America's Next Top Model

Season 2 Episode 11

The Girl Who Is America's Next Top Model

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2004 on The CW
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The girls' photo shoot for the day is a beauty shot one where the girls are dressed opposite of their normal style. After the shoot, the girls meet up with DSquared which whom the final 2 girls will walk in their fashion show. At the fashion show, the final two girls, hurry to get their outfits on. The girls impress the judges and at the deliberation, a large television will reveal the winner...moreless

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  • this episode should'a been called the judges on crack.

    excuse me but i still cant even Fabum how Yoanna was better then Mercedes but lets take a look at the begining of the episode. So the girls take a beauty shot where Yoanna , uh has on a bycicle helmet and she decides to just f*** up her hair , i don't know why , dumb ass. and Mercedes , well she had some wire on her and Shandi had a flower on her head. and at judgeine Mercedes gets her picture first, of course. and Yoanna and Shandi are called to the front and Yoanna gets her picture and Shandi is sent home and ill get over it , since i dont care , at all. So the girls go at it in the final runway walk and Mercedes Rocks it and Yoanna , honestly didnt stick out so much for me she was just there like part of the crowd so both of them are called into judgeing for the last time and later they annonce Americas Next Top Model they turn too the screen and there it is Americas Next Top Model Yoanna and my only question was , who ? i forgot about her so my winner is Janice because she was the only judge who made any sense and my loser is Yoanna , even tho yo americas next top model , i still think u a dumb ass for cuttin off yo hair , child.moreless
  • The final episode

    Okay so we are down to the final three and you can tell the pressure is on for all of them. Poor Yoanna cut off her hair in the back, why? Surprisingly Shandi look amazing this episode. The model side is really coming through. I thpight Yoanna had the best photo and Shadi's was my least favorite. I was definitly happy to see Mercedes in the final two because she is so amazing. Shandi went home...tear! Both the girls did great but I thought Yoanna's walk was fierce!!!! Yoanna's shoes that she wore during the final judging were too cute. And even though I was happy for her, I wanted Mercedes to win.moreless
  • The girls compete in one was photo shot and on then on the runway. The judges have to make a very hard decision on who should be America's Next Top Model.moreless

    I really wanted to see Mercedes be America's Next Top Model and I don't see why the judges chose Yoanna. In this episode Mercedes proved that she had what it took, with a great photograph and she did great on the runway. Yoanna just didn't seem to have anything special that made her America's Next Top Model. However I was glad that Shandi left first, because she didn't seem like she wanted to win enough. Besides the final decision I felt like this was a pretty good episode. It really showed the pressure that was building up before the decision was made, as Yoanna chopped off her hair, and Mercedes constantly expressed how much she wanted to win. The photo shot of just there face did a good job showing what they were capable of. The final runway was so intense because the whole competition depended on it and it was their first time in a real show. In the end it was really close, but I just feel like they made the wrong decision.moreless
  • America’s Next Top Model is chosen.

    I thought that this was a really good episode but by the end I was screaming at my TV that Mercedes should have won!!!!!! I thought that the final photo shoot was amazing and there wasn’t a bad shot there, but my favourite was Mercedes’ shot and I thought that Yoanna’s was overrated. At the first judging, Shandi was eliminated, leaving her third place overall and I thought that she did really well and I was a bit sad to see her go. The final runway show between Mercedes and Yoanna was good and I agreed with the judges that Mercedes did better, so I was baffled when they announced Yoanna was the winner. It was a good end to a great second season, but I think that Mercedes should have won.moreless
  • yeahhhhhhhh yoanna won!!!!!!!!!

    yesssssssssss i loved her win!!!!!!! i didnt want mercedes to win she seemed like a to face bit*h to me!!!!!!!!! like the photoshoot was great i loved mercedes and shandi's shoot but yoanna was like..average (although her face is gorgeous) then they had to walk and shandi and yoanna messed up!!!! i was like noooooooooooooo this cant be happening!!!! shandi was my totally fav one and look what she did!!!! she's so dumb!!!!!! i wanted her to win boohooo!!!!

    i liked yoanna's catwalk over mercedes i gotta say...mercedes was to stiff and yoanna was a total genious!!!!!!!! i so lovee herrr and the judges too (but janice was rooting for mercedes)moreless

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    • In an interview with VH1's Where Are They Now: Reality Stars we get an update on Shandi's life; for a year after the show she and her boyfriend stayed together and tried to make things work, but ultimately decided to call it quits although they remain best friends. She signed with Trump Model Management for a year but got tired of casting directors telling her she should stick with television. She now lives in New York and works as a receptionist at an upscale women's spa and lives for karaoke at Karaoke Killed the Cat at Pianos Bar.


    • Dean & Dan of DSquared, before deliberating, touch fists and say, "Wonder Twin power." This is a reference to the Wonder Twins of the Justice League, superhero siblings Zan and Jayna who can morph into different animals and objects by touching fists.