America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 8

The Girl Who Impresses Pedro

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on The CW
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Episode Summary

The girls' acting skills are put to the test when actress Tia Mowry gives the group an acting lesson, after which they are put to the test with actor Efren Ramirez. The winning model and a friend get unexpected visits. Finally, models from past seasons join the current models in a photo shoot highlighting the series' most scandalous events.moreless

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  • Can you act?

    i thought his was a very touching episode because I have a small child and i was recently seperated from him for four months due to a military deployment. I know what its like to miss your child so my heart went out to the moms on this show. I was happy that Dionne and Renee both were able to see there families because they had won the challenge but i was sad for Natasha, but hey, she didn't win so...I definitly like the photo challenge today because we got to see guest from previous episodes. I was a sad to see Whitley go because she was one of my favorites.moreless
  • 'Nene' and 'Brown' get to see their families and 'Nata' gets upset that she can't see her baby too.

    'Nene' and 'Brown' get to see their families and 'Nata' gets upset that she can't see her baby too. This was really annoying as she sobbed on the phone and moped all night and then complained to that Sutan guy (who did drag Tyra last year) about how someone "must have decided that she didn''t miss her baby as much as the other girls". Apparently 'Nata' hasn't figured out that's not how it works. She didn't win, she doesn't get the prize. If you haven't figured it out, her whining really annoyed me this episode, but then she totally rocked her photo shoot. "Whitelle" was the one to leave this week.moreless
  • I loved when they got the shirts for the challenge...and then...

    Whittney was a really, pretty girl, dont get me wrong, and she seemed nice, but she defintly wasnt one of my favorites. I wasn't totaly depressed about her leaving. My favourite part of the epp was when they got the stupid shirts for winning the challenge and they came to find there families! Defiently very cute.
  • renee and dione see their family

    this episode was very special, i really like how renee is changing and her picking dione as her friend was totally sweet

    i think that might change her mind of not trusting her no more, and it was soo funny how renee got excited over a t-shirt

    but it was awesome when their famalies came

    it gave renee more hope, i just feel sorry for natasha but she did good in her photoshoot

    i was kinda expecting whitney to go becuz shes been in the bottom two for the past two weeks and i think its harder for her now that diana isnt heremoreless
  • The girls get some acting lessons and have to put on a performance for Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite for their challenge. As a reward for winning the challenge the winner and one of her "friends" are able to see their family members.moreless

    An average episode. I was not shocked at all that they eliminated Whitney it was definately her time after being in the bottom two, 3 weeks in a row. I really thought she was going to be eliminated the week before actually when they eliminated Sarah instead. I am looking forward to next week because I think all the weaker girls have now been eliminated and it should make for more entertaining television now that the competition will be more fierce. I think that Jael is in trouble especially because of her poor performance in this episode. Jaslene is also in trouble after early strong performances.moreless
Brittany Hatch

Brittany Hatch

Contestant - Cycle 8

Dionne Walters

Dionne Walters

Contestant - Cycle 8

Jael Strauss

Jael Strauss

Contestant - Cycle 8

Jaslene Gonzalez

Jaslene Gonzalez

Contestant - Cycle 8

Jay Manuel

Jay Manuel

Art Director/Makeup Artist

Natasha Galkina

Natasha Galkina

Contestant - Cycle 8

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • In syndication, Dionne's comment about not being a "freakin' lesbo" has been censored.

    • This is the entire note Renee wrote to Jael:

      I am sorry for all the ways I have hurt you and the other girls. I really don't hate you. I think you are an awesome, friendly, loving person and I hope you can accept my apology. You don't have to talk to me or be my friend, just know that I am truly sorry and from this point on, I don't have a single negative thing to say. Maybe I was just jealous of your good time.

      Truly sorry,

    • Dionne's little girl is named Ta'Kya. Natasha's is Angelina and Renee's son is named Troy.

    • This weeks challenge is an acting challenge, in which the girls must portray three different model personalities. Renee is the challenge winner and she chose Dionne to share the prize. Pedro, the guest teacher, gives them a pink shirt that read, "I voted for Renee" and "I voted for Dionne."

      The real prize though was a family visit for the girls.

    • Call out order:


      After several weeks in the bottom two, Whitney is finally is eliminated this week for being a pretty girl who simply can't model.

    • Photo shoot theme- "Infamous Characters from Past Cycles of ANTM":

      Whitney with Shannon (Cycle 1) - Refusing to pose nude

      Natasha with Michelle (Cycle 4) - Her skin condition

      Jael with Rebecca (Cycle 4) - Passing out at panel

      Jaslene with Bre (Cycle 5) - Granola bar incident

      Dionne with Kim (Cycle 5) - The limo kiss

      Renee with Joanie (Cycle 6) - The dentist visit

      Brittany with Michelle & Amanda (Cycle 7) - Twins turned into triplets

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Brittany (Seeing extentions similar to the ones she just had removed): You get that thing away from me!

    • Whitney: They got t-shirts. We are on America's Next Top Model and these fools just got up there and got some darn t-shirts!

    • (at the dentist shoot)
      Renee: The judges told me I need to "ugly" it up.
      Jay Manuel: You know what? Your shots are not pretty, trust me.

    • (during her "lesbian" photo shoot)
      Jay Manuel: Why are you giggling, Dionne?
      Dionne: Cause...I'm actually enjoying this!
      Jay Manuel: (laughing) Kim, what are you doing to these girls?!

    • (after watching footage of Rebecca from cycle 4 pass out at panel)
      Jael: Wow, she rules!

    • (as Renee's baby goes stumbling down the runway at the model apartment)
      Renee: Troy, Miss Jay would have your head on a platter if you walked like that.

    • (Dionne gets a surprise visit from her family)
      Dionne: First my eyes have gone blank. Then finally I see my mom, my sister and my baby. And the first thing that came into my mind is, "What the f*** is wrong with my baby's hair?"

  • NOTES (2)

    • In the previous episode when Whitney and Sarah were in the bottom two, Tyra turned over Whitney's picture and said, "One more chance, Whitney." Ironically, it would only be one more week as she was sent home in tonight's episode.

    • Jaslene was voted Covergirl of the Week.