America's Next Top Model

Season 6 Episode 11

The Girl Who Is Rushed To The Emergency Room

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 03, 2006 on The CW

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  • I loved the photoshoot: they were on elephants! Go Joanie!

    While in Thailand, the girls competed by learning and performing an intricate Thai dance and perform in front of judges. While Furonda's performance made the Thai audience laugh, Joanie was declared the winner of the challenge, being the second after Furonda to break the streak of challenge wins by Nnenna and Jade. She chose Sara to share in her prize which was a dinner with the fashion editor of Thailand's Elle. Danielle was unable to participate in the challenge as she was taken to the hospital for exhaustion, dehydration, and food poisoning, but she left the hospital and was able to return in time for the photoshoot. To arrive at the shoot, the girls traveled by elephant deep into the jungle, where they posed on the elephants to advertise Venus razors. At judging, Sara was called out for copying Joanie's poses, even though both girls turned out good pictures. Danielle also received great praise for recovering so quickly in her photoshoot, and delivering a gorgeous photograph. Jade and Furonda were the bottom two, Jade for her bad attitude and Furonda because she "doesn't quite get it". Furonda was eliminated for her lack of ability to take instruction.
  • By the finalist and everyone in the show. I feel sorry for Danielle that she got sick:(

    By the finalist and everyone in the show. I feel sorry for Danielle that she got sick:( I get to discover who really Joanie is and there is this a little ugly side of her I don't mean to offend anyone but she's making a big deal of what Sara's doing and that is just sad and ugly.
  • Jade should have gone long ago!!!!

    good starting with danielle's was good shows she has personality...
    then the poor girl had to go to er because of food intoxication and deshidratation?????? that made things worse, cause all the girls were nervous because of her (but poor thing)
    furonda's dance was incredible!!!!!!!! i didn't stop laughing until she finished (there was nothing thai in it)
    when jay said they should take some was obvious he was trying to blame danielle for not taking water, not them (who should have told her...i know)
    and furonda going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn't want her to go, i wanted sarah to go, she was copying!!! no originality man!
  • OMG, did you see Furonda\'s dance?

    She so reminded me of Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air; just doing her own thing. The whole crowd was laughing at her, the judges didn\'t take her seriously, and even the girls in the back couldn\'t keep a straight face.
    The whole time the girls were being taught important aspects of the Thai culture and dance, Furonda was like going through withdrawl. My four year old son has a better attention span than her. She seems to always go off on a tangent, and her appearance in person is terrible. It\'s about time they sent her home. It\'s beyond me how her and Gina even got on the show.
    Joanie was wonderful this episode, she surprised me with her creativity. I couldn\'t believe Sara copied everything she did. And I love that they told Sara, fi your gonna copy someone, next time make sure you actually do a better job than them.
    And my girl Danielle again did wonderfully. Although she was sick, she mananged to suck it up and produce some wonderful pics. GOOOOO Danielle! I\'m pulling for you to win!
  • Why is Jade still here?

    So Joanie just gets better and better every single week. Her pictures are BEAUTIFUL, she\'s creative, she\'s intelligent, and she deserves to win. I really liked Sara until this week. Copying Joanie was not okay. If she had thought of something like that on her own, it would be one thing. But she didn\'t. I don\'t think the models should be allowed to watch each other for this exact reason. I really like Danielle. I think she has a lot of potential and really showed that she has the drive; not many people would push through being as sick as she was. And she really didn\'t complain either. But Jade?! Come\'s about time. She\'s getting more evil every single week. Like feigning compassion when she told Danielle to go home if she doesn\'t feel up to it. She really does play on everyone else\'s weaknesses. And she isn\'t that pretty. I think she\'s too old to have a decent modeling career. She needs to leave. Next week!
  • This episode!!!

    I am so seriously in L-O-V-E with Joanie now!!! like since she got her teeth fixed she seems to have more confidence.

    but serously i am so sick of Jade, shes so stupid. she does not even use to advice the judges give her, and when she "tries" she ends up looking more fake then she already is.

    and Furonda was annoying the H-E-double-hockey sticks out of me by the way. but i did like her dance.

    but someone *cough* Sara *cough* needs to learn to be a little more creative and have a little more confidence.

    i totally thought Joanie deserves to win!
  • This is getting tedious.

    I love America\'s Next Top Model. I really do, it is one of my favorite shows. In this cycle I am particulary fond of Joanie. I think she has the right look, attitude & personality to win this.

    With that said, I am really getting sick of the judges advancing the \'problem\' contestants (cough cough Jade cough cough). Lets be honest here, some of her pictures are beautiful but it\'s nothing that we have not seen before. She has a rotten personality & short of major brain surgury I really don\'t think anything would change that. Who would want to work with that kind of ego? She could potentially have a career working solely on photo shoots (if she keeps her mouth shut) but I can hardly imagine the catfights that would break out if Jade was hired to do a fashion show.

    Why do they really keep advancing her? Sure the photos are pretty consistant but some of the people that have already been eliminated also had some pretty good pictures. It has to be for the whole conflict issue. They must realize that people are tuning in just so we can finally see her butt booted off the show. When it doesn\'t happen then we have to know if it will happen on the next show and so on. Marketing wise it is a brilliant maneuver however it cheapens the contest & makes for a hollow victory for the winner.

    If the judges, producers whatever were actually serious about putting on an actual contest that just happened to be televised rather then a television show that happens to be a contest, they would be a bit more selective about who went on to the next round.
  • 9.9
    So I\'m loving this season of ANTM although for the longest time I didn\'t think that any of the girls should win because their pictures were all so bad. I\'m changing my mind though. I\'m loving Joanie right now. She\'s been taking some really great creative pictures. And I love Sara but she really needs to get some confidence and not copy the other girls like she did when she was on the elephant. I think if she can just let go of herself that she could be really great. And as long as Jade leaves I\'ll be happy. She should have left like ten episodes agao.
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