America's Next Top Model

Season 6 Episode 4

The Girl Who Kissed the Roach

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Unknown on The CW

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  • Just like what Tyra said this was a nerve-wracking well for her it is a test but for me it is the episode.

    Just like what Tyra said this was a nerve-wracking well for her it is a test but for me it is the episode. Since Cycle 5 runway episodes started to get a little like a thriller and in this case it is really nerve-wracking and it makes you nervous especially when Danielle sprained her ankle.
  • In this episode, the girls learned the catwalk from Ms. Jay and were put on the runway with cockroaches. During the judging, Danielle sprained her pinky toe while doing her catwalk with the heels. The theme of the photo shoot was fairy tale. In the end, K

    I gave this 7.8 because this was not really wowing excpet the crazy heel catwalk. I was a little disappointed with Ms. Jay\\\'s runway class because it was pretty much the same thing in previous cycle. Jade reminds me of Camille, instead I guess her famous quote is going to be \\\"This is not America\\\'s Next Top Best Friend.\\\" Just like other contestants said, Jade is seriously controlling Gina just to make herself better. Seriously, when Kari and Gina were at the bottom two, Jade is so into messing with Gina all the time.

    It\\\'s kinda weird how Kari was voted off though she did stumble a lot during the catwalk with the \\\"Vivan Westwood inspired heels.\\\" Even though I\\\'m Asian, I though Gina was going home because she really did poor in this episode and was a bit occupied by Jade.
  • GINA NEEDS TO LEAVE!!! I'm fed up

    5.0 I gave this episode a 5 because I liked the general premise. I like the walking-with-roaches thing, and the photo shoot was awesome. However, how could Gina not get kicked off!? I quite literally can only think of ONE reason: she makes people so angry that they watch just to see her get kicked off and see the next ditzy thing out of her mouth, so producers kept her on. Kari literally trumps her in EVERY category. Helloo!!! Gina's picture this week was just her in mid-air, smiling!!! Someone's grandma could have taken the same picture; granted, it wouldn't be as youthful looking, but ANYBODY could have evoked the same "emotion" (or lack thereof) as Gina in that pathetic excuse for a picture. She's a total ditz, she's not even that pretty, she takes TERRIBLE pictures, she can't walk, and I have an urge to somehow slap her across the face every time she opens her mouth and ask, "Is your IQ in the realm of real numbers?! Is there a brain in your clueless little head?!!?" Oh my loooord I can't take her any more. And yet she somehow, for some unknown reason, managed to remain.

    Miss Furonda, the ugly girl with the ugly name, also needs to move out. And don't get me started on Jade, who looks like a drag queen, with the personality of all the top model divas combined. "I'm confident"...yeah, okay, on what planet does her attitude translate as confidence and not pure cockiness?

    On the bright side, there are some potential stars in the making. Nnenna is fabulous, Joanie has potential, Mollie Sue is BEAUTIFUL and striking and original, Sara is wonderful (minus the terrible haircut, but I'm extremely impressed with her cool reaction), and Leslie is pretty. Once we get to the top 4 or 5, provided it's these girls (please please please), then I'll be okay.

    I'm fed up with these ridiculous, annoying girls. I watch the show because I'm addicted, but seriously, it grosses me out that there are people walking around with these personalities. When Kyle was kicked off last season and annoying Lisa managed to stay, and when Bre wasn't booted until the last 3 (AHHHHH!), I was at my wit's end, but now, I'm just plain pissed.
  • Nothing surprising.

    Poor Kari. She was certainly more promising than Gina. Ah well. Overall, a decent episode. I'm happy to see that my pick to win, since before the premiere, Joanie, is progressing well. As is the norm with this series, the uber-confident one will be culled later on. I'll have to tolerate Jade until then. On an uninteresting note, as ever, egomaniacal Tyra = annoyance. Note to producers: less Tyra, more show.
  • WHAT? Seriously?

    OK I am too pissed off to comment about the whole episode but of course I will let you know why I am pissed.
    Reason: How could they send Kari home and not Gina! Gina sucks! She has no self confidence, a blad and boring personality, doesn't look like a model, can't walk, can't work her face or body, freaks out over little things and to top that all off hasn't had one good photo. All of this and they still decide to keep her... what are trya and the judges thinking?
    Before I end this I will go out on something positive; Joanie! She really stepped it up this week, her walk was awesome and she is now starting to become a model! I hope she keeps it up!
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