America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 2

The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking, Part 2

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on The CW

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  • i confused the epi with the next one so dont read it! if the mod comes here please delete my review cause i confused the epi! (DONT READ SPOILERS FOR THE NEXT EPI!)

    oh yeah!!!!!!! that "girl with the bad reputation" from samantha sucked!!!!!!!!! it was like nobody can be a s*ut and have that look in her face like...innocent! the whole point of the thing was to put a s*ut face........duh
    and then jaslene's pic was like increeeeeeeeeedible incredible incredible...i really loved it and i was looking at it in totally was the best of the bunch! renee was soooooo jealous that she spoke badly (how do you say that?) of all the girls...and her pic sucked :D
    and i have to tell this or i'll die.......but brittany's pic was awful!!!!! every one said it was the best pic and it was good and bla bla bla...but it sucked! i really hated it! like...samantha's pic would be a 4.5 and brittany's a 4.58...i mean...the bottom two should've been brittany and samantha not samantha and natasha....
  • We meet the girls of Cycle 8...

    Truthfully I did not see the actual episode but I thought I would inform fans of the new contestants bios and personalities (with a little bit of my opinion thrown in as well). =) Let's get started! (Oh and I'm only reviewing the girls who have made it past Episode 4)

    Britney is quite the photogenic contestant. So far (4 photo shoots already) she has shown she is a top competitor. She whines on occasion (even receiving recognition as The Girl Who Cries All The Time thanks to Episode 4) but not enough to get on one's nerves.

    Diana, in my eyes, is one of the girls who might just be the backstabbing witch of the house (her being friends with Renee does not help her case). She takes decent photos but the judges consider her bland and forgettable.

    Dionne is one of the few darker skinned girls on ANTM. She seems to have a hard time standing out (I, myself, had to think for a moment of who she was) but she is steadily improving.

    Felicia has been accused of talking behind Jaslene's back, resembling Tyra in one of her pictures, and being a graceful jock. lol She is easily one of my favorites. Jael is somewhat hard to describe. She's wacky, sometimes considered to be the crazy one of the household, and unfortunately has a mopey voice. Personally, I think she's got spunk and might just be a threat to the other girls.

    Jaselene comes off as a gorgeous girl, but she tends to be the center of the drama in the competition (with the help of Renee constantly nagging on her). One of the most plausible reasons for this is because she is stiff competition.

    Natasha is a foreigner from Russia who happens to be one of my favorites. She does not speak English very well which creates a lot of the comical relief on the show. She has not been able to take a tremendous photo yet but I believe she has potential to be a top model.

    Renee has made it clear that she is the new Melrose of ANTM. In just 4 episodes she has picked a fight with just about every other contestant. One thing's for sure, she's definetly insecure about herself. (Then again the editors probably show the worst side of her)

    Sarah tends to overthink her photos. I actually have taken a liking to her because she has a positive attitude. She appears to be improving in her photos and I hope to see her up to the end of the cycle.

    Whitney is a peppy and energetic girl that the judges think is more of a high school prom queen. She's one of the most positive girls of the house so I hope she will be able to continue on with the competition.

  • OMG, thank you for sending Kathleen home.

    She has to be the dumbest person I have ever seen on TV. Although she did have a great looking party picture, once she opened her mouth... it was all over. Overall, I was disappointed with the girls. A few of them looked pretty plain... Brittany, Renee, Diana. Some had serious speech impediments.... Kathleen and Natasha. No girl really stands out and none of the pictures did either. I really hope they get better as the season goes on. My favorites are Jazleen (probably spelled wrong) and Felecia. Okay, I have nothing else to say. thank you for reading.
  • First photo shoot for the top 13 and it's with Nigel.

    Their first big photo and they’re doing very controversial topic’s. Kathleen, she didn’t under stand what anti-fur meant. Did she really think the animals died of natural causes? Why because doesn’t humans die that way too sometimes she responds. Oh my… I still like the 2 plus size models, I’m glad they’ve made it thus far. Do I have a favorite yet? No I don’t. Do I have ones I don’t like already? Oh you beat!

