America's Next Top Model

Season 7 Episode 12

The Girl Who Grates

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on The CW

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  • This photoshoot was awesome!

    The girls travel to a dance studio where they meet flamenco dancer Nacho Blancho, who teaches them the steps of the traditional Spanish dance. While Eugena breezes through the practice, Amanda's awkwardness becomes apparent. Later that night, the girls share a dinner with runway coach and judge Miss J. Alexander, before returning to their apartment to rehearse their dance steps. The next morning, the girls arrive at a majestic Spanish villa for their flamenco dance test, decked out in full flamenco attire. Nacho is impressed by Amanda's improvement but crowns Eugena the winner, who picks Amanda to share in her prize, which turns out to be 3 presents bearing clothes worn at the Custo Barcelona Fall 2006 collection. Melrose cried because she can't dance well with her partner. For the photo shoot, the girls meet with Jay Manuel who brings out Tyra to assist. The girls are paired up – Eugena and Melrose, Amanda and CariDee – to pose as nymphs floating underwater. While Melrose shines in the freezing water, Eugena delivers many blank shots. CariDee has to be pulled out from the icy water prematurely when she starts shivering uncontrollably. Amanda had to finish the rest of the 50 frames left in the shoot by herself. At panel, the judges warn Eugena about her bland expressions, and still have reservations about Amanda's stiffness and awkward posing. Amanda and CariDee later find themselves in the bottom two: Amanda's look was "edgy" and "high-fashion," the judges worry if she is overly awkward and meek; CariDee's look was "classic," but may not be able to take the physical demands of being a model. Tyra ultimately hands the last photo to CariDee, eliminating Amanda.
  • Melrose is so annoying!!

    Good episode but Melrose does not know when to shut up!! She just bugs me so much!! Crying because she didn't do the best. I wish she went home instead of Amanda. CariDee freezes up in the photo shot but it was a very cool picture. Eugena and Melrose actually get along in the photo shot. CariDee and Eugena are getting really close and friends now.
  • loved this one!! hate melrose...sorry melrose fans!

    this was a clear insight into melrose's wicked head!!!!! when they started dancing she was doing ok...not excellent, amanda was as awkward as usual, cari was ok too and eugena was great!!!!!!! but then they anounced eugena had won and melrose started crying and said "i thought she deserved it yes but i am angry at myself" whoooooooooo in earth believes you???? two words: soreeee looser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    then the girls do an icy photoshoot and cari gets hypothermia!!!!!!! i was like omg go outside you should do this!!!! like she waited and should have gone away a long while ago.

    i was really impressed with tyra's spanish (although i didnt get a word) and with her reaction to cari's she said she should have known it was coming but im sure that if she had left the pool they would've critized her!!!!
  • I was kind of thrown off by the whole dancing idea. I wonder who the hell came up with that.

    I was kind of thrown off by the whole dancing idea. I wonder who the hell came up with that. The water shooting is scary as hell. I feel bad for those girls! However, I really liked the dresses that they wore for the dances. Damn, they were absolutely amazing. Even though the idea was dumb, I suppose I can't criticize the costumes, which were perfect. Tyra actually kind of sucked in her dance with Jay. She wanted to look like she was all good and stuff, but no, she really wasn't. She did not sell me well at all. When Jay stopped, it took her at least one or two seconds to catch up. I expected better from a supposedly professional supermodel. Anyhow, I am guessing Eugena would be the next one to go home, but that's just my opinion.
  • The truth about some of the girls and who they REALLY are comes out!

    This episode really showed you the truths behind some of the girls and who they really are. Melrose finally reaches a breaking point and has a small break down because she let herself down during her dancing performance. After so many weeks of being surrounded by all the girls in the house and having a majority of them hating her for doing well in the competition she allowed herself a moment to be vulnerable. She even tells the camera that shes not upset with Eugena or the other girls for doing well shes more upset with herself for not picking up and doing her best. If you listen to Eugena she says that Melrose is a \"sore loser\", when she has said on a least three other occasions during which Melrose has won, \"I wouldn\'t have wanted to win that any\" \"She\'s too excited about winning\" and \"She can win the challenge... I really don\'t care\" The last quote was after she\'d spent a portion of her time saying she hopes Melrose doesn\'t win. If anyone in the house has been a sore loser its been Eugena. I even started to doubt Caridee and her character when she sat around talking with Eugena about how she hopes Melrose loses because if she won, she\'d throw up all over. We\'ve never heard Melrose say anything remotely as horrible about the other girls as we\'ve heard the other girls say about her. Melrose rocked the pool photo shoot, Tyra even said \"She tried to impress me, and she did\" which just goes to show that she has what it takes. The other girls are spending too much time focusing on what Melrose is doing and not on what they should be, which is trying to win.
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