America's Next Top Model

Season 6 Episode 13

The Girl Who Walked Through the Ancient City

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 17, 2006 on The CW

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  • Danelle all the way !

    I soooo glad that Danelle won i mean i did like Joanie but i saw a Fire in Danelle that just said she breathed for this and she woke up to model i didnt see that so much with Joanie , with Joanie i saw raw talent and that was good, modeling came naturally to her , but no drive and the judges saw the same thing and over all im glad that b**** Jade went home what the hell was she doin skippin out the hall way man get yo elf , cookie makein self back to America of Korea or were ever the hell you came from. but im still glad that Danelle won and at the show both girls we're absolutly Fabulous.
  • i love antm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bye bye jade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was waiting for her to say bye bye to antm, but she just wouldnt go!! and now she said bye yeah!!!!!!!!!! she was full of excuses...even in the end!! i mean havent you learned anything honey! until the end she had that "i'm going to be a finalist" face!!!

    and danielle crying!!! how i hate tyra for making dani cry!! her accent isnt so easy to change and tyra has no accent she wasnt born outside...cmon!!!

    and then the final was kinda boring. nothing happened there, but i must say joanie's walk is horrible like...she never learned how to walk!!! and danielle's wasn't that much better...she had more strut! and the judges where so like "oooohhhh i loved her"

    and then dani wins and starts to cry!!!! i thought she knew joanie was saying whoever wins (as if she knew who would win...i think that at judging she knew the judges where routing for Danielle!) but i think they were really close...except for the walk!

    i think that dani's accent will take time to improve but she will improve and have an excellent carreer!!!!!!! now im pissed of because i have to wait months for cycle 7 to air here in uruguay!!!
  • Danielle was beautiful, but very rough around the edges.

    Joanie was, in my opinion, the better candidate to win. She didn't have one bad picture, she knew how to speak, and i thought her walk was a lot stronger than Danielle's. Don't get me wrong, Danielle is beautiful, but i really don't feel she has what it takes. I would have liked to have seen Joanie win.
  • The show was simply okay.

    I'm pleased with the outcome. I simply did not want Jade to win. Jade is a beautiful woman, but a little too arrogant, and it got to be annoying. Her exit was overly dramatic. Perhaps she could consider taking acting classes, and become an actress.

    Johanne messed up her chance of winning the competitiond during the runway portion of the competition. You must exude confidence on the runway, and you can't look down at your feet. That was her mistake. I'm certain if she had not looked down during the runway walk, she would have won. I'm sure she will take what she learned and will be able to carve out a career for herself despite not winning.

    Danielle is really beautiful, and always got better with each photo taken. I hope she has a wonderful career. Her covergirl photo was really pretty. I saw the Ad in People Magazine.
  • Worst ATM ever!

    This season was just horrible. Most of the girls were beyond vapid. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s like they put out a casting call for the trashiest, most stupid girls in the country. Other than the premiere, I did not watch a complete episode of this season. The previews were painful enough - just god frickin awful!! A couple of the girls had some class and at least an average number of brain cells.

    But WTF?? That Jade was as stupid as she was pretentious - I do not think she could even look those words up to figure out what they mean, but she sure as hell could make up her own words. At first it was hysterical to watch her - she thinks she is so classy and sophisticated - but she is just a trashy piece of crap that someone tried to dress up. Horrid. She alone made it unwatchable for me.

    And the winner?? You would think they learned their lesson with that trashy Adrian. This girl looks, talks and acts like a crack whore. I was shocked that she was in the competition at all - with that hideous gap in her teeth, that she actually thought looked good?? Then she wins?? Maybe the point of the Queen L campaign will be that her make up can even make a crack whore look good. I saw the very end and they showed her photo - horrid - and she sounds worse than Adrian when she opens her mouth.

    Oh well, they have another ATM that they can dress up - and she still looks like crap - but they can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t take her out!

    Disgusted by this entire season........
  • I'm glad Danielle won. She's been consistent from day one and she deserved it.

    Joanie is a very pretty girl, but she's no Top Model. Her pictures are nice, but she doesn't have a super model's confidence. And I HATED the way she talked about other girls. Especially Sara. I can understand why she didn't like her, because Sara stole some of her poses. But it wasn't cute seeing her talk about the other girls.
    Danielle to me was always a better pick. From the first shoot, she looked confident and beautiful. She was always down to earth and didn't let everything else going on get to her. Her broken ankle, her exhaustion, whatever. She stayed level headed and still looked good for her shoots. When Joanie was getting her teeth fixed, Danielle stuck with her for all those hours and offered moral support. When she could have been home relaxing for the next day.
    Joanie was first runner up, so I'm sure she'll still get a ton of modeling work, but all in all, the best person won.
  • Every season is the same. I like the premise of this show so much; I just wish that they would do something more original with it.

