America's Next Top Model

Season 6 Episode 3

The Girl Who Is A True Miss Diva

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Unknown on The CW

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  • Makeovers and Jade Jade Jade! Wendy goes home.

    The girls definitely need makeovers and complaints keep coming and coming. Jade doesn't want short hair and Sara just doesn't like her makeover. It's disappointing for the girls to complain saying they don't like it. I don't believe it, that Brooke is high fashion. She rocked it. The styles was genius and really makes the girls act alert. Nnenna wins the challenge of style and chooses Gina and for some reason Jade to spend the spree with her. At the ice sculpture shoot, I think Danielle did the best. Jade could've just faced the camera rather than look away. In the end, Brooke gets called first and Wendy goes home.
  • I cant stand Jade!!!

    Ugh, she gets on my nerve! I know they are going to keep her on because girls like her help the ratings, but she really sucks. I'm from New York also, and I hate that she represents my state! lol. She was so hating on Furonda because she got the long weave. Give me a break, Jade actually looked better with her new hair-do; which doesn't say much because there was soooo much room for improvement.

    Haha, don\'t get too excited! The make-overs were good but not AWESOME! Don\'t get me wrong I love the make-over eppy of ANTM but these ones were all that trilling, they really lacked the shock and change of passed seasons. I know what you are thinking, Mollie Sue; went real short. Nnenna; went bald and Jade(ugh); went short and blonde. But lets not forget that last week we saw them all bald so we could picture what they looked like already.
    Make-overs I enjoyed, in a weird way i really liked
    1. Sara\'s, I know it don\'t suit her personality and the side of her head was shaved but I think she will really be able to work it if she gets used to it.
    2. Kari\'s, I liked it cuz they kept her big hair it really works for her and I really like the bangs.
    3. Leslie\'s, she need longer and fuller hair. I really hope she rocks it!
    4. Gina\'s, her cut made her look more like a model, too bad she doesn\'t have the skill or the personality, or the confidence... ok now i am starting to sound like jade (ugh)!

    Now on to the rest of the eppy, Furanda really, you have to live with these girls don\'t be handing out the rules to them. If you want people to respect you and your feelings talk to them on a personal level.
    Jade... as i said (twice)earlier, ugh, i just can\'t stand this girl, not to meantion she is not have the look of a \"model\" I was hoping she was going to go but knew she wasn\'t.
    Wendy sorry you had to go but really you didn\'t work it out there, and we understand why, but this is a reality show, so you really can\'t blame Tyra and the gang for your boot.
    Here is my list of girls I hope rock it this season: Sara, Leslie, Kari, Mollie and Joanie.
    Peace out!
  • Everyone loves the makeover ep & two divas battle it out...

    I enjoy the makeover episodes because I love seeing what they choose for the girls. Most looks I wouldn't have even thought to try on the girls but they usually do end up working. This episode wasn't really dramatic in the makeover department- there were about only two girls who had any distinct change in their appearance, otherwise I wasn't impressed with that part.
    However the divas of this cycle began their feud. Furonda vs. Jade. Furonda hands out her "rules" of the house. Jade gets angry at Wendy for being on the phone and then attacks Furonda. Yes, Jade you aren't there to find a best friend, but that doesn't mean you have act the way you do. Jade was cocky in the first episode and arrogant, but when she talks to her mom on the phone finally (excuse Wendy her family is all over the Country thanks to Katrina show some humanity and let her use the dang phone!) she reveals that she's not as strong as she portrays herself to be- but that is the only glimmer of evidence we see in the ep.(However she does try to pass off her lackluster shoot with the excuses that "her eyes are just small and the makeup made them look squinched" or something like that).
    The girl who goes home- its said but was inevitable hopefully she get her life back together, I wish her the best.
    The last thing I want to say is, I felt bad for them during the main shoot- I would have hated to be in that freezer wearing hardley anything for a photo shoot. The last thing I would be thinking about would be how I looked.