America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 6

The Girl Who Takes Credit

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on The CW

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  • Big Girls are beautiful

    watching all the girls run through the department store was funny. The team that I thought did the best was the team with Dions, Sara and Renee's group. Dion I think is geting better with learning how to style heself. I loved this challange where the girls were to dress up like the guys and the guys were to dress up like the girls. some of the girls really took this challange and ran with it, but I gotta say Dion, and Whitney did really bad. Natasha...OMG. She did soooo good. It was so hard to believe she was a girl during her photo shoot. I think that this was the first elimination that I actually got choked up on.
  • very funny!

    i cant believe sarah took the credit for everything
    theres gonna be soo much cuz of this
    the photoshoot was totally awesome though
    brittney was very good
    and the makeup was totally awesome
    natasha really looked like a guy and she did soo good
    she totally deserved to be called first
    and diana left but i didnt really like her
  • The girls are in for some tough calls when they are broken up into teams and asked to design their own group displays at a department store - all while acting as their own mannequins. Drama unfolds after the challenge.

    Sara took the credit! I was shocked! First because Sara won and second because I thought Natasha would win it because she seemed like she knew what she was doing. Natasha so kicked ass in this photoshot! Go Natasha! She is awesome! Diana should of she because she really wants to be a model and not just cause. She could of still been here if it wasn't for that.
  • The girls get a lesson on fashion and they do a photo shoot where they have to dress up as guys.

    This episode was really great because we got to see how Natasha has improved so much through out the course of the competition. At first I did not see why the judges picked her but she has really improved. This week she had such realistic looking photos and she put so much into capturing her character. It has been really amazing to watch her progress in just a few short weeks. I am also starting to like her more. It is so funny how she makes a compliment out of everything. I am also enjoying the episodes more because I am getting to know everyone better and I have started to develop favorites and people to route against. The show has not been as interesting because I did not have many favorites early on but now I am getting more into it. I liked how they made this episode all about fashion. It seemed like something some of the girls needed work on. I liked the challenge but I thought they could have used a different reward that the whole group could have benefited from. I also liked the photo shot. It was so weird and confusing to have the girls and guys dressed up as each other. I feel like about half of the girls did great photograph while the others were weak. I was surprised to see so many photos that were not that great but I guess it was a hard subject. Next weeks episode seems like it should be really interesting.
  • The girls switch clothes with a group of guys. The guys become girls and the girls become guys. Make sense?

    We get a bit of an inside view of Natasha while she’s talking to her husband on the phone. We also find out that she’s got a baby/child. I wonder why she never mentioned this while Renee was boo-hoo’ing about her’s? She confesses to her husband that she’s not getting along with the other girls. The other girls mean while are talking behind her back, mostly Whitney. She’s going around spreading gossip about her. Does she really not have anything else to do? She’s a smart girl why is she lowering herself like that?

    The reward challenge has the girls put together their own outfit along with a – well a window display featuring 3 models each. Whitney’s team would have won but she didn’t listen to the directions (hummm college girl?) so Dionne, Sarah, and Renee won. But then a true winner was picked from that team of 3. They choose Sarah because they said she’d picked out the best outfit. And then Sarah went on agreeing that when she saw that blue shirt that she just knew that it would be the perfect color for her. Well, the thing is, she didn’t pick out the outfit instead Renee and Dinnoe did. Those two sat there fuming while Sarah won the reward. She won the right to have her photo shoot done, get advise, and then go back and re-shoot it all over again.
    In the second challenge the girls are told they’re going to switch places – ermm clothes – with a group of guys, that are actually drag queens. Most of the girls had problems, all but Renee, Jaslene, and surprising enough Natasha.

    At judging it’s down to the bottom 2, Diane and Whitney. Even though Mr Jay said that Whitney had the worse shoot of the day Tyra sent Diane home.
  • The girls switch sexes (with believable results) and the oh-so-fragile-and-pale Sarah takes credit for something Dionne did...DRAMA-RAMA!!!

    We start this week's installment with Natasha's meal tick-- er, husband, talking to his mail order br-- I mean, legally obtained wife, over the phone. She talks very suggestively with her husband and it arouses the attention of the Always Concerned Mother Whitney. She talks it over with Fat B!tch Diana (or was it Reneeee? I don't know) and she basically puts her nose into somewhere it shouldn't be. So what if she has a husband almost thrice her age??? There isn't a law against that is there? So long as she was of a legal age, it's perfectly reasonable. So anyways, Natasha simultaneously gets upset and confides in her "concerned" husband. He says something, but I pay it no mind. Later, more like instantly, Reneeeee makes insensitive remarks towards Diana and Whitney about their curvaceous, and unhealthy, weights. They sort of hold in the anger, but they release it once Reneeee retreats to the sanctity of her room. Diana, looking greasy and hungry, gets visibly upset about the remark and I think we go to commercial.

