America's Next Top Model

Season 7 Episode 11

The Girl Who Sticks Her Foot In Her Mouth

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on The CW

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  • This episode was really good.

    Shaken from her near elimination, CariDee struggles to rebound from an off week. In order to relieve some anxiety, the girls invite their Spanish models from their last commercial shoot over for dinner. The next day, Tyra visits the girls and has a sit down talk about the dark side of modeling, before the girls meet up with Pancho Saula, the director of Elite Barcelona, who has set up ten go-sees for them to attend all around the city. Eugena and CariDee team up, as do the twins, while Melrose decides to hit the streets alone, a strategy that seems to pay off as she manages to attend the most number of auditions. While the twins get lost and arrive late, hence disqualifying themselves, Melrose easily wins her fourth reward challenge, and she chooses CariDee to share in her reward – a catered dinner at their apartment. For this week's photo shoot, the girls arrive at the bull-fighting arena and meet their photographer, Nigel Barker. CariDee jokingly makes a crude remark to Nigel, who was edited to appear offended, however according to CariDee in an Entertainment Weekly online interview, he actually recognized her humor and joked along with her. Nevertheless, she later apologized for this. At panel, the girls are asked to tell the judges who they feel has the most and least amount of potential. Michelle's insecurities finally overwhelm her as she breaks down in front of the judges, conflicted by her doubts of whether she really wants to be a model. During deliberation, the judges are torn between the lackluster photos of Amanda and CariDee, but Michelle's confidence crisis makes them question whether Michelle may be even sacrificing her place for her sister. Consequentially, the twins land in the bottom two, where Amanda's drive ultimately won the judges over and Michelle is eliminated.
  • This episode has it all: excitement, drama, laughs, honesty, tears...

    I thought CariDee's joke was funny, Nigel thought it was funny and actually joked back, although we didn't get to see that because the producers found it necessary to dramatize the whole thing...why??? CariDee was really distressed and Nigel doesn't suit those angry, dark looks, he's much cuter smiling ;-).

    Hurrah, one of the Talentless Twins was sent home! I'm sure they're lovely girls, but their posture and poses all scream "amateur" without much improvement over the last weeks. They can't walk the runway to save their lives and should both leave. I'm sure they've only made it this far because it was making for good viewing figures (or am I being to harsh now?)

    How good was that bull? A star actor (or maybe just natural instincts ;-)) and a great photoshoot, with the exception of Melrose, whose face looked lopsided, and the TT, who looked wooden.

    Looking forward to next week :D!
  • Michelle goes home.

    Good episode but I wish Michelle didn't have to go home. CariDee got so lucky. I know it was a joke but sometimes you have to be careful what you say. CariDee said so did you get that stick pulled out of your ass to Nigel. I know she was a bit mad but I am glad she stayed. I was hoping either Melrose or Eugena would go but they just had to be the best! At the end Michelle and Amanda are in the bottom two because Michelle doesn't know what she wants and Amanda's pictures aren't as strong but in the end desire is more than talent.
  • This was a great episode. I adored it. Tyra is so hot.

    Tyra was looking especially hot from the first frame. I hope one day another girl will be just like her. I don't think any of these wannabes are good enough... but I freakin love watching them try. Did I mention that Tyra was hot.
    She is like white chocolate melting in my mouth... but she is black. So I guess that makes her dark chocolate... mmmm... that stuff is delicious. Have you heard that it is also good for you? Someone should tell the wannabes.. .they need to eat something anyway. They will never be as hot as Tyra.. unless they eat more chocolate. She melts in my mouth not in my hand.
  • read!!! its sorta a spoiler

    i didn't really watch this episode.. but i did see the ending.. last two standing were the twins and i didn't know which one it would be that would go home because i usually can guess it out.. but i kept switching back and forth.. i was still really sad that michelle went home.. caridee was the one who insulted nigel.. and in the judging room, she pulls out a letter to read in front of the judges.. and the judges see that she is truly sorry for what she said and she gets to stay.. eugena is doing really well in barcelona and so is melrose..
  • Pretty standard episode for this cycle: uninspired photoshoot with nothing really happening.

    They seem to be focusing less and less on the interesting things about modeling and showing more random boring things. What happened to the girls actually learning things about the modeling business, and having interesting challenges... they never seem to have to do anything anymore, and if they do, it's never explained or taught, they're just expected to know.

    Anyway, this episode was rather bland, the highlights being Caridee's interesting but misunderstood joke (I guess it takes a unique sense of humor) and them sending the wrong person home (they were so close to sending the right one home though.)

    I'm hoping the competition gets a bit more intense, because I'm never really look forward to watching ANTM anymore, not like I used to. They've got to try to make them more like the first three cycles.
  • The bull idea was absolutely fascinating! Whoever that came up with this is a total genius.

    The bull idea was absolutely fascinating! Whoever that came up with this is a total genius.

    What I liked about this episode is that the judges asked the models to talk about who they thought had the most potential and who had the least potential. I think it is important that models can critique and advise one another but still remain professionally in the field. However, some of the reasons that these girls thought whoever else didn't have the potentials were kind of lame. For example, Melrose said Eugena shouldn't have it because she never talked about how much she wanted it. Well, I mean, some people just like to keep certain things to themselves, right? Why was it a big deal? I was disappointed at Melrose for her speech about herself. "I am determinant and I really want this". Wow, that is your reason? You think having these two characteritics would make you desreve the top model? I mean, COME ON! I thought you were smarter than this, Miss. She should have said things like, "I have the right attitude towards my profession", "I am extremely dedicated and nothing can get in my way when I do my job", "I go extra miles to improve myself unlike many other models who stay the same way after they get recognition", "I have proven to all of you that I have done the best in many of the past competitions, and that is really something", etc.

    Anyhow, I am glad the twins are getting torn apart. I really don't see any potentials in any of them. They are unattractive and ugly, in my opinion, at least. When they pose for photoshoots, I am never moved by the looks or emotions on their faces. They should go! Both of them!
  • this is such a great show.

    I love Americas Next Top Model Its so exiting, I love when they make the girls do weird photo shoots and some do good and others do orrily I am so glad that they voted machell off yeserday, she didnt rally want to be a modle anyways. I think unfortunatly melrose is gong to win. she is pritty but shes also a witch with a b. a big fat B to be exact. she is just so mean to everyone. she drives me crazy. it was sad when the voted brooke off because she was so pritty, and she misse her high school graduation for this and like the next day she gets voted off? how suckky is that i would be so P.O! if i wee her! oh well all in all is till an awsome show and i cant wait to see who wins!! i cant wait!
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