America's Next Top Model

Season 5 Episode 10

The Girl Who Talks Behind Everyone's Back

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2005 on The CW

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  • Lisa finally goes home. Also, Bre turns evil, and the paparazzi attack.

    In this Top Model, the girls finally travel to England. But first, they have to get their passport pictures taken. You see, Tyra got a job once because her passport picture was so fierce, so she wanted to make sure the girls know how important government forms of ID are.

    Also before the big trip, Bre and Nik started talking about Kim. While they were talking about her, they realized that she had talked about them. Bre decided to use this opportunity to yell at Kim, hug her when it was all over, and then tell the camera how she doesn’t trust Kim. It’s too bad, because clearly Kim is the smartest of the contestants, and the most funny. I hope Kim settles in New York, and that I become friends with her, because she’s great.

    Anyway, they arrive in London, and take photos. The bottom-two are Jayla and Lisa. Even though Jayla is so mediocre, and seems to cry a lot, Lisa is kicked off for being too crazy. It’s surprising, because Lisa took the most consistent photos, but in the end, it wasn’t enough.