America's Next Top Model

Season 7 Episode 7

The Girl Who Graduates

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on The CW

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  • Brooke gets voted off....

    I rated this episode 1 cause Brooke was my favorite girl in the compition...... I wanted her to win so bad.... How can the Judges send her home on her Graduation night that she had to miss because of the compition...

    It would at least be better if they sent her home the night before so she could go to her graduation... And Tyra was telling her not to be upset... well duh she going to be upset its her graduation night...

    Brooke did I great job!! I wish she could have of won she has a great bubbly personalty...

    Continue modeling Brooke
  • Brooke is eliminated because she doesn't have what it takes.

    I was a little dispointed that Brooke went home. That judge was such a b***h! Saying Anchel didn't have the body! Well maybe she should look better in the mirror to her ugly body! I was hoping CariDee would win the challenge because she was the best! I loved what she did!
  • This was a show where they sent the best and most bubbly girl home they made a bad choice she could have won

    So StUpId AnD HaRsH i mean it was her grad poor brooke when she went home, she cried, the other girls cried, and i cried. brooke withhout a doubt had the most personality i mean she takes one bad picture and she is out all i have 2 say is that tyra, brooke was a real contestant and u ttold her not 2 be sad after you sent her home onher grad. PaThEtIc!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • brooke was eliminated after the traditional 2 photo shoot episode where the girls learn the meaning of 'sexy'

    i think it was really man that they eliminated brooke on the night of her high school graduation... i mean ok fine, her picture wasnt the best but i think jaeda's romance novel one was A LOT worse than brooke's and also her shot from last week was amazing and shes just so much better than jaeda so i think they just did this 2 drum up publicity because they kicked her off on the night of her graduation, because really her picture wasnt that bad.
  • Perky Texan Brooke gets eliminated for being too virginal. \"There\'s still a virgin in Texas!\" Fabio exclaimed. Tragically she missed walking in her \"freaking high school graduation\" which is the very day of panel.

    We might have seen this one coming, as the show focused heavily on Brooke throughout. She receives a care package full of \"Congratulations Graduate\" decorations as well as a copy of her diploma. And she admits it\'s hard being the baby of the bunch. At the first photo shoot Tyra takes black-and-white photos of the girls with wild hair and alternative make up. (Deja vu from a past cycle.) Brooke\'s was so so. But getting the weak twin up to par was like getting blood from a stone for Ty Baby, and she didn\'t do as well as the strong twin. Knowing they want to market those twins as a set, they can\'t admit the one is awful, so they needed to sacrifice someone else -- Brooke. (Deja vu all over again when Tyra scolded Brooke for her reaction after getting cut, trying to reignite the sparks of harping at Tiffany, but it didn\'t work.) Overall, this was the episode we knew had to happen. The upbeat, pageant girl has got to go eventually, so might as well do it before the boring recap episode, then get down to the nitty gritty.
  • i dont see why they wish to keep jaeda on the show every week she does bad but yet they still keep her on the show she need to go already i keep thinking they will kick her off but she still there

    they need to kick jaeda off the show already every week she doesnt step up to the challenge and every week she stays, what r they waiting for kick her off. They should have keep monquie if they want the girls to do bad.Also i think that they shouldnt have kick a.j off she did one bad pictures and she gone, but all of jaeda pictures are bad and she get to stay. Maybe if everyone started taking bad pictures they would have a better chance of winning. This season is starting to be my least favorite season, because they are letting all the girls that do bad stay,also i think that jaeda doesn\\\'t have what it take to be the next top model.
  • Does anyone else think Fabio's getting a bit too old...?

    I really liked this episode, especially the sensual pictures, except I think fabio should retire soon, because he looked almost too old.

    I thought that the scary shoot was a bit weird, but still retty cool, and a few were amazing.

    I was sad when Brooke got voted off, though (she has my name! :D) And I think she was good enough to stay, and wanted it more than Eugena. But I guess it's ok. I hope Melrose wins, because she's really good, (no matter how mean she is!)
  • This show gets more and more contrived.

    I get it. You are not supposed to like any of the girls appearing on these shows. So much so that the truly terrible human beings often last the longest because they are 'good tv'. Word to Tyra--this is not good tv. I watch this show for one reason, the (sometimes) clever challenges. If the challenge sucks then the show fails. If the prefabricated 'drama' overwhelms an interesting challenge, the show fails. Most often the show fails. This week was no different. Tyra proves she can take a decent picture but that is obscured by all the "Indian Girl is SO fat." I'll admit there is some pleasure seeing these twits try and fail to be sexy. The awkwardness was laughable... and thats why I didn't grade this a '1'.
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...Worst elimination ever!!!!

    I have to say, this is the saddest elimination i have ever seen. After a whole week of learning about being sexy, they have a photo shoot for romance novel covers, with fabio. Then, at judging they come down to the bottom two. Eugena and Brooke. The Judges dont know if brooke has the potential to be a model, but love her personality and he spunk, and HER basically. With Eugena, they feel that she doesnt really want to be there, and that her photos arent up to snuff, however they think she has tons of potential. BROOKE IS SENT HOME! And to make it worse, its her graduation night. The night she gave up to be at the house, and gets eliminated that night instead. poor girl. And she says that she wouldnt ever change what she did and doesnt regret a thing. When Eugenas name is called, all the other girls start to cry, and brooke starts crying, and I start crying. It was terrible.

    Now if you ask me, look at Eugena's previous work, and Brookes. Brooke's has been consistently fair or better and she has an awesome personality to cover for her flaws. Eugena however, has good postioning, but her eyes are ALWAYS dead, and has nothing extra to give but a bad attitude. WHO WOULD YOU CUT!!?!?!

    I don't know what it is but every since Twiggy has been on this show, there have been a lot of mistakes in judgement. And a lot of judgements based on personality rather than actual potential. Either way it goes, Brooke should not have been eliminated tonight! Given her's and Eugena's past experiences, Eugena really should have took a hike. Rather than waste another week telling her the exact same thing she's been hearing since the beginning of the show. Brooke is a much stronger model with more personality and more potential. Bottom line, I don't know what they were thinking, but if this type of judging continues, I believe "TOP MODEL" producers will be looking for a whole new panel including Tyra.
  • they all model in the \"wild\" and hav fotoshoots with fabio

    i really thought all the girls fotos in the \"wild\" or \"forest\" was really awsum!!!

    i also really enjoyed the fotoshoots with fabio and the acting \"sexy\" and dancing on da table!!!

    but one thing i completely dont understand is y they sent the 18 yr old who just graduated from high skool, home!!!!

    that waz a mistake
    i mean one of her fotos on the stairs with fabio was really guddd!!!!

    personally i didnt think anyone deserved to be sent home
    all the models did really well this episode!!!

    all in all though it was a gud episode ... i just think they should b more careful abotu who they send home!!