America's Next Top Model

Season 7 Episode 12

The Girl Who Grates

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on The CW

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  • The truth about some of the girls and who they REALLY are comes out!

    This episode really showed you the truths behind some of the girls and who they really are. Melrose finally reaches a breaking point and has a small break down because she let herself down during her dancing performance. After so many weeks of being surrounded by all the girls in the house and having a majority of them hating her for doing well in the competition she allowed herself a moment to be vulnerable. She even tells the camera that shes not upset with Eugena or the other girls for doing well shes more upset with herself for not picking up and doing her best. If you listen to Eugena she says that Melrose is a \"sore loser\", when she has said on a least three other occasions during which Melrose has won, \"I wouldn\'t have wanted to win that any\" \"She\'s too excited about winning\" and \"She can win the challenge... I really don\'t care\" The last quote was after she\'d spent a portion of her time saying she hopes Melrose doesn\'t win. If anyone in the house has been a sore loser its been Eugena. I even started to doubt Caridee and her character when she sat around talking with Eugena about how she hopes Melrose loses because if she won, she\'d throw up all over. We\'ve never heard Melrose say anything remotely as horrible about the other girls as we\'ve heard the other girls say about her. Melrose rocked the pool photo shoot, Tyra even said \"She tried to impress me, and she did\" which just goes to show that she has what it takes. The other girls are spending too much time focusing on what Melrose is doing and not on what they should be, which is trying to win.