America's Next Top Model

Season 9 Episode 5

The Girl Who Is Afraid of Heights

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

ANTM finally kicked things into high gear this week when the made-over models began to figure out how to manage their new looks. After Victoria was sent packing last week, there's nobody left in the house who hasn't "been dreaming of this opportunity her entire life." As the numbers are starting to dwindle, the girls were forced to step it up a notch to prove their worth in this competition. Based on the popular opinion of this and other ANTM blogs, Janet was destined to be the next one sent home because the episode started out with her talking about her motherly role in the house. It looks like Heather is starting to feel right at home now that she's gotten into the trash-talking. She was brutally honest when discussing the flaws of her rival models, as well as her own. It wasn't long before the girls were off to some gymnastic training with Benny Ninja. The models learned to pose mid-air on a trampoline. After returning home for some streaking and strut practice, the girls woke up the next morning and went for their first challenge at the ice skating rink. They were paired up with former Olympic skater Lloyd Eisler and asked to express certain emotions while being hoisted into the air. In the end, the winner of the challenge was Lisa, who was rewarded with an ad photo shoot for the brand Academic with ANTM cycle 6 winner Dani. The next day, Ambreal faced her fear of heights as the girls made their way to the roof of the Omni Hotel for a photo shoot with Mr. Jay. They were made up to look like gargoyles, but to me the majority of them looked like drag queens. Most of the girls didn't know how to pose like gargoyles, and the ones who got it right seemed to be in the most awkward positions. Ebony started to give more attitude on set, but she totally tore up the shoot. Mr. Jay was blown away by the quality of her shots. It wasn't long before the ladies found themselves in front of the judging panel once again. With Victoria gone, I don't expect to see any more snapping back at the judges and I gotta admit, I'm a little saddened by that. It was back to the straight-up evaluations, and all of the girls took their criticism without back-talk. However, just to keep things interesting, Tyra called out Lisa for seeming a bit sad - it did look like she was about to break down. Apparently the girls were treating her differently after winning the challenge, but the judges moved on to evaluating the next girl before she got too emotional. Following a brief deliberation, the judges decided to send Janet home. Looks like the theory has been proven true! As another week of ANTM comes to a close, I find myself wondering where the characters are this cycle. In past seasons, there have always been those girls who are so damn entertaining to watch just being themselves in the house in between challenges. Last year, it was Natasha for me. This year, I'm choosing my favorites based on who gives the best photo shoots over who has the best personality. It seems like all of these girls are in it to win it, and none of them are willing to let loose and have some fun (with the exception of the streakers.) As much as I enjoy the trash-talking and back-stabbing, give it a rest and enjoy yourselves, girls!
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