America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 1

The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking, Part 1

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on The CW

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  • I love watching this show because these girls mostly have no clue to the real world. They know they’re going on a modeling show yet no one reads up on photographers or designers? All they think they have to do is “look pretty”.

    I had a favorite from the start but I also knew that my favorite wouldn’t go far. Why because she’s not the “norm”. She also has a lot of tattoos and I could understand that they would be hard to cover up in some photo shoots. ANTM is about High Fashion and until you’re well known I don’t think you can be that “different” this early. I liked the Bettie Page looking chick sorry I don’t recall her name. She was very attractive and she seemed smart. So she went home the first cut. I was sad to see it happen. I really wanted to see what they would if anything do with all her art.

    Over all I think it’s off to a good start.
  • This One Of The Most Funny Americas Next Top Model I have ever seen.

    This Episode was Like Crazy I could not stop cracking up about about that Girl Started Yelling at them. And I though that i was gonna bust a gut when Jay Alexander said"I dont do Push Ups Ill Do Poses Though". And My Favorite 2 people of the season is the plus sized models. They are the people who are gonna show(just like tyra) That you dont have to be size 0 to be a model or pretty!And My Least Favortie Girl Is That Girl From Russia.She is so Full Of Her Self. She Thinks Shes Better than Everyone esle And I am sorry to say but she isnt!
  • the girls go to boot camp

    lol the episode was kinda funny with them going to boot camp and stuff
    and it kinda sucked to see some poeople go home but it seemed like the rest had fun at the party
    i hope tyra makes the right decision and picks the girls who deserve to run for americas next top model
  • New girls fly to Los Angels to start ANTM cycle 8.

    I think this season will be pretty good. Heather was funny and I wish they kept her in the finale 13. I like Jael the best. She is cool. People think she is alot like Jade but I don't think she is. They were right when they said there would be more plus size girls which is cool because they are pretty. I also like Renee because she is pretty cool and pretty. She had a baby and she still looks great. Hopefully when I have a baby I will look like that and not end up fat like some people do.
  • Tyra's Top model must be articulate

    I thought that it was a nice diplay of nationalities. I thoutght that several of the girls picture were flat. I think that Kathleen was extremly pretty and had the talent to make it to top 5 at least . She lost when she opened her mouth. Um a " Animal do die naturally like poeple rigth". She messed up when she showed how absolutly lost she was she should have asked for an emtion and she would have had a nice pic. Too bad I'd rather see that pasty face meany go( she looks great in pic but her photo was flat. and that [pretty big girl I ddidn't think she took direct well and her pic was flat.) Well we'll see next week.
  • This part one episode of ANTM was with the 33 girls and eventually came down to 20. some of the girls were just so full of themselves. some of them just needed to go home.

    i believe that every season we see different types of looks from these girls. now this season we have two plus size girls and hopefully the stay. this part 1 episode was good i thought that it was one of the funniest out of the eight seasons. i think that ANTM is inspiring to all girls. and "Dreams really come true".
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