    Danielle won. Woohoo. Though I was rooting for her, I found myself underwhelmed at the end of the finale. It didn't have the same raw excitement that it used to. Maybe I've been jaded by too many seasons of the same thing. I just think that there is so much more that the producers could do with this show, so many other directions that they could take it. For example, next season I would really like to see male models on the scene competing with the girls, and maybe partnering with the girls on some challanges. Otherwise a reunion show with a hodgepodge of a bunch of the top competitors from each season of America's Next Top Model to truly battle it out. I just think that if they don't change it up at least a little bit in the near future, this show will be cancelled faster than you can say Tyra Banks.
  • Suprised that Joanie didn't win.

    The finale. How could I put it? Danielle won. That was a big shocker to me. Truthfully I wanted Joanie to win because she put more effort into winning(and is the better model)no offence to Danielle. How, your probably asking. These are my reasons. 1) She (Joanie) spent HOURS in the dentist office to fix her teeth so she could still be in the game (Danielle didn't finish the operation). 2) She was number one 3 times in a row. 3) The judges didn't say anything bad about her. 4) The judges said it would be very hard for Danielle to be a covergirl with the accent. Anyways a nice way to keep me on the edge of my seat.
  • It should have been Joanie.

    Oh, how I wish Joanie had won! But I\'m still extraordinarily happy with Danielle. She would have definitely been my second choice over the past few weeks. And I\'m just thanking the gods that Jade didn\'t win!!!!!! I was so nervous, because the judges seemed to like her so much. And I never saw it. Her look wasn\'t that good, and her personality was completely sour. I also didn\'t like the fact that the judges didn\'t point out that Jade needed cue cards. I thought Joanie\'s commercial and photos were both the best. Danielle won because of her runway walk.
  • Spoilers for those who didn't watch it.

    Even though I was rooting for Joanie since I saw her picture on the ANTM site before the cycle even started, I think Danielle will make a great Cover Girl and model. The best top two so far.

    Jade's exit ranks as one of the funniest moments in reality television. I almost died laughing.

    I hope Joanie continues to model, because her portfolio is one of the best the show has ever produced.

    For once, the top two were actually the best two there and the one who won deserved to win.

    Congrats Danielle.

  • We call all breathe again... no more Jade.

    Ding dong the witch is gone! With a huge ammount of relief Jade was booted off the show & it boiled down to her attitude. Personally I would have loved to have seen her have some kind of meltdown - it would have been fitting considering her actions through the entire season. Unfortunatly it just did not happen, but that did not diminish my glee as she walked out.

    With that huge weight off my mind I feel lighter & much more free as I watched the final 2 girls strut their stuff down that insanely huge catwalk.

    I really liked both Danielle & Joanie & had hoped from the begining that either one of them would win but I must admit that I was really hoping that Joanie would edge Danielle out. I think that Twiggy had it right when she said that Joanies was the better portfolio. Danielle is a beautiful girl who takes fantastic photos but this competition was supposed to find the girl who was best prepared for the modeling world & that would have been Joanie as she is not the one who needs a speach coach right now. She could be actively working as a spokesmodel now whereas Danielle has a lot of work to do. So in that respevt I think the judges were wrong.

  • That was the best cycle of America's Next Top Model to date!

    As Joanie said \"The best girl won\"!!!!!! Danielle\'s runway
    walk was fierce as hell, and jade should have been gone when she cursed on the 1st covergirl commercial. I dont know why they kept her on their after that other than ratings. I really loved Joanie as well i was glad to see them as the top 2. i really though Joanie was going to win, but i think once they give Danielle her speech classes she will be great. the show stopped taping in November or December so im sure she has been practicing since then, so with May 18th being her 1st day as the official Top Model she should be doing interviews and stuff like that.
  • What a finale !

    I am soooo glad that Jade wasn't in the final two. Boy, I could NOT stand her attitude !!! It made watching the final two a lot less stressful because I was going to be happy with either Joanie or Danielle wining the competition (ok, maybe a little more if Joanie won). I was a bit surprised to see Danielle win since the judges kept saying that Joanie had a very commercial look and that she was a cameleon, as well as the fact that Tyra said she really didn't like Danielle's comercial. But, all in all, it was a good finale and I'm happy with the results.