America's Next Top Model

Season 9 Episode 9

The Girl Who Starts to Lose Her Cool

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2007 on The CW

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  • at last she was eliminated...

    i believe she should have gone away like agesss ago but they finally realized that ambreal has nothing as "model" in her...bianca enjoying heather's displeasure was sooo sickening..i mean she loves it when heather doesn't perform well because she gets a chance to shine (because she cant shine on her account duh)..chantal's pic was amazing...and i didn't think lisa's picture was that was pretty good i thought...i dunno i think the judges this season are going mad or something..she show i definetly rigged...the designers soo missed heather's point..i mean they did totally the opposite..heather looked dumb it that outfit..and lisa...poor girl...i love her but she cant even handle pressure!
  • Designers make the girls dresses and then they do a photo shot in the desert.

    Having the designers make the girls a dress was a cool idea. I enjoyed seeing how they turned out and how much they matched the girls personality. I also liked seeing how the girls pulled off the differect dresses. I was disapointed to see Heather not do well and then get upset during the rest of the episode. I also didn't love that Saleshia won, I don't really like her. The photo shot was ok, it wasn't an extremly unique ideal, but it is probably more like what modeling is like in the real world. It was cool to see if the girls could give an expression that matched being in the desert with a burning car. I was kind of disapointed that Ambreal left, but I knew she wouldn't make it to the end. It would have been cool to see her go far after narrowly escaping elimination.
  • I chose the "Out Of Character" classification because of Heather's behavior,something that I was somewhat pleased to see. I was beginning to worry that some of the girls, Bianca in particular, would start to take advantage of her.

    And yet, Saleisha was also out of character in this episode. I was surprised that she reacted to Heather the way that she did. As for the runway performances, watching Heather only reinforces what I have said before. She may very well make the top three, but I don't (very sadly) see her winning. I am not sure that she will be able to handle the pressure that comes with interacting with so many strangers all at once. The only two that I saw behaving completely in character were Bianca and Ms. Banks. Watching Bianca obviously enjoying Heather's discomfort at not performing well, relishing it, was a sad thing, and yet, typical of her. As for Ms. Banks -was it really necessary to conduct the eliminations AFTER accouncing that the girls would be going to China. By now, Ms. banks must be aware that the girl that gets eliminated, whether justifiably, such as Ambreal, or unjustifiably, such as Sarah, is going to be hurt and upset. Adding on to that hurt the knowledge that they have missed such a wonderful trip and opportunity seems to be a very cruel and arrogant thing to do, but then, it is in character.
  • The girls must do a photoshoot in the desert...

    Good episode. I was surprised to see such a different side of Heather, but everyone must get angry sometimes. I was afraid Heather was going to be sent home, but in the end, Ambreal just had to be sent home. Her photos were not better than Lisa's so I'm glad she was the one to go. The girls did a photoshoot in the desert with a burning car, and some did better than others. Ambreal's best photo was in a squating position, which the judges didn't like because it made her look short. Chantal showed a different, more edgy side of her. Heather didn't do so well. Good episode.
  • So definitely some thing i like and some that i didn't!

    So I don't know. With this episode I felt that I am really liking Heather WAY less than normal. I feel like she was being really obnoxious and a baby about everything. I didn't like siding with Bianca because I hate her but I did because Heather really needs to just suck it up and move on. But I don't like that Bianca is such a hypocrite saying how she doesn't care if Heather is autistic she's going to treat her the same and then this week she's saying about how because of Heather's condition she can't handle rejection. I was very happy with Lisa and Ambreal in the bottom two because I wanted both of them to leave and for the first time in the whole series I almost wanted Lisa to stay and then she went and started crying. I had nothing against Lisa until in the first episode where the 13 were picked she started crying when there were 5 spots left and when there was one she started bawling and I was hoping she wouldn't make it and then of course she did. But this week as they're walking up the tears start rolling and I immediately start hating her again and I knew that she would stay and Ambreal would leave and even though it was Ambreal's time to go I didn't want Lisa to stay. I would have rather Tyra tell them that they were both eliminated and some one would come back in perferably Janet or Kimberly I liked them.
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