America's Next Top Model

Season 7 Episode 11

The Girl Who Sticks Her Foot In Her Mouth

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • CariDee was so worried about the comment she made to Nigel that she composed a letter of apology which she read during panel.

    • We can see that CariDee has a birthmark on her right hip during the photo shoot.

    • Call out order:


      Michelle and Amanda are in the bottom two. Even though Michelle had the stronger portfolio, she's sent home because she admits during panel she doesn't know if she wants this career. (Tyra speculates that Michelle may have sabotoged herself to save her sister.)

    • This episode is named after Caridee, who jokes about Nigel pulling a stick out of his ass since the last panel.

  • Quotes

    • (looking at Eugena's picture)
      Tyra: I was looking at it like, "Who is this girl? Why all of a sudden does she have passion in her eyes in almost every single frame?"
      Miss Jay: Why are y'all giving her credit for my picture? That kind of looks like me up there.

    • Nigel: (after the bull charges and stops the shoot) I'm trying to make fashion history here!

    • Eugena: If this bull comes at me, I'm runnin'. I'm not thinkin' twice about it. Forget the photo shoot, cause I'm not tryin' to get bucked by no bull.

    • Amanda: Even though my life is literally in the bull's hands, I think I might have been a little more nervious working with Nigel cause Nigel has a lot more influence over life than the bull.

    • Eugena: CariDee is just all over the place. She just doesn't know when to stop.

    • (about Eugena at the photo shoot with a live bull)
      Nigel: When she came on set the same thing...she was dead silent, and I thought, "Oh goodness, here we go." But actually, she used that fear and she harnessed it.
      Twiggy: Maybe the fear helped get a great picture. (laughs)
      Nigel: You can't bring a bull with you every time, love.

    • Eugena: Mr. Jay doesn't look like a matador at all, he looks like... Mr. Jay in a matador costume.

    • CariDee (about her go-sees): I hope I impressed the Spanish designers. I was just being myself. And being myself can get me far or it can put the foot in my mouth.

    • Melrose: When I go to different countries I wanna go have a nice dinner and a glass of wine...or...four.

    • Caridee (to Nigel): Did you pull that out of your ass from last panel?

  • Notes

    • In interviews with TV Guide and CW after ANTM, CariDee expressed regret over her comment to Nigel, but also reveals that Nigel wasn't offended by her comment and at the time actually joked back. It was only when the producers saw an opportunity to create some drama that the incident got blown out of proportion.

    • Caridee was voted Covergirl of the week.

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