America's Next Top Model

Season 7 Episode 12

The Girl Who Grates

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on The CW

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  • This photoshoot was awesome!

    The girls travel to a dance studio where they meet flamenco dancer Nacho Blancho, who teaches them the steps of the traditional Spanish dance. While Eugena breezes through the practice, Amanda's awkwardness becomes apparent. Later that night, the girls share a dinner with runway coach and judge Miss J. Alexander, before returning to their apartment to rehearse their dance steps. The next morning, the girls arrive at a majestic Spanish villa for their flamenco dance test, decked out in full flamenco attire. Nacho is impressed by Amanda's improvement but crowns Eugena the winner, who picks Amanda to share in her prize, which turns out to be 3 presents bearing clothes worn at the Custo Barcelona Fall 2006 collection. Melrose cried because she can't dance well with her partner. For the photo shoot, the girls meet with Jay Manuel who brings out Tyra to assist. The girls are paired up – Eugena and Melrose, Amanda and CariDee – to pose as nymphs floating underwater. While Melrose shines in the freezing water, Eugena delivers many blank shots. CariDee has to be pulled out from the icy water prematurely when she starts shivering uncontrollably. Amanda had to finish the rest of the 50 frames left in the shoot by herself. At panel, the judges warn Eugena about her bland expressions, and still have reservations about Amanda's stiffness and awkward posing. Amanda and CariDee later find themselves in the bottom two: Amanda's look was "edgy" and "high-fashion," the judges worry if she is overly awkward and meek; CariDee's look was "classic," but may not be able to take the physical demands of being a model. Tyra ultimately hands the last photo to CariDee, eliminating Amanda.
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