America's Next Top Model

Season 5 Episode 11

The Girl Who Retaliates

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2005 on The CW

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  • I've NEVER been so ANGRY watching sumthing in my life! Bre made me soooo angry, and i've never disliked someone THIS MUCH! I wish Kim had stayed!

    I've NEVER been so ANGRY watching sumthing in my life! Bre made me soooo angry, and i've never disliked someone THIS MUCH! I wish Kim had stayed, she was so different, sure she wasn't the BEST model, but no matter what, she had a wonderful personality, if anything Bre was the one with the UGLY personality!
    I can't even describe how i felt watching Bre have a hiss fit, and then say she thought shed acted mature about the whole thing, oh and, was it 'professional'? AS FREAKING IF!!!
    She acted like a 3 year old who had there teddy stolen... WAAAHHHHHHHH!!
    If she didn't act so high and mighty, and think she was so grown up all the time, maybe it would bother me so much. But she DOES, so it DID!
    I can't WAIT to see her get BOOTED OFF!
  • Not Kim!!!

    I was sooo disappointed in Kim leaving and the fact that they were letting someone like Bre continue in the competition. It was so childish to blow up over getting a cereal bar stolen and then to accuse and get revenge and then to tackel Kim to the ground and telling her to go to bed. The entire fiasco was so immature and no way anyone should react especially if they are to be representing such a big company. Now in this episode3 Bre keeps going around telling Kim that she has an ugly personality blah..blah..blah but yet she had the ugliest personality there. I wonder how Lisa would have reacted to a situation like that? But other than that it was a really good, dramatic episode and the pictures were soo good I normaly dont like Jayla but her picture was so awesome. PEACE OUT!!!
  • It is quite exciting actually despite of what happened. It is exciting to see everything about this episode it is just so lovely.

    It is quite exciting actually despite of what happened. It is exciting to see everything about this episode it is just so lovely. The confession backgrounds and the catfights are quite upsetting. Even Twiggy says so, a lot of lesson are learned consistency has to be seen and this is something really valuable for all.
  • awsome show!

    this show is an all time favorite i love the idea of modeling for a show and picking a favorite and i think tyra is awsome and gorgeous and i love twiggy and miss jay all the judges are awsome and it is a great show i love it! can't wait till neat season.
  • this episode was good. but the girls in this house need to grow up. kim had potenial but it wasn't enough. bre better get her act together.

    well, i think got what was coming to her. she should of thought about the way she was talking bout everyone in the house and she would have realised a few things. poor her though, she did have potential to win the competition, but it just wasn\\\'t good enough. nik has potential aswell but she\\\'s just so dull, her personality just dosn\\\'t shine. this episode was alrite it could have been better though.
  • To much cat fighting, but they finally got rid of Kim.

    The only reason that girl was on the show, was because she put a twist to it. Yes, she was pretty, but she was awkward when it came time to do anything feminine. Her quirky antics and the spin on having a lesbian in a house full of other beautiful young women ("ooh, I wonder what will happen") was a gimick to boost ratings. Nothing more.

    The argument between Bre and Nicole shows how adolesent some of these young women are. I hope next episode shows them making a leap forwards in their maturity levels.
  • I won't be watching anymore.

    I can't believe that you would reward someone with the morals of a snake. After seeing you choose Bre to continue and dropping Kim, only encourages such low life behavior. Do you not understand that these girls are seen as role models for many young women? And you are encoruaging such behaviour, not professional on, not only Bre's part, but your's as well. I won't be watching anymore.
  • Kim being kicked off this episode was LAME-O. The statue thing was cool & so was the fighting between Bre & Nicole, but they got it wrong to kick KIM off.

    In this episode we loose another one of our girls, Kim. Lisa being kicked off on the last episode was totally off the mark, and I think another mistake was made this week. Bre & Nicole fighting was interesting, while Nik & Jayla kind of played out in the background. I think that Bre sucks and should go home. At this point NIcole is my favorite. I don't think that Nik is the best looking, and Bre does not have personality. Jayla is not that bright. Nicole is not an Einstein herself, but I think she takes the best pictures and I like her personality. Besides the fact that the contestants now suck, I do think that this show is interesting and that they do creative things with the photo shoots and challenges. I loved the statue thing, and I liked it the other week when they had to do a chocolate commercial for the judges.
  • Watch this show all the time. Very disappointed that it was Kim kicked off the show.

    Not happy with the results of tonights show at all. I am not into playing favorites when it comes to this show but what the heck happened tonight???
    Everyone watching the show knew who had to go. I feel the wrong girl was voted off and really so disappointing not sure if I care to watch the show anymore.
  • Total garbage.

    This how, sadly, keeps getting worse. How anyone could think that Bre has more potential than Kim is simply impossible to understand. What a sad waste of time this show has become; consitently getting worse from season one, I fear this show has run its course. It's fairly obvious that Nik is going to win. Ah well.. time to find a show worth watching now...
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