America's Next Top Model

Season 7 Episode 7

The Girl Who Graduates

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Again, Tyra did a photo shoot with the girls. The models posed with grey contacts to give them a "sexy scary" look.

    • Melrose won the challenge this week which was to walk an unusual runway (a dining room table) and be sexy. She chose Amanda, Michelle, and Brooke to share her prize; they all got to shoot a Seventeen magazine spread.

    • This week's photo shoot was Romance Novel covers. Posing with them in the photos was the king of romance novel covers, Fabio. Themes for the covers were:

      Amanda - "The Other Women" (the woman leaving her man for another woman)
      Anchal - "The Love Pyramid" (Cleopatra)
      Brooke - "Don't Leave Me" (desperate for her man to stay)
      Caridee -"But ... I Love Her" (peasant in love with a rich man)
      Eugena - "Oh No, You Didn't!" (secret lovers)
      Jaeda - "Nibble...In the Night" (Dracula scene)
      Melrose - "Lady of the Night" (madam in a brothel)
      Michelle -"Who's My Baby's Daddy?" (secret love child)

    • Call out order:


      Eugena and Brooke are in the bottom two; missing her high school graduation, Brooke was sent home because the judge's thought she didn't have what it took to become America's Next Top Model.

  • Quotes

    • Tyra: (about Caridee wearing too much makeup) When you retire you take ALL the makeup on the whole counter and you put it all on your face. But until that day, you keep it nice and simple.

    • Jaeda: I bet you have girls at your house all the time, huh?
      Fabio: I'm a virgin!
      Michelle: Oh, I'm sure!
      Brooke: Are you a virgin, Fabio?
      Fabio: Of course, didn't you know?
      I am too, man!
      Fabio: You, too? My God, there's still a virgin in Texas?

    • Caridee: (unenthusiastically, about Melrose winning the challenge) If she was the best then she was the best. And that's great. Good for her. She wins again.

    • Melrose (about Fabio during the photoshoot): I just felt his love!

  • Notes

      Australia: Friday, September 5, 2008 on network ten.

    • Since season 5 every season of America's Next Top Model there has been an episode where the girls have to do two photo shoots; one normal and one black and white. For the second season in a row a girl named Brooke was sent home on this episode.

    • Caridee was voted Covergirl of the Week.

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