America's Next Top Model

Season 5 Episode 6

The Girl Who Loves Bubbles And Talks To Plants

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2005 on The CW

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  • Yah but catfights again as usual.

    Yah but catfights again as usual. Yah but catfights again as usual.Yah but catfights again as usual. I have got to say it again and again because there is just too much and Lisa seems to have annoyed a lot and she just got jealous about Kyle winning that is just sad.
  • A classic ANTM. Drinking, arguing, and a Tyra heart-to-heart. All we needed was Tyra's mom.

    This episode was all about secrets, whether that secret is that you eat ice cream in bed, or you are an alcoholic. The episode was also filled with awkward moments, such as when Jayla store Nik’s secret for the commercial, or when Coryn called Lisa an alcoholic bitch.

    One important moment of the episode occurred when Tyra realized that she hadn’t had a heart-to-heart with the girls since the casting episode. Even if it wasn’t one on one, it was still quality Tyra time. This talk was about vices. It was quite a coincidence, since Lisa had been drinking a lot. She told Tyra she was a wino, but did not drink to get drunk. Oh.

    Coryn was eliminated this episode, so I guess we’ll never know if she was a really a man, the fabled “embedded male model” that these types of shows like to throw in.
  • Watch out for Jayla!

    I loved this episode because it pressed all the buttons I expect this show to push. The general summary: Lisa grated on just about everyone\'s nerves and proved pretty plainly that she\'s a raging alcoholic; Coryn, especially, threw the attitude right back at Lisa; the first challenge was a mock product endorsement, where the girls were supposed to get in a number of points, but they were paired with a distracting comedian who kept steering them off track (Kyle won this challenge hands-down, though Lisa was sure she\'d win and utterly bombed); the second challenge was another product endorsement (this one for deodorant), and Lisa kicked butt right from the start; wandering-Jehova\'s Witness Jayla blatantly ripped off Bre\'s line in the commercial and caused Bre to go so far off her game that she couldn\'t muster up enough imagination to make up another secret (ANY other secret); Jayla raged when she found out that Bre would even dare to be upset that she\'d been sabotaged. At the judge\'s panel, Lisa was the clear winner of the challenge all-around, but Nicole\'s picture was better so she got a deodorant ad out of the bargain. The final two were Bre and depressingly sad Coryn, and Coryn left. Coryn\'s final words: \"I can finally breathe again.\" Me too. I\'m glad to see her go. Lisa, who is still my favorite MODEL out of the bunch, deserves to win. She\'s spent her entire life standing in front of a mirror practicing poses and telling herself she\'s beautiful. And since the modeling business is largely about artifice, she should win simply because she\'s a master at it. Unfortunately, she seems to have confused knowledge of the modeling biz with self-awareness, and this episode proved how totally wrong she is. The girl has no idea who she is, how her behavior is perceived by others, and when others are offended by her personality, she\'s bewildered and hurt. The one that shocked me this episode was how viciously bitchy that Jehovah\'s witness-turned-fornicator could be. Everyone should avoid being anywhere near her if sharp objects are also present. And I\'m totally disappointed in Bre for being so flustered by having her secret stolen by Jayla. So what, you idiot! Pick another secret. You\'re afraid of bugs or snakes, you read Harlequin romance novels, or anything! Act, lie, whatever, but don\'t let some other conniving thief throw you off your game so easily. Hopefully, she\'ll rebound next week because she\'s one of my favorites.
  • The girls this week had a challenge of product placement. So they did one with a comedian and one that would be on TV, but only one. After all the whatnot Coryn was sent home, and Nic learned that next time she needs to stop being so stiff.

    That Lisa girl i on crack and yet she did the best out of all the girls, though her commercial didn't make it to TV, that was Nichole's honor. Also Kyle did the best on the interview product placement for the face mask, of couse she won she got like 6 checkmarks. 'm happy kim isn't eliminated. I didn't even like the coryn.
  • Good challenge. Sad ending.

    Tonight's episode was great in the girls were really challenged with the Secret Platinum commercial, photo shoot and interview. But the entire thing was quite sad in how lonely and stressed Lisa was, how much she drank and her crying, and how Coryn felt a huge relief when she was sent home. I felt that it wasn't that she didn't want to be there, but the pressure and the attitude in the house really got to her. It's really too bad because I really liked Coryn and her unique look, as opposed to some of the other girls who look more common.