jael stay with their names, Brit with the predictable Brit, and then all Hell breaks loose when What the Hell Dionne goes with...WHOLAHAY!!! Who? Lahay! Whola-what? Wholahay!!! There's a bit of awkwardness in the room and Melrose sort of scowls at her, jealous of her beautiful name. Dionne explains about how when she was younger she had watched some show when a very young girl was married off to a wealthy rich man. Wholahay was her name and her mama made sure she never forgot it...and she clearly didn't.

    The girls get a mind-boggling clue as to what the challenge was. It said something about "the Funky Cold Medina" and someone brings up how they know about the song, but they don't get the clue. The girls then dress up in their best attire and under their new names they must make an impression on Benny Medina: super manager to the stars! At the party include Attention Whores Paris Hilton and Ana Richie, Fitty Cent, Beverly Johnson (who's there for basically no reason) and other losers. Some girls chat and flirt with Mr. Cent while Jael seriously bugs the sh!t out of him. I was wincing the entire time because Jael was falling apart before my eyes. Fitty finally has it with this bimbo and throws her into the conveniently situated pool...twice. The second time, however, Nata falls in after her, perhaps in a bid for popularity? Or is she just a wild and crazy girl? You decide. One of Benny's goons rounds us Nata and Jael, appropriately enough, when they're soaking wet and embarrassed. He gives them a talking to (because he's got years of experience)* and dismisses them. Name/Nayim/Naime/Naima wobbles over to Nicole Richie and starts a conversation with her. Nicole (if you know her from The Simple Life, she loves drama) asks if there are any b!tches in the group. She says Jael (camera cuts to her doing a drunken-induced dance) and mentions how she can't stand her. Nicole runs along to, I think Jael or some other girls, and spreads the word. Nicole loves the DRAMA-RAMA!!!Hmmm...I thought Name/Nayim/Naime/Naima would've pointed herself out as the b!tch Nicole would've loved it. When the girls get back, Jael rips Name/Nayim/Naime/Naima a new one. She lays it on her and Whitelle is loving it! As am I, Whitelle. As am I.

    This week's photoshoot is all about the girls' personalities. They are given time to write down four of their schizophrenic personalities (with guns loaded behind their heads, don't forget the guns) and their photoshoot is based around that. Also, the girls are in charge of their makeup and hair. I think around this part, the winner is announced and it is...Wholahay! Who? Lahay, that's who. Lahay. The winner of the challenge gets to advertise some Keds in a High School Newspaper. She chooses Whitelle and Jaslene to go to the shoot with her. So anyway, the girls shoot their photos and everyone does nice, except for Whitelle and Moe, who does these sort of weird and pose-y pictures. Jaslene basically does the same thing for all of her pictures and her face basically stays the same. She chooses Sentimental, Drag-Queen, Cha Cha Diva, and Modelesque. Seriously, her face does not change for the last three. And Double Srsly, she looks like Janice Dickinson in her Drag-Queen bit. Jael blows everyone away with her bold makeup/hair and dramatic personalities: Sexy Beast (fierce!), Anarchist (fiercer!), Revolutionary (fiercerer!), and Dominator (the fiercest thing since fierce came to Fierce Town!). Although Jay says how this could've been a time when Jael could've been softer, she blows it off and rocks the damn challenge. Nata and Brit also do good jobs and Wholahay does swell. Who does swell? Lahay! Who? Lahay! After the photoshoot Typrah Winbanks (a clever moniker used by Potes in TWoP) bring the girls to the studio where her show is filmed. She sort of persuades everyone to admit as to why they hate N.N.N.N. She breaks down and sort of apologizes to them (let's see how long this one will last) for her female-dog behavior. ***HUGS***

    At the elimination Tyra (who is Gypsy Wrap-ful this week) tells them that one of their own will be going home. Due to their pure suckiness and loserisms, Whitelle and Moe are in the bottom two. Whitelle looked stiff and uncomfortable in her photos and Moe looked like a mannequin. They send the latter home and there are tears for all! I was starting to warm up to Sara's/Moe's/The Thin and Ana One's sort of quirky "charm"...if you can call it that. So this means no more long and ridiculous names for this siree. Moe is just fine.

