America's Next Top Model

Season 6 Episode 7

The Girl Who Has a Temper

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on The CW

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  • Probably one of the best.

    Probably one of the best. I hate Nnenna because she's just so insulting and why is she insulting someone who's innocent such as Brooke well all I can say is that Nnenna you should understand the concept about the phone and this was a fun episode the photoshoot is fun it is like when the "Krump" you can just stand up and start being crazy!
  • The girls go to a church fashion show

    THis is another challange that jade wins it is frustating all the other contestants escpecially sara she doesnt like what is going on with jade she feels she doesnt deserve everything she is getting jade is a stuck up conceded woman that is just flat out mean she came into the competition thinking she was going to win it without a problem but the judges do not like her attitude and it is nothing new because she is again just a flat out mean person at the begining i think she was tring to be another omarosa which is not somethign for a top model to do if she was tring to be like the eva diva she did it in a totally wrong way.
  • Bye bye Leslie

    I am sad to see Leslie go but it wasn't a shocker. Yes she has amazing photos but that walk of hers is awful! I really loved her and wanted to to get to the top 3 but after the first walking pactice I knew she didn't have a chance unless she improved, and sadly she didn't. Finally Tyra and the judges (and producers) actually eliminated someone this episode that deserve to go because of that weeks performace.
    I really thought that Joanie should have won the challenge she did much better than Jade. Of course Jade was going to do well with the outfit she had on... some girls had outfits that would hardly even move when they twirled.
    I am sick of people liking and picking Nnenna to share the prize, I can't stand her. Way to go Brooke for calling her a B*tch! I would have if I were in you position, don't feel bad about it!
    Last words: Bye Leslie sorry to see you go, don't worry you will get work out in the real world now. Also... I hope Joanie wins this season! I love her and she takes amazing pictures!
  • Flamboyant twins, and fancy spins!

    Brooke's "blow-up" was blown out of porportion, and there wasn't all that need to show her feeling soooo sorry for calling out on Nnenna. In a house with seven other girls, you'd hope one would have the courtesy not to hog the phone to herself the whole time!

    And who thought dress twirling would be so hard! My Civics teacher insists that he could out twirl "aswirl" and I'd give him credit for it, while throwing in some brains as well.

    The so-called for "krumping" though, was unjust. The dance movement coming out of LA is crazy movement, but so fast that you wouldn't believe that it was physically or humanly possible. A good documentary to check out is one called "RISE", and then you might see what they're really talking about.

    I tried to do Tyra's Lazy Susan runway turn but failed. But it didn't turn out as bad as Nnenna's "semi turn left, semi turn right". I must say that is one of the few amazing skills coming from Tyra Banks. Her seriousness during the judging is too exaggerrated to have me believe that she's real.

    In the end, it was so long to pretty girl Leslie. Good luck with the slouching and walking in a straight line. It'd help if she ever needed a sobriety test.
  • It was only a matter of time before Leslie got eliminated, but I'm seriously at my wits end with Jade. This season just is not that good.

    I can't stomach Jade. "Don't you see a supermodel and tons of potential?" NO!!!!! I don't!!!! I see a half-girl, half-psychoman mutant who looks 10 years too old to be a model. Seriously, if Jade has yet to be discovered, shouldn't that be a little hint to her? Jade: YOU ARE TERRIBLE! You're annoying. You're the most arrogant person I've ever seen. You're ugly and you look like a man. Nobody likes you, so do every ANTM fan a favor and LEAVE.

    Got that out of the way (can you tell that I reeeeally don't like Jade?) was only a matter of time before Leslie went home. She's beautiful but nothing special, so I wasn't shocked or devastated or anything. I wish Jade would get booted already, since it's going to happen eventually, but whatever. I have to say, I'm not very impressed with the girls this season. There are good pictures every episode, but nobody is consistent. Moreover, while I'm definitely rooting to see people get kicked off (Byee Jade and Furonda!), there is not one girl that I am actually rooting FOR. This is a very lukewarm group and a very lukewarm season, especially coming off a dynamic group like last year. Unless these girls get amazing very quickly, I'm in for a disappointment. Brooke has potential and every once in a while I see a glimmer of beauty, but generally, I don't think she's a model. Danielle is kind of pretty, but her tooth gap kills me, and she just isn't a dynamic personality. Furonda is ugly and annoying and she needs to leave. Jade...well, you all know how I feel about the Worst ANTM Contestant Ever (WANTMCE from now on). Joanie is okay, but thank goodness her teeth get fixed, because it was getting a little hick for me. However, I truly know models, especially supermodels, and I can't possibly imagine including Joanie in a list of girls that includes Gemma Ward and Lily Cole. She just isn't a model. Nnenna is beautiful, and I think she'll probably win, but she's irritating me. We get it, you have a boyfriend, he's overprotective, move on. Sara is my only hope really. If she gets over her awkward height, she has real potential, so I'm hoping she shapes up. As you can see, though, no real models in the making. When Nicole comes on TV, or when I see her pictures, I squeal and say something to the effect of, "Ooooh Nicole, I love her!" I just can't see myself saying that about any of the girls in this season, so very disappointing.

    So I just ranted about the suckiness of this season...but specifically, this episode was just okay. The pictures were okay, the runway show seemed kind of pathetic, and I just generally wasn't excited. Hopefully something exciting happens so that I can stop tuning in out of habit and loyalty, and start watching because I actually care about who wins. Sigh.
  • Aww Brooke,

    I am really glad that Brooke didn't get our becuase I think that she has alot of talent and it is finally showing. My fav ones are Jodie and Brooke, I can see them both succeeding someday. Good good, not OMG great but it was ok. I see that Jodie gets her teeth done in the next episode.
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