America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 6

The Girl Who Takes Credit

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

Drama: The show starts off with Natasha on the phone with her husband and her baby. She's sad because she misses them. She also says she is sad because she's not bonding with anyone. Whittney is talking behind her back and asks another girl "Don't you think it's weird that Natasha married a forty year old when she couldn't even speak English?" then goes on to say it's "creepy" and "gross" and calls her "a mail order bride". Later, Whittney is once again talking trash about Natasha by saying something about there being no wedding ring on her finger so maybe she's not really married. Natasha happens to be coming around the corner and overhears this and looks hurt. She cries on the phone telling her husband about how mean the girls are and he tells her to be tough.
Whittney is lying down on her bed and Renee is sitting on the edge and asks: "Do you honestly think there's going to be a plus model on the cover of Vogue Magazine?" Whitney didn't say much, she just kind of blew her off and then finally says "Renee shut the heck up, get out of my face". Afterwards, Whitney tells Diana how Renee "was trying to say we're not really models" and Diana kind of shrugged it off and called Renee a bitch.
The fashion people give the girls clothes to put on. All the girls come out and say they liked their clothes. The fashion people then tell the girls that's actually how they should not be dressing as models and have them trade clothes with each other.
The girls have 20 minutes to pick out clothes and accessories and pose as manicans. They have to match and be on their spaces. They are split into 3 groups.
Natasha, Renee and Jael.
Jaslene, Brittany and Whittney were disqualified because they weren’t on their marks posing.
Sara, Dionne and Renee. Spring. They like that colors compliments each other's figure and skin coloring. They liked Sara the most and said she listened when she picked out the colors. Sarah takes all the credit saying how she picked the blue because she liked it so much. But as we know, Renee is the one who picked out her accessories and Dionne is the one who picked out her clothes. Sarah's prize was getting to do the photoshoot twice and looking at the pics on the computer. The other girl’s weren’t happy about this.
Jay tells the girls ”you have been learning about clothes on your back and what to wear”. They have to themselves for the next photo shoot. He tells the girls they are a mess and there are some male models to help him. The challenge is for girls to wear mens clothes. The guys know what doing because they are actually drag queens.
Whittney: Collegiate Couple.
Jaslene: Nautical Couple
Brittany: Outdoorsy Couple
Renee: Glam Rock Couple
Jael: Bohemian Couple
Dione: Power Couple
Sarah: Rocker Couple
Diana: Red Carpet Couple.
Natasha's posing was hilarious and everyone laughed and Natasha said she loved having an audience.
Jay tells Diana her face was dead and the guy is outshining her she is just kind of standing there like "ok im here". Jay asks her why she wants to be here and she replies with 'just cause". She asks Jay if he thinks she wants to be here and Jay says he thinks she does, she just wishes she knew why she wanted to be here. She cries because she didn't know what to say to Jay to make him understand why she wants to be here and says she's not ready to go home yet.
Tyra tells Dionne she finally looks like someone who has been here for 5 weeks. They tell her she looks like a new person and are impressed. They love Natasha's positivity. They love that Dionne listens and does what hey say. They think Renee is fantastic, looks like a model. They're not convinced with Diana, she has great potential and has the perfect full sizse figure but no "umph" and "no fire". She is "boring and bland". They say Whitney is sweet but not delivering great pics. Jael's pic was the worst. They say if she came in for open call they would say "next".
Order of Call Outs:
Diana goes home.
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