America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 1

The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking, Part 1

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

Tyra Banks' eighth competition among model wannabes has begun, and we have the usual assemblage of applicants: spoiled divas, bimbos, innocent girls-next-door, punky types, the cocky know-it-alls, sweet country girls, urban hard-knock-life chicks, a mom, and a "plus-size" or two.

But before we knew from whence came these 33 semifinalists, they were dumped at a military base for some model boot-camp training. The only things worth remembering about the boot camp were the stylings of Miss J. - in skin-tight military shorts - and those of the "maggots," who changed into two-inch-heel black boots and capri-cut fatigues for what amounted to less than 10 minutes of footage in tonight's two-hour premiere.

Then in their first one-on-one interviews (and swimsuit modelings) with Tyra and the Js, some slight differences over previous seasons' contestants surfaced, what with the wig Cassandra sewed to her head; the punk/rebel grrrl sporting 20 tattoos; and Natasha... ANTM's first mail-order bride. (The Russian seemed to refer to her marriage with a 40-year-old American in the past tense, but I have no doubt we'll be hearing further details in future episodes.)

If you glanced at the CW website, you'd know who made the cut. But just for grins, let's pretend we were surprised to learn of the 20 who moved on and were then subsequently invited to a Marc Ecko party, during which they posed (un)casually for shots later used by the judges to narrow the group down to the final 13. Both plus-size models Diana and Whitney made it, as did Cassandra and now-Texan Natasha, whose stilted English makes Danielle's (winner, Cycle 6) Arkansas Southern drawl sound like Shakespeare. Speaking of talking, Natasha also instigated the first catfight; methinks she'll have trouble making friends in the models' manse.

Surprisingly, the blonde and pale Jael is half African-American/half Jewish. Her exotic look gets her in the house. The makeup artist with 20 tattoos (even one on each armpit) was cut. One or two tattoos, no problem, easily covered. But 20? CoverGirl would never stand for that. Countrified Samantha stayed, despite being more familiar with butter beans than modeling. She's pretty, but I think she'll need to distinguish herself from Nicole (Cycle 5 winner) as the contest continues.

See the next recap to find out how the girls fare in their first challenge!