America's Next Top Model

Season 7 Episode 3

The Girl Who Hates Her Hair

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2006 on The CW

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  • Makeover complaints and Megan goes home

    Wow, I've never seen makeover complaints as drastic as this. Jaeda starts complaining then Melrose, then AJ and finally Monique. All these complaints hurt me and Brooke seemed to be the only person that appreciated Frederick's work on her hair. Even the two Jays were so disappointed and then yeah I agree with them, the girls couldn't seem to keep their mouths shut. At the challenge, I think Eugena did a great job and everything is just thrown at you. I'm glad Jaeda and Caridee got to share the reward. For the wig shot, Melrose excelled compared to her bad photo last week. And Megan is gone.
  • Makeover day is now upon us! Some girls love, Some girls hate, Some viewers see no difference!

    After we recap last week's premiere, we begin with Melrose eating her humble pie, which apparently Miss Eugena needs BIG TIME. The girls get in the van to what they hope to be makeover day, but find a nice breakfast with Mr. Jay, who gives them a talk about showing emotion. They go home to find their new living room, the Frederick Fekkai salon, with 12 canvases that hold the makeover pictures! While some girls embrace their makovers, like Megg's new frizzy curl, Brooke's sexy brown hair, and the twins' different shades of red, some girls hate them, like Melrose, who doesn't like the idea of being a blonde, or AJ, who actually demands that Frederick, a master of the business, redo her hair. And in my opinion, the most dramatic makeover goes to Anchal, whose long hair was shortened, but also, her hairline was actually moved back and inch or so. The girls drive The Jays so crazy, that Mr. Jay actually storms off of the set. The next day, the girls are given a makeup challenge in what seems to be a mall. They must stop at each floor, pick up the components of their new queen look, and present them to a Covergirl exectutive. On the first floor, Megg is eliminated. But the real trouble comes when Monique is eliminated on Floor 3. The 10 other girls make it up to their Covergirl Executive, Queen Latifah! She decides that the best queen look was...Eugena's, which included a nice color splash. Eugena, and two friends, CariDee and Jaeda, got to do a special photoshoot for the Covergirl website. At the house, Monique takes her rage out on the phone, for a total time of 3 hours and 31 minutes! At the photo shoot, the girls meet three "weavologists" who will hook them up with some outrageous hair and makeup, that they must shine through. Some girls, like Anchal, rock it, while some, like Jaeda, fail horribly. At judging panel, Melrose, who was bottom 2 last week, was called first, followed by Anchal and i think AJ. Jaeda and Megan are left standing. Jaeda did not show anything, while Megan disappeared behind her moving hair and makeup. And the final name is..........Jaeda! Sorry Megan...

    11 Girls Remain, Who Will Be America's Next Top Model?

    Stay tuned for the Covergirl of the week, who is... Anchal!
  • The models get new make overs.

    Good episode! I think Jaeda's hair looked better long. She looked so different with short hair! I don't know why they thought it looked better. I would not cut my hait short. The shortest I would cut it would be do my shoulders. The shortest I had my hair was when I was 8 to my ears! It was so ugly! Well now I think it was! Melrose does look better with blonde hair even I don't like her. Amanda and Michelle look so pretty with orange/red hair! I loved their makeovers the best. I forgot what they did to CariDee's but hers was pretty could before the makeovers.
  • Good makeovers

    I especially loved the twins makeover. The red hair is so hot. They looked really bland before. I had liked Jaeda hair before and it's funny she was the one to say "You can just cut my off" and then was crying when she saw they really were gonna cut it off!!! I didn't think it would look good, but it did. I do think though that she deserved to go home, not Megan (was that her name). Megan looked so much like Charlize Theron it was scary. A lot of the girls this season look like celebrities. Megg reminds me of Kate Hudson.
  • Tyra gives the ladies a makeover and the models have shine in the midst of hair everywhere. The ladies discover how sour a loser Monique really is.

    During this episode some of the models really worked my nerves. This is cycle 7 of America's next top Model. Each of these ladies are very familiar with this show and all of them knew they would be getting a serious makeover whether it was drastic or subdued there is an understanding that it would be different. I found myself getting mad every time I saw one of the ladies whining or crying or moaping over their precious hair. Please give me a break you knew what you were getting yourself into. I thought you wanted to step up to the challenge. Happy to know Jay put them in there place! Dutchess Monique decided that since she lost the challenge very poorly that she would hog up the phone for hours and hours. I tell you, nothing makes a show better than a few cat fights!
  • That Monique....

    This episode wasnt all bad, I usually love the makeover episodes. Was it just me, or are they getting really boring with these. Changing the hair color was like it, and they barely did that, nothing too drastic. The hair show photo shoot was retarded and I was sad to see Megan go, she was one of the few girls I was routing for. I think that Monique girl has Jade from last season beat in the B*!%h department. Woah, I think I would have smacked her upside the head with that phone. She will probably stick around forever even though she isnt that good, just to keep drama in the house. *Nigel looked hot as ever :) All in all the episde was average. Queen Latifah doing a guest appearance was pretty cool. All hail the Queen.