America's Next Top Model

Season 6 Episode 5

The Girl Who Kissed A Male Model

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Unknown on The CW

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  • All done good but Gina ....

    Im kinda fond of this episode as everyone did take a good shot and i like all those taken photos but not Gina... Im not sure what had actually happened to her and she did extremely suckz this time, she just looked so confuse and i don\\\'t even know what is she thinking or doing. Kinda disappoint me tho. As for that bloody Jade, although i hate her so much, but still, she had a good shot this time. Danielle and Joanie will be my favourite during tis episode. Besides, i am very surprised by Nnenna\\\'s act, wow...she had a boyfriend and yet she kissed that male model. Anyway, her boyfriend sounded not to care much bout her so-called career and that model is absolutely HOT !
  • I could not believe what Janice did

    Ok, admittedly Gina was probably going regardless. But the fact that Janice made her hop on one foot while laughing, and then ask her if anyone was being mean to her in the house only to shout her head off even though she had to push Gina into it that was just cruel.

    I don\'t think I have ever appreciated the switching of Janice for Twiggy more, Though perhaps a few psychiatrists have missed out on some money from the girls who have suffered the wrath of Janice.

    Otherwise it was a good episode though it would probably be better titled if it referenced this as opposed to a relatively minor part of the episode.
  • It was interesting and her boyfriend does not care about her career. So what if she kiss the guy he was all over her. Blame he's an experience model. Who got voted all I missed the last 10 min.. I think it was Gina because she all confused and sad.

    The kiss it was interesting and her boyfriend act like he does not care about her career the way he responds on the phone,when she talks to him. So what if she kiss the guy he was all over her. Blame him he's a experience model. Who got voted off? I missed the last 10 min.. I hope it was Gina. Gina doesn't know what she wants. Gina all confuse there is no excuse to blame Jade everybody should have seen and learned from the old shows.You just can't blame your mistake on other girls. Everybody is working to get the modeling job. You got to focus on modeling and do your best.
  • Good Show. Kissing a male model. She enjoyed it and so did he. Jade should had been the first to go. She's fake.Gina gone!! Nothing was going good for her anyway. Nice pictures. But she was so boring. The other girls so quiet compared to cycle 6.

    I think the girl who kissed the male model should have hooked up with the guy. She could dump the boyfriend. For something better looking. Why not. You go girl! I am glad Gina gone because she wasn\'t going to get anywhere. She was too stiff and boring. I\'m glad.
  • Gina's gone, Gina's gone, Gina's gone!!!

    YAY Gina is gone, thank god!!!!! Her voice was grating, her face was ugly, she did not take ONE good picture, and she was beyond annoying. Hallelujah. Now we just need to see Furonda and Jade get booted. ASAP.

    On the bright side, Sara and Nnenna are amazing, and if Mollie Sue can stir up a personality, she's a clear winner.