America's Next Top Model

Season 9 Episode 4

The Girl Who Goes Bald

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2007 on The CW
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Episode Summary

It's makeover time, and the models are in for drastic change. However, one model breaks down when she is told that she will get all her hair cut off. Meanwhile, the week's challenge involves creating a dramatic look with make-up, and a photo shoot where the models are turned into flowers.moreless

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  • make-overs...

    The girls get make overs in this episode. I really like to see their transformations. Some of their hair turned out great and I almost want some of their haristyles, but others turned out bad. I think the bald girl looked great. I think the two blondes looked terrible. I hated their hair. The photo shoots were interesting. They all looked like was pretty funny. I'm not a frequent watcher of America's Next Top Model, but I was flipping through and it looked like a good episode, and it was. Overall, good episode mainly because of the drama about make overs.moreless
  • The girls get their makeovers

    I thought that Victoria was definitely the right one to go. When Twiggy started to talk to her about having a prickly disposition, she definitely should not have reacted the way she did, Twiggy was right and she should take the good criticism instead of cutting her off and saying something like "let's get one thing straight..." it was obnoxious and in general Twiggy is pretty nice so I definitely would not have given her attitude. I also really don't like a lot of the makeovers this season. The totally ruined Saleisha and Lisa's hair while a good idea to go short, was way too much and makes her look so generic. This is definitely not my favorite season.moreless
  • Didn't want Victoria gone!

    Victoria was my favorite this season, I just really liked her look. It was diffrent and, I don't know, I just liked it. But throughout the whole episode, she kept saying how she didn't really want to be a model, or didn't know how, so you could kind of guess she was going home. Too bad, it didn't seem like she wanted it, so I was okay when she left. However, Bianca needs to suck it up because there were other girls bald on ANTM and they worked with it just fine. The photo shoot was cool looking and I think most of the pics turned out nicely.moreless
  • It would have been a great episode if one of the best girls wasn't eliminated.

    I have to give this episode such a low score because one of my favorites went home. I usually don't base reality shows just on who goes home because the producers have no control over it, but in this they do. I felt like Victoria was a very interesting person and I wanted to see how she would do on top model even though she had no experience. They usually keep the wild and crazy models because they are interesting and they should do the same for her. They should have just put her in the bottom two and given her a warning.

    Besides that I loved the makeovers. It was great how they had the metemorophis screen that allowed us to see what they would look like. Most of them ended up looking a lot better. Bianca's hair problems added some great drama, to the show and she ended up looking good. The photo shot was also good. It was fun to see them as flowers, and it was neat because they have to act like flowers even though flowers have no human emotion.moreless
  • Make-over time for the girls.

    All of the remaining contestants got makeovers and some had more changes than others. Bianca's hair was so damaged, that they had to shave it all off, and she was given a medical wig for photoshoots. The photoshoot for this episode was every girl was a plant. They really stuck that out there, from moss to a rose. Victoria gave Twiggy that attitude of hers again at panel, which I hoped Victoria would be sent home for that because she is very rude, and sure enough, Victoria was in the bottom two with Saleisha, but Victoria was sent home. Good episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Kristen Barker, Nigel's wife, appeared in this episode as a challenge judge.

    • The challenge this week is a Covergirl Make-up Challenge. The girls must put on dramatic make-up and the dress that has their name on it. Janet is disqualified for wearing the wrong outfit. Sarah is the winner.

    • Makeovers:

      Janet: Shorter and dyed black
      Victoria: Blonde highlights
      Ambreal: Black pixie haircut
      Ebony: Naomi Campbell inspired long weave
      Sarah: Short bob with blonde highlights
      Jenah: Long blonde weave
      Lisa: Shorter
      Heather: Trimmed, straightened, and chestnut brown added
      Bianca: Long golden blonde weave; later, hair shaved. A golden blonde wig was offered for use in photo shoots but was never used.
      Saleisha: Louise Brooks inspired weave
      Chantal: Long blonde weave with bangs

    • The makeovers are done at Ken Paves Salon. He is well known for his list of celebrity clients including Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson.

    • When Victoria takes off her shoes at the end of the episode, they edit out Tyra calling her security guard over because she was afraid of getting hit with the shoes. Victoria later explains that her feet were swollen and that is why she removed her shoes before exiting.

    • For the past few cycles Miss Jay has had a fashion tribute for each elimination. This cycle, it appears that his "Afro" grows bigger each time a girl is sent home.

    • Call Out Order


      Bottom Two: Victoria and Saleisha Victoria for being abrasive during panel and Saleisha for having so-so pictures. Victoria was sent home.

    • For the photo shoot this week, the models posed as various plant-life:

      Bianca - Sunflower
      Janet - Hydrangea
      Heather - Weeds
      Lisa - Bamboo
      Saleisha - Tulip
      Sarah - Ivy
      Ambreal - Rose
      Victoria - Cactus
      Jenah - Moss
      Ebony - Bird Of Paradise
      Chantal - Baby's Breath

    • The episode is named for Bianca, whose hair was so damaged that it couldn't take any processing and had to be shaved off. She was provided with a medical wig for use in photo shoots.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Sarah: I feel great right now! I am the winner! There is only one and it is me!

    • Twiggy: It's quite interesting that you were given cactus, which is quite prickly because...
      Victoria: Can we get one thing straight? I don't have a prickly disposition.
      Twiggy: You don't?
      Victoria: No, I do not.
      Twiggy: I actually think you are a little bit prickly.
      Miss Jay: I felt a prick.

    • Victoria: At the end of the day it's what's in your heart that counts, and my heart is not in this. I'd rather go home than take some other girl's dream.

  • NOTES (1)