    In the end I was happy to see Kathleen going home. She seems very sweet and I loved her hair but jeez she was ermmm… she didn’t seem very bright. You have to be able to take direction from your photographer and she didn’t have a clue.
  • The 13 finalists do their first photoshoot with Nigel Barker and participate in a challenge at Goodwill. One girl is eliminated, leaving 12 to compete for a contract with Elite, a cover and spread in Seventeen, and a $100,000 Covergirl contract.

    After 7 seasons of watching self-absorbed, stressed and desperate girls fight over petty things, this episode is nothing new. It almost seemed contrived to me, like the producers were trying to hard to create catfights, and to stir up drama. Or, who knows, maybe the girls from this season really are more catty. From complaining that one girl tries to be friends with every one, to jealousy from another that the challenge wasn't fair because she doesn't normally go thrift shopping, it all seemed more petty than usual.

    I would say that this season is not off to a great start. The quality of this season's aspriring models was not up to the standards set by previous seasons (as evidenced by the general lackluster performances in the photoshoot). I also found no single character that I could really empathize or sympathize with, as I had in season 6 with Danielle, Nnenna, and Joanie.

    In short, this episode seemed canned and contrived, but it's kind of hard not to watch so you can at least feel better about yourself.
  • lol some funny things happen

    ok the girl that could not stop talkin was really funny
    it really cracked me up
    im really glad that tyra picked the girls she picked
    this cycle will be really interesting
    i hope renee or natasha win
    and maybe this cycle the girls will get along but i doubt thats going to happen
  • It was typical T.M. style, we get to know the girls and they show us what they want us to think. The know it all, the witch, the airhead, etc.

    This cycle has got to have the most clueless girls. Some appear to have brains but common sense? Bragging about being in a Channel show, uh aren't the rules that you aren't supposed to have any recent runway experience? And Russian girl, you gotta go home to your "lucky" hubby, PLEASE! No one really stands out yet, so girls, get some personality soon!
  • The finale 13 girls move into their new home.

    I really like the idea of the photo shot pictures. I liked Jaslene's. Hers was great! Everyone thinks the girls are different and aren't as good but I think they are the same. Sarah might be the b***h in this season because I what she said so that means it is the same because you have the girls who talk about people behind their back and the ones they think they know everything. I was ok that the girl went because she wasn't my fav but she still was cool. I wonder if it is true of what people said about Tyra and Adrianne.
  • good episode , but on the " Fierce " meter it was barely a growl.

    Whatsup yall this is topaz101 and im here talkin about the season permire of Antm or Americas Next Top Model , for uh those who are lost. So the 13 girls have been choosen to compete in the final rounds to see who will be Americas next top model. Now its a good thing that all these girls are so young their all like 20 or 21 so they have a chance in fashion , but most of them im sure ive seen their look before . Okay so they had to put together an outfit in a tirft store and the out fit that got the highest bid in the oction wins and Jael won , but she said that she didnt like to win because she wanted to be liked and thats kinda , no its really weird. know i see alot of these girls are annoying like Renee who said she had a little boy like 50 thousand times and got into 2 fights already for no reason. then Natasha is weird , she married to a 40 year old man? well he must be like some magic in the bed or somethin cause uh i know i wouldnt marry no 40 year old anybody. So they take a picture representing a political stand and they did horrible there where maybe 5 picture that I thought were fierce. and aw i was sad Kathleen went home , aw bye baby. So the winner for this episode is gotta be Jaslene because she took the best picture got her picture first and proved Tyra and them made a mistake not picking her last season the loser is Jael because Jael you a preety girl but this is fashion and not for the sensative at heart why do you think people in fashion a such b****es anyways the tip of the day is dont get into fashion if you are sensative save yo self the trouble and humilation , child.
  • There are now only 12 girls left. unfornately Kathleen had to leave us. she is determined not to give up.

    This Part 2 episode was good. i was mad the Kathleen left but yeah she did lack some model experience. but hopefully she comes back on another season that other girl did. this episode was good because we got to meet all the girls we got to pick the ones that we do and didn't like.
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