America's Next Top Model

Season 6 Episode 4

The Girl Who Kissed the Roach

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Unknown on The CW

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  • In this episode, the girls learned the catwalk from Ms. Jay and were put on the runway with cockroaches. During the judging, Danielle sprained her pinky toe while doing her catwalk with the heels. The theme of the photo shoot was fairy tale. In the end, K

    I gave this 7.8 because this was not really wowing excpet the crazy heel catwalk. I was a little disappointed with Ms. Jay\\\'s runway class because it was pretty much the same thing in previous cycle. Jade reminds me of Camille, instead I guess her famous quote is going to be \\\"This is not America\\\'s Next Top Best Friend.\\\" Just like other contestants said, Jade is seriously controlling Gina just to make herself better. Seriously, when Kari and Gina were at the bottom two, Jade is so into messing with Gina all the time.

    It\\\'s kinda weird how Kari was voted off though she did stumble a lot during the catwalk with the \\\"Vivan Westwood inspired heels.\\\" Even though I\\\'m Asian, I though Gina was going home because she really did poor in this episode and was a bit occupied by Jade.
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