America's Next Top Model

Season 7 Episode 5

The Girl Who Joined the Circus

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on The CW

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  • This photoshoot was awesome: they were in the circus (hense the name of the episode).

    The contestants learn to strike an extreme pose from a contortionist, and model coach, Stacey McKenzie, and are put to the test in a high fashion challenge. They must learn to show an extreme pose in designer Bao Tranchi's clothing and Erica Courtney jewelry. Eugena was chosen as the winner and wins all the jewelry that was worn during the challenge, totaling $32,000. At judging, AJ and CariDee are hailed for their performances and Jaeda and Megg find themselves in the bottom two, both for their bad photos; Megg is sent home because of her inability to transfer her personality into a photo.
  • the girls turn into freaks.

    The girls are thought to do some incredibly extreme and painful lookin pose's and the look pain full , i can't do none of the s*** they doin i might get sent to the hospitol. Then the girls have to pose as some circus freaks and let me tell you they was ugly but they all looked good bein ugly espically Caridee she made that elephant nose look hot, ha ha. so then Mel Rose starts talkin all this smack about Anchel , " as the competetion progresses shes not becomeing more beautifull to me " b**** more beautiful to you , what you wanna date her or somethin , cause thats really creepy. the winner for this episode is Caridee because like i said she made that Elephant nose look damn right sexy ,lol the loser is anchel cause she lettin the competetion get to her. the lesson for this one is, concentrate on yourself that way you can be sexy all the time.
  • A contortionist teaches the models how to strike extreme poses, which they later use in a circus-themed photo shoot. Back at the house, gossip leaves one woman in tears.

    I have to say Melrose doesn't know when to shut up!! She is such a b***h and I think she is jealous of Anchel because she is pretty and flexible. Melrose is taking over since Monique is gone. Everyone like hates her. She ruined the fun because of the girls in the shower! She has to have Tyra and Twiggy like her so she doesn't get out and thinks she is all that but she not!
  • Fun fun...

    This show is mindless fun. The perfect reason to watch tv...just to escape the mundaness of life. Too bad the rock -n roll girl is now gone. I was hoping Melrose would get the boot...hopefully that\'s next week. So glad to not have to see crazy Monique anymore. That **** was NUTS! In regards to Anchal...she\'s right. She is UGLY. Of all the beautiful Indian women out there...she has got to be one of the ugliest I\'ve seen thus far. That nose has got to go! It doesn\'t matter how blue her eyes aren\'t...she\'s butt because of the nose. Once she fixes that...she\'ll be gorgeous. I think AJ should win...she\'s fantastic looking.
  • Anchal don\'t let dem haters get to ya!!!!!!!!!

    Poor Anchal. That ugly B***h Melrose and dem other ho's were talkin smack about my indian homie, Anchal. But she's so f-ing pretty!!!!!!!Even that old white ho melrose was talkin smack becuase she knows Anchal look betta than her hot mess lookin self.

    Don't let 'em get to ya girl!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep faith alive!!!!!!!!!

    For India!!!!!!!!!!!
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