America's Next Top Model

Season 7 Episode 4

The Girl Who Goes to Texas

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on The CW

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  • Past participants join three of this season's models in a fashion show, a model gets sick and enters the hospital, and the girls are put to the test on a runway suspended over water.

    Good episode! I just want Melrose gone because even though she isn't annoying yet she starts to in the next episode because Monique left and know Melrose can be the all time b***h! I do think Monique could of got out of bed and did the photoshoot. Melrose's picture was ugly. Amanda, Michelle and Brooke's were the best pictures. I don't think it would be that hard walking on that runway over water. Eugena was the only one that couldn't. Lol. Eugena gets better but like in the first 3 episodes she was boring and thought she was better than everyone else. I really like Brooke now!
  • Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

    The girls 1st challenge was a runway walk with Ms J Alexander. They also learned about balancing on uneven surface. The deserving winner was A.J. and she picked Megg and Caridee to share her experience of runway modelling for a charity event by Dennis Quaid in Austin, Texas. It was nice to see the other models from past cycles (lemme see if I can remember who was featured), Shannon, Camile, Brittany, Coryn, Mercedes, etc.

    The photoshoot challenge was interesting as the contestants had to walk on a wobbly runway on water. Monique did not participate as she chose to go back to the loft and sleep (coz she was sick) rather than to grit her teeth and continue with the competition. (Big mistake)

    In the end, it came down to Monique and Eugena as the bottom 2, and becoz Monique did not show the judges her desire to be the ANTM, she was eliminated.

    Personally I liked A.J's photoshoot the best as she really looked fierce.

    More drama next ANTM.
  • These beautiful ladies are once again put to the test. Ms. J Alexander gets a hand in testing them for elegance grace while maintaining style. As always there's a bad apple in the bunch (Monique). Who once again fails to rise to the occasion!

    This episode was awsome. They have finally gotten rid of the bad apple in the bunch. Now the remaining ladies may be able to offer each other a little support even though they all want to be the last lady standing. Having a spiteful back stabbing wench in the group can cause a very unpleasant experience. Monique the bad seed in this bunch. Her attitude is not that of a beautiful young model. Her actions are very unlady like. She takes pleasure from anothers short coming. Hates to see anothers victory. But in the end justice prevailed.... The rotten apple has gotten just what she deserves... "THROWN OUT"
  • The ladies learn the basics in CatWalking from Ms. J Alexander. Three lovely winners appeared in their first fashion show and One sick duckling allowed her pain to take away her goal.

    This episode was hilarious. Anytime you watch a fashion show the models make walking look so easy. This is the episode where the truth comes out that even just walking needs a lot of practice. The ladies photo shoot was walking a wobbly runway over a pool of water. All but one succeeded. House Drama: Melrose and Monique are at it again. Praising each others pitfalls and Sulking over each others victories. Monique is a very interesting girl, she added a great chemistry to the house. Monique came up short on this episode and like her behavior in every lost she was extremely bitter. Boo Hoo The Witch is Dead!