    The girls then meet up with the tall, and anorexic, director of Elite models. I don't remember her name, so lets call her Ana. So anyways, Ana gives the girls a quick lesson on how to put on model appropriate clothes. The girls all look a hot a$$ mess until Ana saves them from their hideousness. The girls then meet up with some Wonder Twins and they tell them their challenge. The girls will be paired up in groups of three and forced to create a sort of float that represents Spring wear? I don't all looked like Spring wear. It had to be cohesive and all of the girls had to rock what they were wearing. Dionne cleverly uses her new catchphrase of "What the hell" somewhere and the girls scramble around and around for the time allotted (10 seconds {not}). While Dionne helps get her group some clothes her teamate, the oh-so-delicate-and-papery-thin Sarah collects some random items and throws them upon the float, much to the chagrin of Dionne and Reneeeee. While the oh-so-transparent Sarah gathers the myriad of unnecessary accouterments, Dionne takes time out of her busy schedule to provide some SEARS clothing to her. While the girls scurry around like Tyra was herding them with prodding sticks they're time ends. The Wonder Twins go down the line and and evaluate the first team. In the midst of this, Natasha tells Whitney, her teammate, that she needs to get on the stand 100%. Whitney's dumb a$$ sort of tunes this out and plasters on this fakey smile/grin. So the first team (What the Hell, Reneeeee and The Thin One) all get good remarks. The second team (Mild and Tasteless Jaslene, Brittany, and I Love My Weight, Yet I'm Still Concerned About My Image Diana) get average remarks. The last team is heralded and they would've won X-CEPT Whitney made the "wise" choice of not listening to Natasha and that decision turns around and bites her in her a$$ because she could've won the challenge, but it goes to The Thin One (Sarah for you people failing to keep up) and she makes up this long story about how she chose the clothing:

    "My mother ran out into the woods past the Hidden Valley and stumbled upon a common Water Nymph. The Nymph carried sacred stones and jewels and bequeathed them unto my mother. The nymph gave her a sacrosanct parchment that told her how to weave these items into clothing. She did so for most of my childhood and adolescence. Delighted with the results, she sold them for golden coins at her local Sears. Coincidentally, these very same pieces that I'm wearing were weaved by her a long, long time ago in the Land of Avalon."

    So anyway, you get the point. The Wonder Twins pi$$ in their pants about this and all Dionne does is twist and roll her neck like her atlas and axis bones became disconnected. Her grand prize is a helpful one: she's able to get TWO tries during her photo shoot while the rest get only the standard one. After she takes all of her permitted frames, she can go back and look at those pictures, get a consultation from Jay and try it again. But don't fret Reneeee and Dionne, you still, technically, won a challenge...just the larger proportion of that win goes to Thin, Thin, Gone.

    So the photoshoot is, possibly, my fave so far: the girls dress as the opposite sexes! Yayness! And it gets better: Drag Queen partners! Sadly, Miss J. will not be participating, he was already booked for another drag deal. So anyways, the girls take their photos and they are amazing! Thinspo (who posed as a rocker)does sort of a pose-y and lackluster job until Jay tells her what she needs to work on and she rocks it. Everyone does swell (and Natasha goes up and beyond her Hip-Hop persona with hi-larious results)...then some lameness and fail comes along. Diana struggles immensely and sucks major eggs and so does Whitney, but to a sort of lesser extent, which prompts those two cherubs to be in the final two. Tyra (Gypsy Wrap-less), waxes on and on about how bad she wanted two plus-sized models on the show, but was too lazy and cheap to get around to it. Tyra brings up the fact that when Jay asked why she wanted to be a model she sullenly replied "Just 'cuz". Tyra sees through Diana like an elder lady's underpants and releases her. There are fountains and fountains of tears (and one cold stare from Reneeee) and she's gone. So long, Diana!!!

    Next week we see Jael (who was oddly absent from this week's recap) get into it with Fitty in a completely staged event starring attention whores Paris H. and Yeah, Sure I Eat Nicole Richie. Well, she has gained a few pounds...but ana is still with her. Cheers to my LONGEST REVIEW EVAR!
  • funny! funny! funny!

    this episode is very entertaining... I was laughing out loud when I was watching it.. the photo shoot was out of this world.. i mean, who could have thought of that?? boys being girls and girls being boys?? i applaude the writting staff (or whoever is creating this photo shoots) for there originality and creativeness in terms of creating this very unique photo shoots..

    plus, i think the girls are really improving alot.. all of them are stepping up their game.. I originally thought that this season is gonna be in the bag for Brittney but right now with what I see in these girls it is going to be anybodys ballgame.. but I still hope Brittney will win.. I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed..
  • Natasha is targetted in this episode. Diana is unsure about her future. The girls have to model as men in this photoshoot.

