America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 6

The Girl Who Takes Credit

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on The CW
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The girls are in for some tough calls when they are broken up into teams and asked to design their own group displays at a department store - all while acting as their own mannequins. Drama unfolds after the challenge as one girl - who took advice from her teammates - later claims all the credit for her group's project. Later, the models participate in a photo shoot where they must pose as men, but one girl's transformation into her character shocks everyone else.moreless

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  • Big Girls are beautiful

    watching all the girls run through the department store was funny. The team that I thought did the best was the team with Dions, Sara and Renee's group. Dion I think is geting better with learning how to style heself. I loved this challange where the girls were to dress up like the guys and the guys were to dress up like the girls. some of the girls really took this challange and ran with it, but I gotta say Dion, and Whitney did really bad. Natasha...OMG. She did soooo good. It was so hard to believe she was a girl during her photo shoot. I think that this was the first elimination that I actually got choked up on.moreless
  • very funny!

    i cant believe sarah took the credit for everything

    theres gonna be soo much cuz of this

    the photoshoot was totally awesome though

    brittney was very good

    and the makeup was totally awesome

    natasha really looked like a guy and she did soo good

    she totally deserved to be called first

    and diana left but i didnt really like her
  • The girls are in for some tough calls when they are broken up into teams and asked to design their own group displays at a department store - all while acting as their own mannequins. Drama unfolds after the challenge.moreless

    Sara took the credit! I was shocked! First because Sara won and second because I thought Natasha would win it because she seemed like she knew what she was doing. Natasha so kicked ass in this photoshot! Go Natasha! She is awesome! Diana should of she because she really wants to be a model and not just cause. She could of still been here if it wasn't for that.
  • The girls get a lesson on fashion and they do a photo shoot where they have to dress up as guys.

    This episode was really great because we got to see how Natasha has improved so much through out the course of the competition. At first I did not see why the judges picked her but she has really improved. This week she had such realistic looking photos and she put so much into capturing her character. It has been really amazing to watch her progress in just a few short weeks. I am also starting to like her more. It is so funny how she makes a compliment out of everything. I am also enjoying the episodes more because I am getting to know everyone better and I have started to develop favorites and people to route against. The show has not been as interesting because I did not have many favorites early on but now I am getting more into it. I liked how they made this episode all about fashion. It seemed like something some of the girls needed work on. I liked the challenge but I thought they could have used a different reward that the whole group could have benefited from. I also liked the photo shot. It was so weird and confusing to have the girls and guys dressed up as each other. I feel like about half of the girls did great photograph while the others were weak. I was surprised to see so many photos that were not that great but I guess it was a hard subject. Next weeks episode seems like it should be really interesting.moreless
  • The girls switch clothes with a group of guys. The guys become girls and the girls become guys. Make sense?

    We get a bit of an inside view of Natasha while she’s talking to her husband on the phone. We also find out that she’s got a baby/child. I wonder why she never mentioned this while Renee was boo-hoo’ing about her’s? She confesses to her husband that she’s not getting along with the other girls. The other girls mean while are talking behind her back, mostly Whitney. She’s going around spreading gossip about her. Does she really not have anything else to do? She’s a smart girl why is she lowering herself like that?

    The reward challenge has the girls put together their own outfit along with a – well a window display featuring 3 models each. Whitney’s team would have won but she didn’t listen to the directions (hummm college girl?) so Dionne, Sarah, and Renee won. But then a true winner was picked from that team of 3. They choose Sarah because they said she’d picked out the best outfit. And then Sarah went on agreeing that when she saw that blue shirt that she just knew that it would be the perfect color for her. Well, the thing is, she didn’t pick out the outfit instead Renee and Dinnoe did. Those two sat there fuming while Sarah won the reward. She won the right to have her photo shoot done, get advise, and then go back and re-shoot it all over again.

    In the second challenge the girls are told they’re going to switch places – ermm clothes – with a group of guys, that are actually drag queens. Most of the girls had problems, all but Renee, Jaslene, and surprising enough Natasha.

    At judging it’s down to the bottom 2, Diane and Whitney. Even though Mr Jay said that Whitney had the worse shoot of the day Tyra sent Diane home.moreless
Brittany Hatch

Brittany Hatch

Contestant - Cycle 8

Diana Zalewski

Diana Zalewski

Contestant - Cycle 8

Dionne Walters

Dionne Walters

Contestant - Cycle 8

Jael Strauss

Jael Strauss

Contestant - Cycle 8

Jaslene Gonzalez

Jaslene Gonzalez

Contestant - Cycle 8

Jay Manuel

Jay Manuel

Art Director/Makeup Artist

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In the challenge Whitney gets her team disqualified because she is sitting on the floor, and all members of the team are not on the platform.

    • We learn that Natasha has a child in this episode.

    • Both plus size models, Diana and Whitney, were in the bottom two. Diana was sent home because her pictures were not strong enough and she didn't want it enough.

    • This week's shoot was the girls dressing like men with men who are dressed as women:
      Jaslene - Nautical couple
      Brittany - Outdoorsy couple
      Renee - Glam Rock couple
      Jael - Bohemian couple
      Dionne - Power couple
      Sarah - Rocker couple
      Whitney - Collegiate couple
      Natasha - Hip-Hop couple
      Diana - Red Carpet couple

    • The title refers to Sarah, who takes all the credit for her outfit, which her teammates (Renee and Dionne) picked out for her. She wins the challenge because of it. Her prize is double the frames for the photoshoot.

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  • NOTES (3)

    • In an interview with Court Alexander on Yahoo TV, Diana says that Renee wasn't serious when she told Whitney she didn't believe a plus-sized model would ever be on the cover of Vogue. According to Diana, Renee was mocking a conversation the "skinny" models were having at the photo shoot.

    • One of the discussions in this episode was how there would never be a plus-sized model on the cover of Vogue. Coincidentally, the month this episode aired Jennifer Hudson appeared on the cover of Vogue.

    • Whitney was voted Covergirl of the week.