America's Next Top Model

Season 5 Episode 10

The Girl Who Talks Behind Everyone's Back

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2005 on The CW

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  • Here is the episode where this Model contestant was a gossip behind the 'Top Model' management Fiasco.

    Everyone's gotta run the photo shoot until someone finally
    did this to creep on Ms. Banks and the management of
    Banks' Modeling Agency. The Women are doing their duty one at a time, but to make matters embarrassing... The only
    model candidate who did not finish her photos are...
    That's right, the brunette behind the mouth-to-mouth
    tattle-tales on the cameraman, lighting director, and the
    promoter for Tyra's business. Always on the wrong moment,
    Tyra Banks selected the top 3 to come forward, but this
    shabby candidate was out for talking secretly to the staff.
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  • This was not the best episode for Bre.

    Bre and Nik were total jerks for gaining up on Kim and I think that her opinion that Kim is an ugly person was most definately because this episode started Bres ugly streak. And then Jayla started yelling at Kim. But this episode was a calm week for Lisa and she was less insane and crazy. The photo shot was good but Jaylas picture was the worst so she should have gone home not Lisa, Lisa's photo rocked. and Bre I just plain dont like Bre her personality is just too insane for anyone to put up with. Niks picture and Kims pictures were soo good and Nicole well i dont care much for her.
  • Finally she is gone

    I never liked Lisa and very rarely watched the show tired of the cattiness. I had watched this on a rerun when a friend said she got booted and I could not have been happier. She seemed to be a kiss up which is not something you want your kids to imitate. Also she would do anything for attention, and did not know th leave well enough alone.
  • Lisa finally goes home. Also, Bre turns evil, and the paparazzi attack.

    In this Top Model, the girls finally travel to England. But first, they have to get their passport pictures taken. You see, Tyra got a job once because her passport picture was so fierce, so she wanted to make sure the girls know how important government forms of ID are.

    Also before the big trip, Bre and Nik started talking about Kim. While they were talking about her, they realized that she had talked about them. Bre decided to use this opportunity to yell at Kim, hug her when it was all over, and then tell the camera how she doesn’t trust Kim. It’s too bad, because clearly Kim is the smartest of the contestants, and the most funny. I hope Kim settles in New York, and that I become friends with her, because she’s great.

    Anyway, they arrive in London, and take photos. The bottom-two are Jayla and Lisa. Even though Jayla is so mediocre, and seems to cry a lot, Lisa is kicked off for being too crazy. It’s surprising, because Lisa took the most consistent photos, but in the end, it wasn’t enough.
  • Finally, an episode worth watching.

    Just when I was beginning to write this season off, an episode that isn't terrible happens. Minimum Tyra content thank god. Multiple interesting shoots, and some decent candid material. And finally, the judges realize how unworthy and campy Lisa was. To be honest, I'll be surprised if the rest of the season is this good, but if the episodes continue to focus on the actual material and minimize the cat-fight/voyeur stuff, and annoying Tyra, things may go well.
  • I was shocked when Lisa was sent packing

    I honestly thought that all the judges were going to overlook her crazy attitude and she would be America's Next Top Model. I never really liked her and her attitude was crappy. She is not a role model that most mothers would want their little girls to look up to. But I always had to give her the fact that she took pretty great pictures, she knew what she was talking about.

    At this point it is anyone's race and I really couldn't care less who wins. Knowing that Lisa isn't America's Next Top Model is all that I need to still have faith in the judges.