America's Next Top Model

Season 7 Episode 1

The Girl Who Marks Her Territory, Part 1

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2006 on The CW

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  • In the 2 hour start the finale 13 are choosen and later take photos where one is eliminated.

    Good season start! Melrose just bugs me and I hate her! She thinks she owns everyone. Sure she can model but she just bugs everyone and makes them mad and people don't like to work with people that are annoying! Monique is ok sometimes she can be a b***h and other times she is cool and can stand up for herself. The twins are awesome and so is CariDee. I wish those 3 were in the finale 3. I also like A.J. because she is different than the other girls in a good way. I love her hair style even though I wouldn't have my hair short.
  • This was the best season premiere, hopefully to the best season of ANTM Ever!

    As we open up Season 7, As We Have the Past 6, with Casting, I immediately notice that I like some girls better than others. Not even ten minutes into the episode, we have a dramatic and tearful appearance by 19-year-old Anchal, who in her Indian heritage is considered not pretty, as she has darker eyes and darker skin (I personally think she is Gorgeous, but that's just me.)Another girl, named Monique, begins to cry as she also has darker skin than her family, but she is African American, not Indian, and I don't have sympathy for her at all (not a racist, just that her thing is personal, Anchal's is cultural). After several interesting auditions, including Brooke, a white girl who raps, CariDee, who wears a garter belt, and Jaslene, who looks and acts like a drag queen. The pool of 33 is cut. After being told who made the final 21, all of them must put on hair extensions, but don't know why, until they are told taht they will be shooting nude. This causes trouble for Becky and Ginger, small town girls. Becky rocks it, and Ginger only takes 2 frames (Hmmm..Don't Think she's Gonna Make It). Later the final 13 are announced, and they are...


    I myself want CariDee to win, but she always has this sad look on her face. Whatever, on with the show!

    When the girls move into their new home, which has a "Tyra Magazine" theme, they realize that there are 13 girls, and 11 beds. Monique, who did nt get a bed, resorts to dirty tricks to get Eugena's bed. This leads to an argument, to which Monique will not budge.

    The next day, Tyra shows up at the set of their first photo shoot acting like she's nuts,and Jay Manuel tells them they will be fulfilling model stereotypes, including the twins with Anorexia and Bullimia, Megg as a drug addict, and CariDee as a dumb blonde. At the end, Michelle does scarily well with her bullimia shot.

    At the judging, the judges also notice Michelle's excellent photo. They think Eugena is resting too much on her strong face, and Brooke and Monique haven't captured anger right.

    Michelle is called first, followed by CariDee and AJ. In the end, Melrose, who won the runway challenge and got to be diva for a day (which went to her head, as she had a horrible attitude on set) and Christian are the bottom two. Scene stealing Melrose is on the floor when they announce that she is safe, and Christian is going home.

    12 Girls Remain, Who Will Be America's Next Top Model?
  • Could not wait for the new season! Now lets see if the girls will play or not a re-run: who will be the b**** (I know!), who will be the sweetest? (I know!) who will be the funiest? (I know!).

    I wonder if the judges really looked what happened with Monique. Funny tho, at each season, here we are with a new diva-drama queen! Well well well. I wonder if it will take the last 5 like last season to realize that a pretty face is not all OR if they will keep her to raise the audience? mmmmm I already have my favorites: A.J., Caridee and Brooke!!!!

    Funny how some girls just do not get it. Come on, this is your life time experience here, cannot you try to dress up, make up and put your hair like models. This is season 7! You should know by now what Tyra, Nygel and Twiggy like uh??? I am always wondering why when I see one of the contestant refusing to make a photo nude. Again, it is part of the show! You should know that it is part of the game!

    I cannot wait to watch the haircut part. I do not always agree with some decisions to cut the hair but I love to see the reactions! How Anchal will react since having long hair is very cultural??? Again, who cares if you are red, blond, short or what! This is part of the show and once you will be top model, you will do what you like but meanwhile...

    I understand that it is easy to say and not always easy to handle but girls! you should remember TO LISTEN carefully the comments of the judges: they are priceless if you want to win and not only the comments toward you but everyone\'s!
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