America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 8

The Girl Who Impresses Pedro

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

Drama: Whitney is shown on the way home from the last episode saying she didn’t think she was going to be in the bottom 2 that night. Renee talks about how she’s feeling depressed and how she has done things to hurt the girls even though she didn’t meant o hurt them. Jaslene says Renee’s attitude has changed since the talk with Tyra. Dionne still doesn’t believe Renee or trust her. Renee wrote Jael an apology letter and Jael believes it is sincere.
The hairstylist is with Brittany getting rid of her weave which is ripping out of her head. Whittney is kind of laughing at her and says she has had a weave before and it’s really not that bad.
Natasha and Dionne are shown on the phone talking to their babies and say how they miss them so much.
Challenge: Acting.
Tia Mowry is there to teach them how to revoke different characters through voice and movement. Tia gives them 2 hours to memorize a script of 3 different characters and then they have to act it out. Renee started off with a big bank. Jaslene forgot her eyes. Pedro says Brittany’s personality was great from beginning to end. The winner is Renee because Pedro felt she was fully connected to what she was doing. Renee got to choose a friend to share the prize. Renee chose Dionne because she waned Dionne to like her and give her another chance. They both got T-shirts. Renee is still glad she won and says "I'm happy with my T-shirt!". The girls say she has been smiling more. Jael tells Renee "when you walk out with a smile, it definitely makes others smile".
It turns out there was more to the prize than just T-Shirts. Tyra had Dionne and Renee’s families flown in and they got to see their babies. Reneee seems a little sad because her son has grown so much and is crawling all over the place. Dionne is a little mad because of the mess her sister made of her daughter’s hair. Natasha is crying. She says she is happy for Renee and Dionne but seeing a mother with her baby made her cry. She couldn’t sleep all night because all she thought of was her baby.
The next day Natasha looks a mess. Jay notices something is wrong and says that Natasha isn’t smiling today. Natasha didn’t say anything.
Shoot: The girls have to do a shoot for Payless Shoes. The girls will be posing with models from other seasons.
Order of callouts:
Whittney goes home.
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