    So every episode, there is usually a girl who is targetted, and they end up calling up their loved ones and balling their eyes out about how everyone hates them. This week it was Natasha. The girls were talking about how they find it weird that Natasha was only 18 when she got married to a 40 year old man. So Natasha calls up her husband and complains about how everyone is against her.

    Later on the girls go and meet up with Elite Magazines head, and they have to run to a rack and pick clothes to put on. After that the girls start complimenting how awesome their clothing is, but are shocked when they find out that this is how they SHOULDN'T DRESS. So they are told to switch certain articles of clothing with the other models.

    Diane and Whitney are criticized by Renee that because they are plus-sized, it'll be hard for them to get into the modelling agency, because no one hires plus-sized women. This makes the two girls even more determined, but apparently not enough, as they are at the bottom two during elimination.

    Later on for their challenge, the girls are divided in groups of 3, and are asked to whip up a spring exibit with the latest trends from sears, that they put up together.
    Whitney could have won this challenge, but she didn't sit properly on the podium as asked, so the group was disqualified. After that Sarah is chosen to be the challenge winner, which leaves the other group members, Dionne and Renee furious, becauase they helped Sarah pick out the outfit and accessories, yet she's claiming all the credit. Her reward is that she gets 60 extra frames for her photoshoot.

    The photoshoot was quite interesting. The girls were excited that they get to model with hot guys, but then they find out that they are drag queens! The photoshoot consists of them having to dress up as men! And the men dress up as women!

    Jaslene ends up doing very well, and Natasha ends up being a hiphop guy, and does a very good job and even puts foil from gum wrapper in her mouth! Natasha is improving very well, and did a wonderful job!

    The worst was probably Diane, as she shows no facial expression, and doesn't seem at all into the photoshoot.
    When asked by J Manuel as to why she's even in ANTM, she responds with a "Just cause" which completely ruins her chances of winning.

    During the elimination, the plus sized women are the last to stand, which leaves all the girls to hold their breaths.
    Diane is later eliminated due to her comment and her lack of facial expressions in the photoshoot, which was very sad, because I was hoping Diane would be in atleast the top 3 somewhere.

    Overall good episode, but it could have been better! It was surprising because even though all the girls were mentioned in the episode of course, it primarily focused on the Diane and Natasha, in my opinion!
  • She's dressing like a man baby!!!

    Yes this was an interesting episode. I liked the twist of the women being made to look like men, and the men being made to look like women. Talk about gender bending!! HA

    Natasha has clearly made it known, "I'm bringing my A game everyweek", because she embraced her b-boy, thugged out roll!! She had the movements, the mannerism, and when she put the foil from the gum in her mouth, I could not even be mad at her. I do agree with the judges, she needs to find another way to hold her head. Her head is always tilted or something. When the two full size ladies got called as the bottom two my heart dropped, but I knew it was going to be Diana going home. I sincerely hope she takes what she has learned, and carves out a career for herself. I really do.

    Good show, but I want to see next weeks to see how someone ends in the pool!!!
  • ya'll this episode was funny but the end made me sad as hell im serious and my ass wanted to cry

    okay so there is 9 girls left this competetion is gettin real heated and i dont know who is goin home so lets look.
    So the girls is called and theys is dressed and im thinkin what the hell is ya'll wearin , ugh and of course the people set up a trick challenge and dressed them up turribly on purpose , but we shouda seen that comein , come on now its cycle 8 we should know these things by now. so then Renee of course has somethin to say and whitney doesnt really care , neither do i so moveing on. the models have a challenge where they had to set up they booth with a spring theme and Natasha and Whitney an them woulda won but whitney was to lazy to get her ass on the podium so Sarah won because Dionne dresses her , what the hell ? i would stole her in the face if i was Dionne i woulda exposed her ass in front of urdbody the girls pose at a photo shot where the girls is boyz and the boyz is girls and im confused so is they Drag kings ? i dont know. so Diana is sent home and its sad. so my winner is probly Natasha cause she's been steppin up and thats good , i still cant understand the words comein out yo mouth but its all good because you still kickin ass in this competetion so good for natasha my loser is Sarah how she have twice as many frames and not only still had a bad picture but Tyra said she probly woulda left if she aint have all them extra frames so shes clearly a loser. the tip for this episode is when you on a team , play with the team but try and dress yo self the best come on now all three a yall cant be the next top model. so lets wait for next week