America's Next Top Model

Season 6 Episode 11

The Girl Who Is Rushed To The Emergency Room

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 03, 2006 on The CW

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  • Why is Jade still here?

    So Joanie just gets better and better every single week. Her pictures are BEAUTIFUL, she\'s creative, she\'s intelligent, and she deserves to win. I really liked Sara until this week. Copying Joanie was not okay. If she had thought of something like that on her own, it would be one thing. But she didn\'t. I don\'t think the models should be allowed to watch each other for this exact reason. I really like Danielle. I think she has a lot of potential and really showed that she has the drive; not many people would push through being as sick as she was. And she really didn\'t complain either. But Jade?! Come\'s about time. She\'s getting more evil every single week. Like feigning compassion when she told Danielle to go home if she doesn\'t feel up to it. She really does play on everyone else\'s weaknesses. And she isn\'t that pretty. I think she\'s too old to have a decent modeling career. She needs to leave. Next week!
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