    *a line from Regina Spektor's "Us".
  • Great episode, With a little drama, Lots of humor, Weird nicknames, And partying celebs.

    This season already is one of my favorite, since season 3. The girls are all different in a good way. Well Jael is starting to get pretty annoying and Renee does make herself a problem, but I do think she will end up in with final three. She does have something cute.

    So is Dionne, this really was her episode (Whoolahey!) , she was just great. We finally see her personality, and it's a good one. And Natasha is getting real good too, I didn't expect her to do so well lately. I'm glad Sarah went out,'cause she didn't progress as much as the other girls.
  • Quite a celeb heavy ep, the titled event was funny. The girls had to create personas, meet people, and pose as four sides of their personalities.

    This was an interesting episode. First the amount of celebs at the pool was quite exciting and surprising. 50 Cent, Paris, and Nicole made appearences. The challenge was interesting because the girls got to choose their own makeup and clothing and sides of their personalities. So it was a chance for them to be more creative. Some of them didn't do too well, others thrived. Jael getting thrown in the pool was funny and seemed deserved, Renee keeps talking about people behind their backs and saying people win 'just because' this or that. I felt for her when she talked to Tyra I hope she stops.

    Also Dionne won the challenge with the name Whoolahey and then Tyra changed it to 'Brown' because of the color of her skin. Racist much? Or am I just overthinking it?
  • The Girl Who Gets Thrown in the Pool

    This show (or this series anyways seems to have gotten so trashy especilly that Renee girl who is constantly talking crap about everyone (like honestly do you think there will ever be a plus size model on the cover of vogue?)on this ep. she goes and tells tyra that she's really misunderstood and starts to cry and says that if she’s hurt anyone (and everyone raised their hands) that she was sorry but that she'd been hurt but what I don't understand is why she was bragging about being a **** to Mr. Jay in The Girl Who Changes her attitude when they do that awesome death photo shoot. Anyways Dionn won the challenge even though I don't think she'll win ANTM I like Natasha or jaslene and Renee/Jael needs to get kicked off like now!
  • the girls get nicknames and go to a party and finsh with a four faced photo shoot , so Renee should do preety good since she's so fake.

    okay so the girls find out how Twiggy got her name and she do look like a bird so it was obvious why she had her name. so we had some interestin names i thought "Hulahay" was just trripin, i feel dumb sayin it. so then they go to a party and its real cool they got 50 and Paris and Nicole and Tia and Tamara and Benny Medina who talks to each of the girls and Jael jumps into a pool , b**** what was u doin water acrabatics b**** you got your clothes on , and Natasha jumps in what a dumb b****. so the girls get pissed at Renee espacially Jael it looked like she was ready to grab her and straight up kill her ass , witch im not complain about i woulda liked to see that. so then they get a shoot with 4 sides and the Tyra mail about the two faces was like Two Faced ? now you now that was Renee , no doubt. so they all take 4 faced pictures and most of them did horrible its like their going down hill instead of up like the past seasons lol. okay so at elminations Jaslene looked like the pressure just hit her in the face the b**** was sweatin and when she got her picture it looked like she was ready to up and yell " Oh Jesus " and Whitney in the bottom two again , damn the judges must really hate her , lol. Okay so Sarah went home and ill be okay , since i dont care , at all. So my winner is Jael not only did she curse out Renee but she had a breat photo shoot and she wasnt kiddin when she said she was black , i thought she was lyin. and my loser Renee because she was a B**** the whole way and she thought no one was gonna speak up and she fake doin all that cryin in front of Tyra , so she's gotta be a loser , straight up. the tip for this episode is Karma what goes around comes around , Oh i love that song , lol.